Alchemist & Oh No Prep Collabo LP for October Release

West Coast MC/producers The Alchemist and Oh No have announced plans to release a collaborative album entitled Gutter Water. The new team, who go by the name of Gangrene, will share production and rapping duties on the LP, which will feature guests Raekwon, Guilty Simpson, and XXL Freshman Fashawn, among others.

Fans can expect to hear Alchemist’s distinct dark sound, made popular by his work with Prodigy, Jadakiss and Nas, mesh with Oh No’s underground West Coast flavor. Brother to cult producer Madlib, Oh No has released three solo albums on independent record label Stones Throw.

Gangrene recently released their lead single “Chain Swinging” and will put out Gutter Water on Decon Records in October 12. —Calvin Stovall


1. Intro
2. Boss Shit (Cuts by DJ Romes)
3. Not High Enough
4. Gutter Water ft. Raekwon
5. Get Into Some Gangster Shit ft. Planet Asia
6. Take Drugs
7. Chain Swinging (Cuts by DJ Romes)
8. Wassup Wassup ft. Fashawn and Evidence
9. All Bad (Cuts by DJ Romes)
10. Breathing Down Yo Neck ft. MED
11. From Another Orbit ft. Roc C
12. Ransom
13. Standing In The Shadows
14. Brass Knuckle Rap ft. Guilty Simpson
15. Not Leaving ft. Big Twins

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  • ozz

    wont be buying this !!!

  • DONN

    you a dumbass nigga you wont be buying this lol

    anything with the ALC stamp on it is worth something …stop that bullshit

    • tmoney6191

      back on xxl lookin for some battelers
      tmoney fit to take on all challengers/
      dont matter who it is get at the kid
      body blows leave all u niggas wit sum fractured ribs/
      ask tony grand$ he already got a L
      dont see him on here knowmore cause i chased him off xxl/
      tmoney son so u know the paper long
      only time you birdz touch green is when you mowin the lawn/
      GET AT ME

      • El Tico Loco

        NewYawka? GTFOH

        It’s been like a year and you changed names huh? Grand$ owned you, so did Federal Ranga that’s about the time when Commission kicked off.

  • Worldizmine

    I am getting this sh@t!

  • $yk


    Naw that ain’t newyawka631, but I bet he come outta lurkmode…

    Whaddup t

    • El Tico Loco

      It ain’t? Well he talks just as wreckless.

      • tmoney6191

        chillen syk…haha jus tryin to get this battleing started again…im tmoney nigga not the new yawka i aint on that switchin name bullshit like mac da fakest and tony cents haaa

  • newyawka631

    Nope,it’s not me…..Itz one of da goonz….I should drop a quick freestyle,for old times sake….

  • newyawka631

    This fugazi website won’t post my shit…But itz time to bring back da battles….I got da goonz ready….T-Money,whutz good B??

  • $yk

    these posts are racist says:

    They told me that my magic was all for the black/
    So I cut they heads off, with no coming back/
    Now hows that, for a magic trick?/
    Told the critics and the fans, they can have this shit/
    The money and the fame I don’t want it at all/
    Cuz I scream when I dream but they don’t hear me call/
    So Lord tell me how can I win?/
    When I’m surrounded by devils who force me to sin?/
    When my backs against the wall and I’m gone in the win?/
    When I’m strangled by lies backed up by a grin?/
    Never met my pops and my momma is mad/
    Cuz she can give me boyfriend but I long for a dad/
    My girl is a liar, she plays them many games/
    And my homies don’t love me, they in love with the game/
    So why fear death, when life is hell?/
    I ain’t smiled since Nas dropped, it ain’t hard to tell.

    ^ there you go…

  • newyawka631

    I’m feeling it….This is Hip_hop with a message…

  • meksd3

    The Alk? Can’t wait!