XXcLusive: Jim Jones Denied Entry into Summer Jam, Says Freekey Zekey

A full-fledged Diplomats reunion was supposed to in the cards at Hot 97’s Summer Jam concert last night (June 6) at the New Meadowlands Stadium in New Jersey, but forces beyond the Harlem crew’s control denied them the opportunity, according to Dipset’s own Freekey Zeekey.

“There’s no such thing as a half reunion,” Freekey told XXLMag.com backstage, with Cam’ron just a couple of feet away. “What happened is they didn’t let Jim in. I told Jim and Juelz we’ll meet up at the after party. [Jim’s] banned from, like, 90% of the venues in the tri-state area.”

Early in the evening, Juelz Santana performed with both Lloyd Banks and Fabolous, but he was noticeably absent a couple of hours later when Cam’ron and Vado hit the stage for a surprise cameo with DJ Khaled.

When Freekey was asked whether everyone was on-board for a full-blown reunion, he replied, “Everybody,” continuing, “Basically, The Diplomats thing is gonna straighten everything back out—the trains is back linking together.”

However, he revealed that the crew has yet to record any songs together. “We’re trying to get the right track, because we gon’ come back out and kick the world’s ass,” he revealed.

The reunion talk began to pick up last month when Cam and Jimmy celebrated the latter’s victory at Converse’s “Band of Ballers” event together in Atlanta, where Cam and U.N. partner-in-rhyme Vado have spent the past couple of months recording, which Vado confirmed last night as well.

“I was working with niggas out there—shout out to all the artists in the A,” said Vado. “I was out there gettin’ that southern swag.”

He remained coy as to some of the collaborations that came from his ATL recording sessions, but Vado did reveal one. “Shout out to my man Donnis,” name-checking the 2010 XXL Freshman.

In addition to the upcoming Gunz N’ Butta collabo between Cam and Vado, the Dipset general also provided an update on another eagerly awaited project, Killa Season 2. “We begin filming in July and it’ll be out by Christmas,” Cam said. —Devin Chanda

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  • AZ40

    It’s all a lot of coming soon bullshit!! Yeah I got an album coming soon!! We gonna get back together Coming Soon!! GTFOH

    • Anonymous


    • alicia

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  • http://alkjdf.com MARCY

    Get those Kanye beats

  • The Decatur Dictator

    We don’t want to hear them anyway.

  • The Decatur Dictator

    We don’t want to hear them anyway…

  • that nigga

    I wouldnt of let that Douche Bag in either, he looks dirty. Dont care how much money a nigga got, you cant come outside lookin like that. Fuckin up the clothes on your back with your fuckin dirty lookin skin. I know Gucci and LV pissed at dudes like him. Put on a fuckin suit and wash your face Jenny Jones.

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  • dog

    cam is the only decent rapper amongst them and a pretty cool dude.freekey zeeky is a snitch,jones is filthy,santana and writer get robbed regularly and hell rell = hell nahhh.

  • General Yopeck

    Hell yeah, dipset is back!!!!
    the meeting is inevitable is the best crew in new york!!!
    Cam, Capo, Juelz, Frekey, 40, hell rell jr writer in the building!!!
    no homo…

  • King Joffy Joe

    I’ve been waiting for “Killa Season 2″ for about 5 yrs. now. Cam better deliver after that fuckin’ cliffhanger of an ending in the first one.

  • http://www.emcdl.com EmCDL

    “What happened is they didn’t let Jim in. I told Jim and Juelz we’ll meet up at the after party. [Jim’s] banned from, like, 90% of the venues in the tri-state area.”

    Uhh, hence the name I have given him, ‘Dirtclump Jones’

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  • http://www.myspace.com/slotchmusic ms_spittuh

    If they’re on some Diplomatic Immunity 2002 type shit then I say go for it. Hell I was 15 when I copped that Dipset cd and I still Jam the Dipset Anthem. That beat is hard to me….

  • Notorious AGC

    All this Dipset talk is bringing back MAD memories, but, WTF is this ¨start filming in July,itll be out by christmas¨ what kind of DECENT movie takes 4 months to shoot and edit?
    killa season was the most HILARIOUS movie i ever saw, and it was a street documentary type movie…anyways, the new album better be good

  • williano from ct

    if they do get back to it it will be just for money.hope they can get it done

    check my music real hip hop from hartford ct

    nomaniated best mixtape/video and song at the 4th anual ct hip hop awards

    http://www.myspace.com/willianosantoro check my music

  • MTV

    Dipset is finished, it is the era of little weasel and Young Money!

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  • jbird

    FVCK Jenny Jones. He’s a sucker for denying Cam. Cam put him on, now the fans put him out. Plus, he could’ve called Frekey inside and told him to come get him. Or, it could’ve been a stunt by Cam to NOT let Jenny. Hope the latter is the case. Cam, Rell, and JR can hold it down N E WAYZ.

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