XXcLusive: Bow Wow Denies Involvement in Kat Stacks Beatdown

An unsettling video hit the ’Net last week, showing notorious hip-hop vixen, Kat Stacks, being assaulted by two unknown males. After slapping Stacks, one man shouted out, “Apologize to Fab,” while the other added, “And Bow Wow,” making people believe the two rap stars were involved. XXLMag.com recently caught up with Bow Wow to set the record straight on the attack.

According to the newly signed Cash Money rapper, he had nothing to do with the incident and does not know who the assailants are. “Of course I had no involvement with it,” he said. “It’s so far fetched for me. Come on, man, everybody knows I make records for girls,“ he added, alluding to the fact that he’s not known for his gangsta image.

To further explain his detachment, Bow made a correlation to basketball. “You gotta look at it like this,” he said. “Skip Bayless talks terrible about Lebron…and I’m sure the city of Cleveland knows about Skip being all hot on him. Skip wouldn’t go to Cleveland, as bad as he talks about Lebron. And a Cavaliers fan threw a basketball at Skip; is you really gonna blame Lebron James for it? Lebron’s probably in his mansion chillin’ with his girl and his kids, he don’t know that fan. But that fan loves Lebron James. So you talk about him, in his city, and something happens, you can’t blame Lebron. So therefore you can’t blame me. The only thing you can associate me with is that somebody said my name.”

“I’m not an evil person,” he continued. “I don’t condone violence. That’s just the type of person I am. I just feel like, if anything, positivity is always the way out. So I think that maybe if she humbles herself a lil more and be positive and go about things differently, then hopefully she’ll be alright…but that’s not my style. I don’t put hits on people, I’m in the music business…if I wanted to fight, I’d be in the MMA.”

Bow Wow will be at the VH1 Hip Hop Honors tonight, honoring the pioneers of Southern rap music. —Elan Mancini with reporting by Rob Markman

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  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

    It’s OK Bow. We wouldn’t have believed you if you were involved…

    • yoprince

      lol. true.

    • that nigga

      $yk, you sick dude. HAHAHAHA!! Thats the God honest truth tho.

      • bigbusines

        bow wow did it

    • the mack

      thats wut happns when you chicks get out of pocket they get socked bet next time she keep her mouth close the problem is people think now and dayz they can say wut they want and get away with it no sir i dont agree with a man ever hittn a female but watch wut u say

      • wtf

        what, you stupid little sh*t? so i bet your dumb ass one be one of the braindead pieces of sh*t beating a woman down for someone who doesn’t even fucking know you. who the F*CK cares if she talks?!? no one has the right to put their fucking hands on anyone else, especially two grown men agaisnt a defenseless woman.

  • http://xxlmag.com the brown

    Yo! Bow Weezy is Biatch anyway. So ain’t nothing wrong with two bitches fighting. It’s just too bad bowwow can’t fight fair.

    • The Decatur Dictator

      Wow, such language. He’s a person, trying to make a living…no one calls you out of your name, when your on your job handing out those handbills.

  • The Decatur Dictator

    Wow, such language. He’s a person, trying to make a living…no one calls you out of your name, when your on your job handing out those handbills….

    • http://xxlmag.com the brown

      @ The Decatur Dick Taster:
      Yo!? Booo! Fuck Bow Wow.




    poor boy cant win if he did it he a pussy and if he didnt do it he still a pussy u haters make it so hard 4 these entertainers

  • Sha

    Co-sign $yk!!

    Dude you’re funny as shit! That’s some real talk right there. No one would have even given him a bitch-slappin’ charge even if he wanted it. His raps are too bubble gum. And he has that Gary Coleman thing (forever youthful appearance). Real talk.

  • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

    Kat Stacks is not Hip-Hop. I hope this puts an end to her appearing on this site. She almost shut down AHH when they kept her name in the Rumors section. PLEASE no more XXL!

  • El Tico Loco

    Co sign syk
    and Jamal

    Netta yes he’s full time pussy, no bandaid just kotex.

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

    Sha whaddupz?

    Yo Netta, did you read Charlamagne’s blog from yesterday? U should…

    “Lebron’s probably in his mansion chillin’ with his girl and his kids, he don’t know that fan. But that fan loves Lebron James.”

    ^ LOLZ. Bow you ain’t on that level homie. You just said “Come on, man, everybody knows I make records for girls…”

    It was dudes who ran up on Kat.

    “if I wanted to fight, I’d be in the M(idget)M(udwrestling)A(lliance).”

    Tooo funny. Thanks Bow & Rob for the comedy.

  • Dub

    Hell, no one even suspected Bow Wow, now Fab on the other hand… Wouldn’t be surprised if Street Fam had something to do with it

  • niggaplease

    People need to get off this stupid 1950′s mindset that its never okay to hit a woman. You are responsible for what you do and say. If you go out of your way to cause problems for people its going to get back to you. This isn’t some woman being attacked by her husband because hes drunk stop trying to equate the two. If Street Fam hear a man talking like that about Fab what would happen. That mother fucker would be at least duct taped up robbed and beaten half to death. I think people should operate with the mindset that people are going to treat you the same as anyone else talking shit about them. The reason Kat Stacks talks all this shit is because she has been getting away with it since junior high because shes a chick.

    • liyah

      Educate yourself and if you got to be a slave at least don’t be a stupid slave. Sorry but the “stupid 1950s mindset” on hitting a woman was the same as it was for centuries before that, and that’s been that it’s okay to do, that it’s been okay to abuse your own property, just like it it was okay to beat your slave because that was your property. We’re trying to get off the stupid mindset that’s been going on for centuries, that women don’t have a right to speak their minds and they damned-well do got a right to speak their minds. It’s not okay to hit a woman or anyone, they got a right to say the truth. Assholes like you should go back to Nazi Germany and live there so you could make everyone shut up and not criticize you. At least for a while. You can’t control everyone forever. Never works. And so, like Hitler, you’d be obliterated eventually because you’d be in the wrong and you can’t take away free speech and people’s right to live peaceably, more people will rise up against you than not. This isn’t a terrorist state where stupid rappers get to terrorize and beat-up someone who hurt their poor little feelings by telling the truth. (They probably do got little dicks and can’t fuck worth shit and if that’s the case they got enough money to get implants and lessons on how to fuck a woman instead of beating one up for telling the truth) Are you defending them because you got a little dick and can’t fuck and is scared some chick is gonna tell on you so you want the legal right to beat her up when she does? I’m sure those idiots feel they got the right to say what they want to say, whenever they want to say it. And they got their stupid, mind-numbed zombie-like cronies following them around like puppy dogs and doing what they want them to do. I’m sure they’d drop those boys that beat her up in a second if they didn’t like what those boys said or did. I say get these Mafia/Nazi-minded scuzzballs off their high horses. They don’t get to do what they want, how they want unless they are allowed to. You’re here defending them and they don’t give a rat’s ass bout you and neva will. And I’m sure if you came up to them, they wouldn’t think shit bout ya cept ‘love-ya my nigga, please buy my cds and tshirts, my nigga.’ You a slave to these people and their words (with shit you talk, you probably a slave to drugs, and money too though you prolly are broke from giving these idiots all your money so your idiot boyz on the street can think you’re cool cause you wear rapper clothing lines and cologne) You’re even worse than the slaves of the 1800s cause they didn’t choose to be slaves to their owners. You choose to be a slave to these idiot’s ideas whose only intention is to sell you something. You think it’s okay to duct-tape, rob and beat someone half to death for their words. While yer crying foul about ‘the cops this, the cops that’ and racial profiling, people with your mindset should be sent to prison and that’s where you should stay until you learn that this country isn’t run that way. I’ll say this, not you nor bow-wow (with his obvious well-planned in advance booshit story probably written by a public relations agent) nor fabolous can stop free speech. Hitler manipulated and brainwashed young people to further his insane thoughts and ideals for the world and for his own glory. These idiots are doing the same thing to the young and dumb in this country. The question is will you ever grow up enough to realize it, or are you gonna be stupid all your life. I can tell by the way you talk that your mind prolly spends half it’s time numbed by weed and alcohol. They are the Nazis here and they need to be stopped like Hitler was stopped. And I don’t care what he says, bowwow is an evil person and a liar and manipulator, you can tell by the 2nd to last sentence he says (bout her humbling herself) that he’s okay with what happened to her. He’s a disgusting excuse for a human being besides being a whoremonger. And to say one last thing, he and whoever was involved will probably get away with this in most people’s eyes but that’s only because she’s not white and she’s involved in that type of business, so white people aren’t taking notice and they aren’t being put under fire too much yet. But they don’t get to control everyone’s freedom of speech, and they never will, just many hip/hop and black people’s freedom of speech. You all don’t start fighting now to take back your minds and control of your own words, they will control you all. Once mainstream white media starts criticizing their stupidity, they don’t have that same control. They can’t terrorize Katie Couric, Anderson Cooper, etc. They just get to terrorize their own race. Think about that.

      • Anonymous

        Nigga wtf this has to do with slaves? Wtf this have to do with the Nazi’s? And yes back in the day the mentality was to never hit a woman however that was also a time when a man literally had complete control over his wife. This is no longer the case and I am not saying its ok to beat the shit out of people and rob them but that is simply what street fam is known for doing to people. I’m not saying I would have personally smacked this chick or anything but she got what she deserved. If she wasn’t a chick you all would be laughing at her. Stick up for real women in abusive relationships not some video hoe with a big mouth.

      • Arkasnsas-SOUTHINYAMOUTH

        DUDE, never in my life have I heard a peson go through such great lengths to prove he-she is smart but only SOUNDED LIKE THE BIGGES FUCCIN IDIOT ON THIS SIDE OF THE FUCCING MISSISSIPPI RIVER! I’M NOT JUST SAYING GO OUT AND HIT WOMEN! FIRST OF ALL SHE IS A WHORE, NOT TO BE CONSIDERED AS A WOMAN OR EQUAL SO FUCC HER! if a whore not a woman wants to put herself in a position of a man the let her be treated that way!!!! they talk shit then foul when u hit them bacc!!! thats bullshit…. you feminist fuccs! U FUCCS ARE SO BRAINWASHED! IN ARAB CULTURES IN WHICH I RESPECT—THEY HAVE IT RIGHT, BITCHES DONT BACC TALK AND WHEN A MAN SAYS JUMP THEY SAY HOW HIGH!!!! THIS CULTER IS BACCWARDS AND HEADED FOR DESTRUCTION!!! FAGGGS!!!!

        • AnYaJustProved

          …how muthafuckin stupid men are right here in the good ole USA, wait though I’m guessing you ain’t a man, just a stupid motherfucking boy–Grow The Fuck Up! Nothing you say makes sense. Doubt you even know the difference between backwards and forwards… and yep, that’s righteous, you’re a slave, not just to money and drugs and shit-talkin idiots, but to your own stupidity…”Lord give these idiots brains to use for something else besides to fuck up with drugs.” Damn, at least find a real man to emulate (uh-oh big word, should I give you the link to Google dictionary) instead of dumbfucks whose minds are fucked up with drugs, and to whom pussy and money and violence is the only thing their dumb asses think about. And maybe you should travel out your own little narrow-minded world, go to the other side of the Mississippi, maybe you’ll get a fucking clue. And I hope she makes millions off this shit and least proves who all the real whores are, I’ll buy her book just to make a fucking point. Hope she outs these nasty musicians like Chris Brown was outed for the pig that he is. Hope you hit your ‘bitch’ one too many times and she ‘Lorena Bobbits’ your little dick, though I’m sure it’s so small that they’ll never be able to find it once it’s cut off. Hope you have a daughter whose boyfriend thinks like you do (not really but hopefully you’re smart enuf to get the point-but probably not) These so-called musicians are the real whores (writing insincere, formulated bullshit just to make a buck brainwashing dumb little boys) and idiots like you are the whoremongers…Yeah, and maybe you ought to go live in a Muslim country, This country doesn’t want ideals like yours, get the fuck outta here, that’s for sure–you don’t belong and we don’t want you here!

          What the fuck are you males so afraid of?


          just as u tried to pin on me I hear alot of words coming out of your mouth but I promise they dont mean shit! ARKANSAS STATE OF MIND UNIVERSAL PERSPECTIVE!!!
          1.DUMB BITCH IF I HAD A DAUGHTER JUST AS I HAVE A SON I WOULD TEACH HER RIGHT From wrong and she would no not to lie and try and manipulate people male or female.
          2.If I had a daughter I would teach her how a man is supposed to act and she would not be a fuccing gold digger like u.
          3.I hate your very fuccing soul.
          4. u know not what u speak of.
          5.Newton’s third law of motion for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, u talk shit and I and I roasted u bitch!
          7.U NEED SOME SEX!!!
          10. ARE YOU A FEMINIST? One who cries for equal rights but cant stand the heat?
          11. Go fucc yourself.
          12. ur racist bitch, just because i’m blacc u automatically assume that i’m on drugs?
          13.kill yourself, come bacc reincarnated and maybe u will be smarter! i’m out with no love but plenty hate! u are whats wrong with blacc women now, you condone that imomoral deginerate behavior!

  • yung$oprano

    the nigga got that webster disease.. he’s a bitch.. watch that video called baseball wit him and lil wayne WOW that’s sum str8 bitch shit.. that video’s so fuckin gay..that’s when lil wayne couldnt spit a lick.. bow wow’s a bitch .. dudes a disgrace.. my nine year old nephew will punk this dude

    • swype-matic

      hahaha, that video was mad gay, but ur wrong about lil’ wayne, he does literally spit, that’s why i can’t understand what the fuck he says (li li li li li li like a lollipop)

  • http://google.com phiko 305

    y would a pussy like lil bow wizzy smack another pussy

  • Sozzay

    Umm, the 1950′s you COULD smack your lady up! Get your history straight.

  • Anonymous

    Lol…. bow wow … you do music? ….thats what you call everything you put out without the help of a ghostwriter?….(jd..ti…lil wayne….etc….)cuz that shit you write on ya own…… basura….and lol…..if you anted to fight you’d be in MMA…C’mon Son ….GTFOH… who would you fight in the UFC?

  • Still A Bitch In My Book

    Lil’ Bow Wow is beating people up now? Next thing you gonna try and tell me is Lil’ Wayne put out a good song. Bitch had it coming, smack my bitch up is the motto I live by.

  • Deuce53

    shiiit, no matter how much ppl argue who wud and wudnt do it, it wont matter. cuz at the end of the day theres still gonna be dudes willing to do a broad dirty like that, henceforth why these cats i would ask to do the same thing for me…not on no bitch shit, but just cuz i dont believe in hittin a woman dont mean she doesnt have an ass whooping coming to her, y not make sure its handled right? shes a dumb ho amyway, theres a difference between that type and a real woman, a real woman wouldnt put herself in that situation anyway…dint this dumb bitch alredy play herself admitting that she gets paid to fuck with these rappers and exploit them? lol the ladder of pimping is as follows;

    *WSHH > Kat Stacks > Newly VD having and causing rappers

    *i never knew the complete story bout that, somebody lock me in?

  • Deuce53

    o and everybody saying “fuck you to anybody that condones this” or “she dint deserve that”

    WRONG!!!! this bitch is a whore using a man, his fame, and money, and her pussy, and good looks (IMO she look and sound like a ghetto cracked out Fran Drescher, this bitch forreal needs a mute button) to pimp the industry…and the sad part is that its working! ppl feeling sorry for her, ppl even speaking bout her (and yea im included in that as of today) is just WOOOOW! this bitch aint news worthy, yea she got slapped up, the only breaking news about it is that it was a dudes hand and not a dick hittin her in the face this time…one question; wat in the holy hell does kat stacks or what these rappers bury their beak in have anything to do with the fuckin music?!?!?!?

  • teeskimask[twincities]

    when they talk that shit.they bite the curb plain and simple.she famous for being a tricc wat the fuckery is going on!!

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  • Ruc

    These niggas soundin MAJOR fuckin dumb right now. I’ma just leave it at that. I ain’t even hoppin into a debate with some ignorant ass niggas this time….
    Niggas tried to talk history and don’t know shit about it.