Tech N9ne Arrested in Missouri

Last night (June 23), Tech N9ne was arrested in Jackson County, Missouri for an outstanding warrant for failing to appear in court, reports The Kansas City Star.

The case that he previously did not show up for stemmed from an original charge for posting up illegal banners. However, Travis O’Guin, Tech N9ne’s Strange Music business partner, claimed that neither of them was in the area during the time of the original charge, and the banners and posters were likely the work of some fans.

O’Guin and Tech N9ne were pulled over yesterday when the Ferrari F430 they were driving accelerated extremely quickly, likely causing the police officer to take notice. Once their licenses were run through the system, the warrant for the KCMO rapper came up.

He spent less than a half hour in jail before a $300 bond was posted.

Check out XXL magazine’s July/August issue, hitting newsstands across the country on July 6, for more on Tech N9ne and the success of his independent Strange Music label. —Adam Fleischer

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  • Money Mitch

    Looks like Tech got it for D.W.B. in a car that cost more than the arresting officers house!!!!

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  • GOD

    “O’Guin and Tech N9ne were pulled over yesterday when the Ferrari F430 they were driving”

    That’s called “independent grind money”. Alot of people signed to majors aren’t seein that kind of bread.

    40% Skill
    60% Hustle
    That’s all you need to make it…

  • Anonymous

    ^^ what are you a snitch? lol…

    LOL @ $300 bond.

  • Sha

    A $300 bond??? Seriously??? You know the feds are probably trying to build a case against dude. That’s on some real. Shit…. 90% of the rappers are in the system. That shit is beginning to look like the billonaire’s boys’ club. They got the public thinking rappers ain’t shit unless they have a charge. Brothers should get educated. Get that passport and build elsewhere.

    But $300 bond??? Damn. The gov is truly desperate to make every rapper government property. I can’t think of one rapper that hasn’t been in….. Niggas got to be smarter.

  • capcobra

    it’s gonna take more than a 1/2 hr just for police to get the prints and the photos…and since when did police start rushing to send niguz back home after n arrest?…especially once they know you got a warrant…let me find out this nigga told on his street team….lol….no weed/guns/open containers….no dui no dwi…not even a seatbelt or speeding ticket….and they gunning the 430 in front of the police?…gtfoh…he must’ve paid the $300 for the xxl headline.

  • The Decatur Dictator

    For posting flyers up???? Are they serious? The cop was pissed he was driving that crown vic and dudes were in a F430…classic case of jealousy. $300???? come on man, that’s outragous. I would have given them fools $300 in nickels and been out.

  • DownSouth

    Now they tryna take down my boi Tech Nina. Who’s next?


  • El Tico Loco

    That’s petty as hell, pay the fine (probably more than the bond) and get a permit next time you put up flyers. I don’t think the

    • El Tico Loco

      I don’t think the — different convo *multitasking gone wrong*

  • Jamal7Mile

    Man…now I know cops be on some shit sometimes, but what year is it in Jackson County?

  • mattox

    i think yall r paranoid. 300 bond = 3000 bail. have any of yall even been to jail?
    he was in jail.
    paid bond.
    set a court date and dipped.
    the crime he was charged with was a relatively small felony.
    it has nothing to do with him being a snitch.
    applied knowledge is power breh breh.
    learn some shit.

  • nativepride08

    $300 bond = 10% of $3,000 (bail)….yall do the math b4 you go callin out snitches lol but agree with mattox! yall ever been to jail?

  • Sha

    @mattox and @nativepride08…

    Nope. I’ve never been to jail. And I say that with a lot of pride. I wouldn’t be braggin’ about going to jail if I were you two cats. Your intelligence about the system is understandable. But the way you guys are writing, it’s as if you enjoyed that shit or frown down on others who haven’t been. I just wouldn’t be so proud of that shit…. Trust me. Your fam’s probably not….

    • Anonymous

      sha youre a little girl,,,his “fam” wouldnt appreciate him goin to jail…wow go kill yourself seriously,tie yourself down to some traintracks …its 300 dollars bond you retards,notnerabitch snitched.

  • gift

    now I know everybody on here is like what the fuck would they charge niggas for puttin flyers up for? I’m a put yall who don’t know, up on some real game. I’m in a rap group in Austin, Tx ( if you wanna check me n mines out), and we were doing alot of promo for a show we had some months back, and the laws pulled up on us for puttin up flyers. There’s actually a permit that you must have in order to legally be able to post up flyers in public areas (downtown street post, corners, etc….) If I remember correctly, the fine is over $500 dollars, and I ain’t gonna front, I can’t be giving my money to them “people” like that. Niggas who do music should really be careful and quick about how and where they put they posters and flyers.

  • 6688846993JT

    Fuck tha police trying to put the kc king in jail…. tech aint no snitch fuck haters… calling him snitch fuck u mother fucker tech n9ne aint no snitch u bitch ass mother fucker they just mad cuz tech is king and u haters cant stand he got loyal fans watch ur mother fuckin mouth… slap ur self and theen go jump off a sky scraper and land on a stop sign…
    F.U.N = fuck u niggas

  • cold

    he should be arrested for making that face !

  • JeeZu$

    aint no charge my nigga cant make bail on, stay real my nigga

  • D-Styles

    Yo Prep boys… You dont have to post it all.. more then likely it was written bad and he paid 10% of his bond. Even Some bondsman take 3% of the bond… so it was probably 3,000. Still it was some petty bs so its not like it was going to be a high bond. You obviously wouldnt know ANYTHING about the system and never did any time.