Last night (June 23), Tech N9ne was arrested in Jackson County, Missouri for an outstanding warrant for failing to appear in court, reports The Kansas City Star.

The case that he previously did not show up for stemmed from an original charge for posting up illegal banners. However, Travis O’Guin, Tech N9ne's Strange Music business partner, claimed that neither of them was in the area during the time of the original charge, and the banners and posters were likely the work of some fans.

O’Guin and Tech N9ne were pulled over yesterday when the Ferrari F430 they were driving accelerated extremely quickly, likely causing the police officer to take notice. Once their licenses were run through the system, the warrant for the KCMO rapper came up.

He spent less than a half hour in jail before a $300 bond was posted.

Check out XXL magazine’s July/August issue, hitting newsstands across the country on July 6, for more on Tech N9ne and the success of his independent Strange Music label. —Adam Fleischer