Saigon to Give Live Interview on

Following up on the success of our first Channel Live Ustream interview last week with Bun B, will be hosting another Q&A session this Wednesday, June 30 with Brooklyn MC Saigon.

Starting at 4 p.m. EST viewers can log onto XXL’s Ustream page to watch the broadcast live and hit Sai directly with their questions. Fans can also hit @XXLStaff on Twitter with their inquires, which will also be answered during the 60-minute conversation.

Last Monday (June 21) Bun B was XXL’s first guest on Ustream, where he spoke candidly on everything from his new album, Trill O.G. to his feelings on the BP Oil Spill to details on his new college course on Hip-Hop and Religion at Houston’s Rice University. [Watch here]

Be sure to tune in on Wednesday to see XXL’s Channel Live with Saigon. —XXL Staff

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  • Hova

    Fuck Saigon my nigga Prodigy murked this nigga years ago. Saigon is wack, bitch nigga got his ass beat in da club. Noone cares bout ur interview u bitch.

    • nate

      it’s funny your screen name is Hova… who murked prodigy hahahaha and then Siagon socked lil prodigy with all of mobb deeps goons there and left without a scratch…. hahahahhaahahhaah. I don’t know which video you saw of that fight but Saigon didn’t get touched.
      And on top of that… Saigon is really a beast!!!!

  • Saigon Is A Fraud

    Where in Brooklyn is Saigon from and where does he live? Quit the fake Brooklyn bullshit and quit paying attention to this lame, although it will be funny to see is Saigon types ALL CAPS and how he spells works like ‘fraudulent’.

    Peace from Saratoga & Blake

    • King B

      The nigga reps brownsville dickhead get a life

  • williano from ct

    yo saigon is one of the best to come out in the last couple years. if you dont like this dude you must have never heard him ryme cus sai is the truth

    check my music

  • williano from ct

    yo saigon is one of the best to come out in the last couple years. if you dont like this dude you must have never heard him ryme cus sai is the truth


    eyo and prodigy is in my top 5 but saigon held it down like a gangsta on that youtube clip.he dont take shit from nobody.

    second joe budden is nice,but saigon wen toe to toe wit this cat and stood his ground. nobody can say saigon lost that battle cus it was a draw. check my music hip hop from ct


    peep warning shot and warning shots part 2 by saigon

  • jay

    where saigon at I hope he has some new music i miss this nigga no homo dudes a very talented artist sai giddy fo life

  • real tlkk

    i thought this nigga quit rap.. hope he drops greatest story never told.. and make these pretty boys quit the garbage

  • Saratoga N. Blake

    “reps” Brownsville my black ass; what high school did he go to and where did he cop music on Pitkin or Belmont?

    if you kids want to live in cartoon gangster land, that’s wonderful, and Saigon can be your spokesman: failed fake gangster, failed rapper too. What a “culture”!

  • sureshot

    yo sai, put these lames in they place, especially royce 5’9″, musically, he can’t f@#k wit you lord. keep smashing these cornballs, hope you’re in the kitchen cookin somethin up, haven’t heard from you in a while. FREE TRU-LIFE, SMITH-BOY, L.E.S

  • sir charles

    Uhhh Saratoga N. Blake, l2getalife you fucking retarted piece of vermin shit. Let’s peep some genuine evidence of anyone coming out of brownsville besides Saigon…. oh wait that leaves nobody to scrutinize. You’re a retarted dumbfuck following daddy’s orders in the kitchen when he’s screaming for you to wake up for your scrambled eggs. Saigon is the realest fucker to come out since guns. Get real faggot.

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