Real Rick Ross Sues Rapper for $10 Mil, Attempts to Halt “Teflon Don’s” Release

Rick Ross’ new album, Teflon Don, is scheduled for release on July 20, but not if the real Ricky Ross has anything to do with it.

As previously reported, the notorious ex-drug dealer that the Miami MC has named himself after, was planning a lawsuit against the rapper born William L. Roberts II.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ross has officially filed the suit in federal court in California to the tune of $10 million. He claims the Boss stole his name and identity and wants to stop the sale of his album. Along with Ross, the ex-con also names Jay-Z, Def Jam, Universal Music Group and Vivendi in the suit.

Ricky reportedly asserts trademark and his rights of publicity in seeking an injunction that would prevent the rapper from using the “Rick Ross” name or releasing any albums using it. He also says that the U.S. Patent and Trademark office has refused to let the rapper trademark the name.

UMG has yet to comment on the case.

Stay tuned to as more on this story develops. —Elan Mancini

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  • DownSouth

    Krayzie Bone said it best:
    Everybody want tha paper/
    Niggaz fightin over paper.
    And when you die/
    I can betcha ya die tryin to get the paper.
    So what about his first 3 als? Are they gonna get pulled?


    • Anonymous

      thats what happends when your a fake gangster and a fake rapper lol

  • change

    hahaha, hilarious, I hope the real kingpin get his money cause that fake ross sucks, OC’s get no love. An cop the new Eminem album don’t waist money on Ross.

  • DreJayAre

    Go after ol’ Billy Bob cause Freeway is, uh, fiscally depleted?

    • hahaha

      i was about to ask if he would start going by Bill Bob. Not quite as catchy.

  • El Tico Loco

    This can set a bad prescedent, worse than sampling issues. If Rick Ross was a lesser known rapper do you think he would care? probably not.



    • Dinero

      You ole Fake Ricc Ross dicc liccin mutha fucca… lmao… Watt type of throrough bread don’t know about Freeway Ricc Ross… And this nigga is use’n his name like its all good.. So watt tha nigga don’t rap.. Jus cuz Pappy Mason don’t rap means I should call my self Pappy Mason and make money off of his name cuz I dont have a name for myself and I’m too much of a talentless succah to make one for myself.. So steal tha next mutha fuccas name.. let alone I’m not even from NY and this nigga Tricc Ross aint from LA… If u gon pay homage then pay yo dues nigga… By tha way my new rap name is gon b Luccy Luciano but jus based on tha fact that u not thorough u prolly wouldnt even know who that is…

    • elChato

      LMFAO i was just thinking the same thing, why didnt he escape or came out harder than before, he was a big drug dealer now hes suing people hahahaha, let me tell you ill stop being mexican the day Joaquin “el chapo” Guzman completes a jail sentence and sues people haha so so funny tho. Let the man make his money, plus after this lawsuit, if it was me, i wouldnt use that name anymore, not gonna sound da same. “lawsuit” ricky ross lmao

  • ri067953

    Yeah man, Ricky Ross deserves that money. The rapping CO needs to make sure that the real Rick Ross is taken care of. It isn’t any different then somebody writing a movie and using the man’s name and using his lifestory as an idea to create a character.

    I say, cut Ricky Ross a check…damnit!!!

  • @CIRCLE_Ent

    I wonder if he gonna go after Freeway next!! THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR…..Fugg

  • Axeo

    You can’t go after someone for using a nickname as a rapper name so Freeway ain’t gonna get sued. Plus the real Rick Ross has said before he like Freeway

    When it come to Rick Ross though thats where things get tricky because that is his real name.For the rapper I think it gonna be much more then changing his name from Rick Ross to Rick Ro$$ or Ricky Ross. Gonna be some money paid I doubt the full 10 mill

    • Dinero

      Co-Sign… Freeway shows respect to Tha Real Ricc Ross and Freeway is thorough… As for Tricc Ross, him and tha real Ricc Ross had a coversation when fool was still locced up ova that shit Tricc Ross raps about… Basically Tricc Ross was tryna get an official pass for tha name and when tha Real Ricc Ross simply asked to be on tha album to say some words Tricc Ross denied.. That is where this stems from.. He wont get 10 mil but he gon get somethin them.. Cuz Tricc Ross is rappin like its fresh from Ricc Ross’ bio….

      • Anonymous

        I’m glad someone knows a lil history about what’s going on.. i did an interview with the real Rick Ross, and based on the background info i found out.. officer Ricky not only denied him from gettin on the album, he also offered Rick Ross “crack head” price to use his name.. WTF. oh and it was cosigned by a certain DefJam CEO

  • LEEK

    I think Leslie “Freeway” Pridgen is safe, Freeway was Ricky Ross’ nickname not is gov’t. Just like the reason why the surviving member’s of 50 Cent has sued Curtis. William Roberts used some else name and lifestyle and played it like it was his own. The only loophole is Roberts is Ricky Ross is on dudes birth certificate, not Rick Ross

  • LEEK

    Damn Axeo & I said nearly the same thing just a few minutes off

  • jburg

    That shit is funny. Nigga should have been real. I can’t respect a dude for taking another man’s life and making money off it.

  • Grimey G

    The case will get thrown out or settled out of court for a small sum. Rick Ross (the drug dealer) doesn’t own the name. The rapper was using the name to create a drug dealing persona but he wasn’t directly using the name to profit. Its not like people bought the album cause he has the same name as a convicted drug dealer. However rapper Rick Ross and his label don’t want any bad publicity and it won’t help his street cred to have a real drug dealer going around talking shit about him so they will probably settle out of court with Ross signing a confidentiality agreement

    • Dinero

      Correction, people did embrace Tricc Ross because of tha name… If I called myself, Young Jigga mutha fuccas will relate that to Jay-Z… Or if I called myself Supreme McGriff… Sure its a name, but an idenity nonetheless… People embrace that shit… Dumb ass people like u… People wouldnt kno Tricc Ross witouth Ricc Ross… get over it…
      P.s. Don’t reply on dumb shit saying. Jay-Z aint a convicted drug dealer.. tha point is people kno Jay more than any of them drug dealers…

  • smokey beraa

    so should every dopedealer sue every rapper for talkin that shit?I get he sued his name.but its a rap name.just like a nickname.and ok he was a CO but how you gonna prove he didnt ever sell a dimebag?he talk that shit,yes but cant say he took his lifestory.

  • smokey berra

    damn.fucked up my name.

  • Jamal7Mile

    The family of Kelvin “Original 50 Cents” Martin and Curtis Jackson have had a good working relationship for over five years. They even teamed up to sue someone attempting to make an unauthorized biographical movie about Martin. So no beef there.

    @El Tico Loco, you’re right man. If Ricky Ross wins ANYTHING from William Roberts, what’s to stop the Gotti family from going after Kurupt, Irv and Yo Gotti? Hip-Hop’s loaded with Dillingers, Escobars, Capones, etc. Things could get really messed up in this sue-happy country.


    GOOD, hopefully he wins the suit against this fraud.Then he can change his name to pizza the hut or somethin and people wont buy his albums because they wont know who he is then we can finally be rid of this untalented fuck.Dude is lame and I thought he was lame when his first single drop, after findin out he stiole dudes name and lied about bein a c.o. I lost what little respect I could muster up that I had for him.

  • $yk

    IDK about y’all but after seeing this and reading Joc’s feature, I keep thinking about that meeting Floyd, 50, and Puff had at the mansion…

    • jburg

      you lost me homie?

      • $yk

        Just thinking all of this is a setup. Floyd had Ricky up at the mansion too. Puff is real close to big boy giving him the Joc business, while the other 2 “fell back”.

  • Anonymous

    why niggas dont want be theirselves

  • rap_listener

    Rap is an easy game now – Talk like you sell drugs, use a catchy rhyme beat, sell to dumbass white kids in the suburbs.

    does anyone know that ricky ross, the real rick ross (not the rapper who was a cop), was sold drugs from south america from a CIA agent. Also, does anyone know that when he got out the first time he tried to set up an education center.

    at the end of the day, no one knows the real facts about shit. 99% of rappers are making money faking it. but you know what, we can’t hate on them. they are all puppets run by rich white guys who tell them what to say, and honestly if i didnt have shit and was told to do that, i would too.

    just recognize that rappers like “rick ross” (and yeah, it should be in quotes) are just studio gangsters.

  • Alistair Dones

    na man the real ross just wants to get rich y sue a person who is making ur name famous i just think he playing unfair besides being a boss of miami he must just let go of this we are patiently waiting for his albun actualy we crying to hear it seriosly we the fanz man we support the booby williams the II

  • Dr@$t-iQ Alkoholik

    man fuck em both, wasn’t this nigga Freeway Rick , some dope king, where the fuck the money go, this nigga retarded, why he comin to sue a nigga now, when Officer Ricky just started brickin, he shudda done it durin the first 2 albums when the nigga was still pushin units, now the niggga pushing fewer numbers than his weight on his bathroom scale, which y’all might think is much, but is just below 750 pounds, if you were wondering, meaning he gon sell about 749 copies of this new bull shit album of his, Freeway needs to get here in Africa I need a helper by ma farm,so maybe the nigga can eat and tell me em drug tales so I too can realease em fictitious albums under the rap name, Ricky Zulu Ross

  • Anonymous

    The machine created Rick Ross and his whole persona/Identity. A marketting idea that took a chance and for a time succeeded, greatly. Now Ross is going to pay ( not Ross solely, but associates and backers)

    The solid fact here is Rick Ross ( William L. Roberts II ) tried to copywrite/patent the name but was refused. At that point you should sit back down at that table and come up with another game plan.

    He deserves getting it everything snatched away from him.

  • alderman j

    I understand why a man would want his name back, but if (rapper) RICK ROSS would have shown (the real) RICK ROSS some love when he got out of jail, broke break with the man this wouldnt be happening, regardless of what anybody thinks, (rapper) RICK ROSS profited from this mans life and he owes him something, thats just the reality. Now (rapper) RICK ROSS, must have saw this coming, because for the last year he has been throwing around all these monikers, TEFLON DON, ALBERT ANASTASIA, RICK ROZAY, i think he knows he wont win the case, so he already has it lined up!!

  • swype-matic

    Teflon Ross. Rick L. Ross. Rozay Ross. Problem solved.

  • gift

    let me ask yall this, How many rappers have the name CAPONE? How many rappers have the name GOTTI in their name? How many rappers have lil in front of their name? none of the examples I’ve given have ever resulted in a lawsuit due to name usage. Freeway Rick Ross is simply trying to keep his name in the headlines and blogs to get attention focused on future business endeavors that he’s probably gonna try to do in hip hop. true enough RICK ROSS OR ROZAY did benefit from the name, but he’s not the first rapper to use a famous criminal’s name. Shit Look AT 50CENT. How come nobody mentioned him using another niggas name? FReeway Ricky doesn’t have too strong of a case, unless his lawyer comes to court wit God and Zues in his corner.

  • therealwayno

    It’s a wrap with even with the most lame lawyer.

    1. “William Roberts, how did you come up with the name Rick Ross?”
    2. Are you and were you ever a real drug dealer, and can you prove it? If not where did you get the concept of being a big time dealer?”

    Uh… The end, case over. He gonna loose the case or just pay out but it could possibly benefit him in the end. All press can be spun.

  • $yk

    What’s amazing, for all my dudes out there, is this…

    Wh(Y) is the question asked most to justify. The same letter that was left off these guys’ similar names.

    The same thing they will be in court doing, justifying/testifying.

    @ gift

    You’re missing the point. If this flies, it gives those people room to do the same thing. And like J7M said, 50 took care of that early. Watch the ‘American Gangsters’ ep on 50 and you see 50 there.

  • YoungBlood

    Another pussy ass nigga tryin to take another man money. 10 mil? Seriously? Where the fuck does he get off thinkin he deserves ten mil. Ricky, you are a grown ass fuckin man, act like it and get off Rick Ross’s dick and get a mutha fuckin job. C.O. or not, that is his money. Get the fuck over it and move on Mr. Kingpin.

  • T Lee

    He shouldn’t get shit. If he was a rapper too then it would make complete since. Just like back in the day when some dude stopped B.I.G. from using “Biggie Smalls”

    • BKNY

      notorious big had to stop using biggie smalls because that was a character name in lets do it again not another rapper the guy that wrote the movie was gonna sue him

  • Tania

    Its funny how people say how can he ask for 10 mil. If you have sat in prison for 10 or more years and you are not dead and someone you don’t even know starts using your entire government and life to make money and don’t offer you a cut, you are not going to sue. Yeah right! I would want my money too. Shit! Ain’t nobody about to make money off my life & I don’t get shit out of it.


    I think he deserves some money.. This man took his whole identity because he thought he would spend the rest of his life behind bars.. He was wrong.. Now he has to pay up.. He was wrong to begin with and he knew it,that is why he has been trying to get a new name for the past year.. if you pay attention to what he has been calling hisself.. he was trying the names out, just not in a way that people notice.. RICK ROSS{ OFFICER} is a fake, and phony.. He doesn’t know anything about drugs, or guns, or none of the shit he raps about.. He saw a opportunity and ran with it, now he knows that opportunity cost and its time for him to pay up..

  • BKNY

    officer ricky needs to pay up I remember the first interview I heard him on kay slay on hot97 back in 06 he said he started callin himself rick ross in like 95 he was in cali and the real ross just went back to jail that was the first time he heard of him that’s when I knew the officer ricky was fake real street dudes don’t take another nigga name not only that he never knew freeway rick til he saw him on the news in another interview in feds mag he said he wanted a name of a drug dealer and he had a list of names and rick ross fit good that was the nigga plan all along take a drug dealer name rap about sellin drugs and ppl gonna think he real but he didn’t know them drug dealers come for their money 50 took kelvin 50 cent martin name but curtis had a name in queens already officer ricky aint have a name in the streets

  • boogywig


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  • yew neek

    this nigga officer rick ross a fraud, every nigga who work with him a fraud, wayne, drake, khalid cuz they working with a known ex co so that let you know how hood them niggaz really is, and what kind of fraud nigga keeps a name that the person he named himself after says don’t use it.