Freddie Gibbs Signs With Decon, Set to Drop Mixtape on

XXL Freshman Freddie Gibbs has partnered with Decon Records to release his first official release the Str8 Killa EP. Before that hits stores on August 3, the Gary, Indiana MC will drop his highly anticipated mixtape, Str8 Killa No Filla, for free download on on Thursday, July 29.

The tape, which Gibbs has been working on since landing on the cover of XXL‘s 10 Freshmen for ’10 issue, will serve as a appetizer for the EP. Both releases will include some of the same material, but the official release will also feature two new tracks.

Str8 Killa No Filla follows Freddie’s critically-acclaimed mixtapes, The Miseducation of Freddie Gibbs and midwestgangstaboxframecadillacmuzik.

Stay tuned to for more information on both projects. —Elan Mancini

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  • Q461

    the boy Freddie Gibbs kicks that real to watch for this year…real talk

  • Capostatus

    Ain’t this nigga from the South. Necessary rhymes have no place in hip hop. Southern rappers are taking us back to the 40′s. When N.Y.C had the rap game on lock, black people were actually progressing to grand heights. This is evident in successful N.Y.C artists like Jay-Z, Diddy and 50 cent. Southern artists can’t handle money and don’t know how to make business moves. I mean look at that little weezy nigga and baby. They act like straight monkeys with that money. T.I the snitch got no swag and Jeezy runs around actin like a monkey in a camaro. Jay-Z and Diddy invest in businesses instead and buy yatchs. Southern niggaz are a long way behind before they evolve into what New yorkers are.

    • Busta Rhymes’ coke connect

      You gotta be a no life ass nigga to post shit like that all the time lol. And watch some slow person fall for it. And plus Gibbs is from the Midwest dimwit.

    • Gotta wonder

      Hmmmmmm….@Capoballjuggler….Ya Mama from da SOuth, Didn’t she pick Cotton and Shine the Masta’s Doorknob with her Monkey Dicky ass Lips, LOL! guess you got your Dick sucking Skillz from her huh? Because you constantly got Jay-Z, Diddy, and 50cent Dick and Ballz in ya Muahphukkin Mouth! LOL! CapoStatus Shiiiiiiiiiit….more Like HOEASS STATUS

    • Anonymous

      mann yuz a fuckin bitch.. wha tha fuck yu saying.. betta nat say yur real name cuz iz niccaz round mi hood kn yuz dead mo fo…

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  • caino

    l might check out that mixtape, l must admit l havent heard a lot of Gibbs shit, but l did enjoy the one in the bangers section posted a few days ago.

  • Anonymous

    HE FROM GARY INDIANA BEEN DOWN SINCE DAY 1, no tamin ent. youtube that shit INDIANA STAND UP!

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  • CP

    Capostatus, you are a clown… One of these east coast pompous asses with an inferiority complex. Can you say J. Prince, Master P, etc.? There are plenty of illiterate dumb asses in NY that don’t get it either. And yes, while there is a lot of setting-folks-back-several-generations acts out there, they don’t represent the region. Using your logic, Flava Flav is what all NY/East Coast cats are made of…