Fashawn’s “Ode to Illmatic” Pushed Back, Artwork & Track List Revealed

Fans will have to wait a couple more days for Fashawn’s Ode to Illmatic mixtape. The project, initially set to come out today (June 9) for free download, will now be released this Friday on XXLMag.com.

As previously reported, the tape finds the 2010 Freshman remaking Nas’s classic debut album, Illmatic, spitting over the entire LP’s instrumentals.

In the meantime fans can get an early peek at the disc’s artwork and track list. [See below]. The cover features Fash’s name written in the same font found on Illmatic, followed by the Fresno, CA MC’s favorite line from the disc, “That buck that bought a bottle, could’ve struck the Lotto.” Continuing to pay tribute to the Queensbridge rapper’s seminal LP, the song list on the back cover is arranged in the exact same way as the original.

Fashawn’s Ode to Illmatic mixtape, hosted by DJ Green Lantern, is being presented by Orisue clothing and XXL Magazine. —Elan Mancini

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  • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

    I’ve been waiting on this…mixtape of the summer

    • alicia

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  • gaddic

    do God’s son proud Fasshawn!

  • jlabella11

    I better not see anyone criticizing Fashawn for doing this, theres nothing more annoying when someone says something like “this kid should be ashamed for ruining a classic”.

    • The Great Spade

      Well I hate to tell you he should be ashamed….Probably woulda been better if he got some albums under his belt before he decided to remake a classic album….But he didn’t so let hope that he does this some kind of justice…

  • Anonymous

    the funny thing is Fashawn does have a classic album in my eyes so why not remake another classic?

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  • sealsaa

    *Mark’s calendar*

  • http://www.emcdl.com EmCDL

    Definitely coppin, his debut album is still getting runs on my Zune player.

  • AZ40

    I once again state that an ode is not necessarily tryin’ to out-do the original. Why can’t he give props to an album that clearly influenced him? If people have a problem takin illmatic and putting it in his perspective they’re just crazy…He’s rapping over illmatic beats, than that must mean people also have problem with anyone who has ever rapped over another rapper’s beat that is cosidered classic

  • F1R$T

    Grizzly City
    No Town
    N1ckel N1ckel N1ne
    Do ya thang Fa$h, I got next!!!

  • swobo

    First of all, Fashawn is NOT new to the game. His flow and ability to tell a story have been compared to NaS. He is not trying to BE like him. Listen to his work on a whole. He’s not bitin’ lines or style. Seriously check him out. Remember that true Hip Hop has many faces and comes in all different forms and styles. Is he the best….naw! But neither is NaS. They are both GREAT in their own way. Haters have nothing to do with the culture….because they lost sight of what its all about. PEACE & LOVE. I posted this on the mobile site>>>>someone was hatin’ BIG! Ha!

  • Jhon da Analyst

    @swobo……..Nas not one of the best? GTFOH!!! How old are you, 12?

    • swobo

      Maybe you should read my post again…..”Is he the best….naw! But neither is NaS”….meaning NaS may be ONE of the top rappers but not the best. One of the best yes….but NOT THE BEST..get it? I’ve been listening to rap since 85′. How about you? The thing about these posts is people don’t want anyone else to have an opinion. You just assume don’t know what i’m talking about because you couldn’t comprehend my post. It’s okay…there’s room for everyone. And for your info..I think NaS is DOPE! But so is Fashawn.<<period!



  • Crackee

    i dont think the dude tryin to outdo illmatic. i see this as payin respect to the homie NaS. im mos def DLing this, Boy Meets World was nice. dude can spit.plus NaS my fave rapper, id like to see what he thinks about this when it drops.i take it its not gonna be released in stores?id buy this shit for the artwork and disc.

  • Anonymous

    Fashawns album was nothing less than ill so its only fittin to pay homage to illmatic which is arguably the greatest album of all time…

  • http://www.justice.gov.za Chiliz

    I feel a tear drop down my cheeck….whoa!
    Here’s wishing Fashawn make Esco proud he needs that after all the drama with his baby-mama.

    I still hit Kelis though…she looks bangable in that accapella music video.

    “That buck that bought a bottle could ‘ve struck a lotto”…….classic line

  • Amplified Sample

    If the entire mixtape is anything like the Memory Lane song he did than it’s kind of plagiarism. He takes the entire flow of that song, switching several words around but keeping the same word patterns that NaS made for song.

    I’d rather Fashawn make another album using his own flow and pattern.

  • that nigga

    This is gonna be something special. Cant wait. I respect this move big time. I would love to see more (non rappers) M.C’s trying something new. This is not biting, y’all, this is called payin homeage.

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  • Anonymous

    its friday. wheres the mixtape??!!

  • http://theehemptress.tumblr.com sara

    FASHAWN – your thee shit.