Eminem Shocks Fans With Pair of NYC Appearances

As first reported on Friday, Jay-Z’s plans to perform on top of the marquee of the Ed Sullivan Theater for his performance on Late Show With David Letterman were nixed by the city of New York. But what first seemed like a cancelled performance evolved to one on the building’s rooftop—alongside Eminem.

On Sunday, the day before the performance, Em posted on his twitter that the first 50 fans who emailed—and were at least 25 years old, with valid ID—would win passes to the event. Hov’s Facebook page posted a similar message.

“I got the first email, but I didn’t get the second one,” said one fan while waiting in line, nervously.

“I sat down at my computer and it was posted 23 seconds earlier, so I emailed right away,” boasted another excited fan.

Em, whose latest album, Recovery, dropped yesterday, was also in town for the first leg of Red Bull EmSee: The Road to 8 Mile. Held at the Bowery Ballroom, those who attended the competition also got the chance to see Slim spit a recent freestyle and some tracks from his new album.

Yesterday’s rooftop performance will appear Late Show this Friday. —Adam Fleischer

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  • P

    alicia, do you want to experience me, bustin’ a nut all over your grill, while shovin’ a pine cone up your pussy Philadelphia style?

  • Sha

    Heard the new album…. Good… But not great. Something’s missing. I had originally placed Eminem in the top 5 Emcees to do it. But with these last two releases…. I don’t know. Undecided. These little “concerts” seem more like a victory lap and stage-setting for retirement. Seems to me he is falling into the “5 AND DIE” category.

    What is the “5 and Die” category?

    It is the way labels view the typical hip-hop artist. Most good emcees have a shelf life of about 5 albums and then they’re done(And I stress “Good” emcees. Not average or below average).

    Most labels view emcees as unmarketable past 5 albums(according to some dumb-assed industry heads). The truly “God” emcees will have significant shelf life past 5 albums because their skills have changed and kept up with the time. Also the “God” emcee has truly mastered the corporate game and refuses to get played. But few emcees are as smart as this.

    Dr. Dre and Interscope has mastered the “5 and Die” equation for their companies. Look at 50. Look at anyone that was over there. If you want to survive past this equation you have to recognize it early. I think Eminem waited too long. Maybe he’ll have an album where he’ll switch up the game. But it’s looking more and more like retirement for him.

    Jay-Z survived it. Dr. Dre survived it (although he doesn’t really drop albums frequently enough to have this equation apply). Kanye will probably survive it. Nas survived it.Snoop survived it because he bounced. But he really isn’t generating “Big” album sales. There are a few others. Everyone else? Insignificant.

    I think Eminem made an impact. But how he is judged by history is another story. It might be too late in the game for him to salvage anything. Sure, this album will sell. But Marshal Mathers numbers? Forget it! These pop-up concerts seem more and more like retirement concerts. Real talk.

    • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

      “Most good emcees have a shelf life of about 5 albums YEARS and then they’re done(And I stress “Good” emcees. Not average or below average).”

      ^ I got you fam.

    • swype-matic

      I can kinda see where you’re comin’ from, but there are actually quite a few artists who have survived with that theory. And like one of the other commenters on here, rappers can be compared to athletes, especially football players. You pretty much have this window where all have to do all you can to stay relevant, then you wear down, and try to do want you can just to survive.

      • swype-matic

        *where YOU have to do all you can to stay relevant, then you wear down, and try to do want you can just to survive.*

  • tommy gunz

    lol @ wall o’ text typers

  • brand-new

    @sha, thats a good theory, i never really thought about it, but you’re on point with that.

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    sha is dropping knowledge. That theory is a record label’s ideal situation to not let the artist prosper. If you think about it. basketball and football have similar models and are creating newer models to keep atheletes underpaid and overplayed. Trust, the industry would love these one hit wonders.

    With that said, i really do think that Em is gonna retire. He just doesn’t have the passion. He’s not in it for the money. d12 will never be able to carry on his legacy. And he can’t spit about the same things he did 8 years ago.

    Luckily, his fans are ultimate zoombies and will follow him like Tyler Perry’s groupies.

    Nevertheless, how bout the Em and Jay hook up. I told you stans his adimiration for jay proves jay deseveres that #1 postition. Sha’s argument also elludes to his great accomplishments.

  • Anonymous

    No he is not.He dont know what the fuck he is talkin about, it almost made sense other than the fact once you use your damn headNas aint survived shit he had how many hot albums?How long ago was the last one?Wanna know why this dont make sense.By your theory 5 albums anfd your done.Well this is Eminems 7th album and every one has went platinum.

    Thats not countin the two D12 cds and the compilation he dropped.He already talked about givin up once Proof died, then he sobered up and feels renewed, dont look forward to him retiring any time soon.Oh and by the way do your home work he is already slaving away on a D12 mixtape where Im assuming he will do his battle with Cannibus who just recently started runnin his mouth again and also against Haystak who talked mad shit about him and had the balls to put Proofs name in it.

    Then they will be droppin a full fledged D12 CD after that. He is talkin about re building Shady record’s roster, so sorry but I dont see him goin any where any time soon.Good theory though but way the fuck off and uneducated in the fact of you havent been keepin up with him as of late obviously.

  • brand-new

    yeah you’re right too. i think the only reason eminem came back to hip-hop is to prove to himself and his fans that he still had it, and also has an outlet while he kicked his addiction. i think eminem might give us one last album before he hangs up the mic for good.

  • http://myspace.com/kidpistol Kid Pistol

    Those are some wack ass theories.

  • http://freeps3cards.com/ alex

    Dr. dre has been saving this man career with his production and anyone that doesnt agree is a fool. You see dr. dre produces beats to whatever vibe your giving out eminem was depressed during relapse so dr dre made really depressed dark beats. He jumps ship to try to get a fresh sound from other producers but just because it sounds different if his state of mind is still depressed the song still sounds dark if that makes sense. If im depressed I couldnt make a happy song even if I spit over a up tempo beat. He needs to get his mind right then the music will sound right. One shit is to make emo songs about ur daughter ex wife ect but another is to make emo horror songs like relapse.

  • Anonymous

    Huh?Ok that didnt make any sense.In case you havent noticed lyrically he is at the top of his game.

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  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

    Keeping it 100…

    1. Unless Em changes the hue of his epidermis, he will NEVER get the proper dap. But worst case scenario, if he & Rae passed today, we would be BEGGING for Rae to get his propers.

    2. That is true above about Dre, but what do you think ‘Recovery’ is about? I would think Marshall Mathers can read. He is proving you wrong.

    3. Just because he’s at the top of his game doesn’t mean he doesn’t wanna give it up. What more can he do, seriously? Let’s not forget he gave Curtis a chance. And most of the time when Curtis got paid he did too.

    And the game is polar cold, trust me when I say most of y’all wouldn’t last to be lukewarm, or least common denominator, hot. Most of these cats love the $, but HATE the game, and are looking at the front door continuously.

    4. Son been realer than most your faves, how you gonna deny that? Y’all mad because he speaks about what really happened to him, but y’all love Rozay for his delusions of grandeur? Think about that one closely before you wanna respond.

    5. A champion will want to leave at the top of their game. Jordan tried (BTW, thank RON ARTEST for that injury), Jigga is still flowing, but all cannot achieve longevity or even stay top notch competition.

  • Anonymous

    @ SHA to be real with you I think a lot of the album was over your head. I’ve read some of your comments around here and they are usually way off point. I honestly believe this album was over your head, shit was on point and dope as hell, a great recovery from relapse and encore.

    At first I felt the same as you did, but after a few listens I started to pick up on the hidden metas and shots. Dawg Seduction alone was worth my 10 bucks. fucking ILL concept and execution.

    For all fans that love MUSIC follow the game you will love this. To those who arent ontop of their shit, you probalyl won’t feel this. Ems on his way to reclaiming his genius status as we say during infinite and MMLP.

    if your looking for old horrocore EM or some gangsta shit stay away from it. This is EM becoming real, and maturing. im diggin it.

  • Classic87

    Yep, cant wait till he gets to Detroit for the last & finale show down to pick the EmSee winner.