Eminem & Jay-Z Add Dates to Joint Concert

Two of the biggest recording artists—let alone rappers—in the entire world were planning two joint concerts. There was only one logical outcome: tickets would sell out as quickly as they were released. Such was the case for Eminem and Jay-Z’s planned performances in Detroit and New York in September. Now, according to Billboard, they’re adding one date to each venue, boosting the total to four shows in all.

With pre-sale tickets selling quickly earlier this week for the concerts in the D and BX, scheduled for September 2 and 13, respectively, it was clear that the people wanted more. So that’s what they’ll get. The added shows will be September 3 at Comerica Park in Detroit and September 14 at Yankee Stadium in New York.

Em and Jay taped for Late Show With David Letterman earlier this week. The show, including a chat with Letterman, Slim and Hov’s rooftop performance, and a Top 10 read by Eminem will air tonight.

Tickets go on sale to the general public today at 10 a.m. at livenation.com. —Adam Fleischer

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  • adrian smith erdington birmingham

    jay z eminem good look eminem recovery album got it luv sick em at his best sell 800.000 copies in first week n usa or nearly iif im right xxlmag will giv me a job

    • miss68e3

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  • Sha

    This is a good look for hip-hop. At least Eminem is paying homage to his elders. Real talk.


    NICE, Im goin to dvr that shit.Too bad they aint doin a national tour.Im not a huge fan of Jay-Z but I would go to that show.

  • Rap24

    It must be fuckin awsome to see those 2 in the same concert! I live in Norway so i cant go:/ Bought Recovery yesterday,great album.

  • venemez

    Em Jay,

    I doubt you will read this but WTF? you guys have fans in LA too. Fuck do a fucken show out here.

  • Lloyd Sprayweather

    em hanging out with jay, fuckin with weezy and kanye, all the people 50 done beefed with.

    you know 50 sulking somewhere

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    Em knows who is the greatest and Jay can inspire him to get out of this funk, much like jay did for nas career befor ETHER was dropped.

    People are spoiled by great MCs talents that they over look how difficult it is to hold someone attention let along make ground breaking hits. Fans take that for granted. As a writer and performer, I can tell you its draining and a lot of pressure.

    50′s career is over. I’m doing a study on hip hop in which i’m working on a book AND 50 is behind most of the problems with hip hop today. Things changed for worse once he got on.

    • Anonymous

      Naw I think it is the other way around Jay knows who the greatest is and thats why he is on the hype train.Quit bein salty cause you aint made it, did 50 dis you or somethin?

      • Eric

        Mr. Anonymous (aka Eminem stan):

        Jay-Z isn’t the one promoting an album right now. He doesn’t have to tour or do any concerts right now. He’s doing this as a favor to a fellow great MC, Eminem.

  • Capostatus

    One white boy and one old head.

  • Anonymous

    I got news for ya Em aint in no funk, but go on keep on drinkin that hateraide.

  • sway-z

    You niggas kill me, these are the two biggest rap artists in the world, they don’t NEED each other for shit, let alone a concert.

    If you haven’t noticed, nowadays, Jay don’t really fuck with anybody unless they got their own clout or they’re his artists. And Eminem is just now starting to reach out to other artists who aren’t on Shady or Aftermath, it’s natural they would want to do this at some point, they have huge respect for one another, nothing more nothing less

  • Eric

    Mr. Anonymous:

    Jay-Z does not have an album to promote. He doesn’t have to tour or do any concerts right now. He’s doing this as a favor to a fellow great MC, Eminem

  • Anonymous

    Whatever its a matter of opinion pull your panties out your asses.I think Em is better than Jay (you Jay Stans).To me Jay is over rated, a great mc yes….the best hell no.Quit callin some one a stan just because he has an opinion, you wont see me dying my hair blonde and trying to emulate him.He is my favorite rapper but it stops there.

  • Anonymous

    Oh and 50 is not the problem with hip hop loser, fans like you with your conspiracy theories are the problem.


    I caught it last night,it hard as hell, Ems top ten was funny shit, he looked like he wanted to punch Dave Letterman (Dave kept sayin he was scared of Em and that Em looks like someone who would wanna punch him in the face, it was funny as hell). Em performed Not Afraid, Jay did a song not sure what it was but it was decent somethin about bring me money back, and then they did Renegade together.

  • nicholasdelorejo

    Man it irritates me how people love to shit on Jay as if he’s a shit rapper. The term overrated is used too much. Over exposed, maybe but only a fool can say he’s shit even compared to Em. People overlook Jay’s ability to flow effortlessly over tracks, and use great wordplay containing double meaning. That’s my problem with Em’s fans. To them Em is only the best while everyone else is shit.

    But anyway cosign to Sway-z. To me it’s pointless to even bitch about whose the best rapper or artists in an age where record sales are so low gold is the new triple platinum. No matter how good Recovery is it will sell roughly 1 million simply because people don’t buy music. So if your an Em or Jay fan then by all means bitch about whose better than who. But if your a fan of hip-hop be happy that rap has some artists that can push albums that can go gold in a week. Because in a few years artists will have to stay in the Billboard charts longer than the Black Eyed Peas in order to go Gold.

  • Anonymous

    No matter how good Recovery is it will sell roughly 1 million simply because people don’t buy music. Get a fuckin Life..Dont say it aint music just because it sells good,though garbage sells well, good shit does too.

    • nicholasdelorejo

      It’s obvious you misunderstood my comment. My point is that why complain about who is greater than who when both Em and Jay are on a sinking ship. THE MUSIC INDUSTRY IS DYING. About three weeks ago the entire record industry (that covers rock, rap, country, jazz, pop, ect) sold 4.5 million years which was the lowest amount of records in nearly 20 years. I’m just saying that record sales have been in a steady decline and it really has nothing to do with the recession, illegal downloading, or the quality of music released today. It’s simply because people don’t care to buy music. Even if Recovery is the highest selling album of the year it will probably do Black Eyed Peas numbers (3 million) which isn’t that impressive for the amount of time it will have to sell.

  • Junior

    Am fucking happy that the white foulk are recorgnizing the blacks people as king of entertainment. That is what slim shaddy is doing.

  • Anonymous

    king over rated, shakin hands with the best in the game.

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  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    its tuseday at 103 and em’s numbers haven’t been released. In addition, Nicholas was right on point. the music buinsess is suffering. Trust the net is gonna get a governmental make over ASAP. from facebook to twiter to music downloads. its cases be brought in court that have no laws to support them. Music is actually at an all time high in all genres BUT the sales are down.

    As for hip hop, 50 really did play a major part in it.

    As for jayz, he’s far from overrated. if you follow, he was never appreciated. You can’t jump on the bandwagon and start hating well you can but that makes you an ulitmate hater. please read up or study before u pick a favorite or hate on someone.

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