Nicki Minaj, Young Money Clean Up at BET Awards

Last night (June 27) the 10th annual BET Awards, held in Los Angeles, served as a reminder of the kind of year Nicki Minaj, Drake and Young Money have had. With host Queen Latifah hosting the show throughout the night, the crew collectively picked up four awards.

The show opened with Kanye atop a mountain and backed by a large screen, letting loose his latest hit, “Power.” In what was West’s first major TV appearance since his notorious mic-grab from Taylor Swift last year, those in attendance gave Grammy-winner a solid ovation following his performance.

Another of the night’s standout moments came during Chris Brown’s stirring tribute to Michael Jackson. Brown, who was left out of the the tribute at last year’s awards, channeled his inner MJ as he danced to a medley of the King of Pop’s songs. When it came time to grab the mic and sing “Man in the Mirror,” Brown broke down into tears while still doing his best to get the lyrics out.

The big winners of the night were undoubtedly Young Money. Showing love to their currently incarcerated mentor Lil Wayne after each win, YM took home best group, Nicki Minaj won Best New Artist and Best Female Hip-Hop Artist, and Drizzy took home Best Male Hip-Hop Artist, topping Jay-Z and others. Hov did take home the award for Best Collaboration for “Empire State of Mind,” alongside Best Female R&B Artist winner Alicia Keys. The Viewers’ Choice Award went to Rihanna and Young Jeezy’s “Hard.” Jeezy took the stage to do “Lose My Mind,” which Drake added a verse to for the remix.

An encore presentation of the show will air Tuesday, June 29 at 7 p.m. —Adam Fleischer

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  • Anonymous


  • Aiyowei

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  • sam

    who decides the winner, nicky minaj is god awful.

    i like to give new comers a chance but she is no where near

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  • Anonymous

    Nikki Minaj + Lip Syncing every song = Epic Fail

  • Face Phoenix

    How do U get a Best New Artist Award and you haven’t even released an album? Leave it to “MTV for Blacks” to put up this nomination. I’m sorry but ever since Viacom took control of BET the network seems to be turning into a MTV for Young Black America while VH1 has become some hybrid of the two networks meant for the Twentysomethings and thirtysomethings. Maybe it’s just me but BET should be broader than what it has become. There are a lot of great artists to endorse and promote besides the same ones they continue to push. I used to watch BET because they had their ear to the street for all kinds of music – Gospel, Rap, Reggae & R&B. I mean they had Caribbean Rhythms, Video Soul, Rap City – They had you covered but now all they have is 106 & Park which is one of the sorriest excuses for television since it’s inspiration MTV’s TRL. It’s really sad that this network has been reduced to being a joke in the passing years. I really think they need a major overhaul of their current programming.

    • swype-matic

      You ain’t lyin’. After awhile, I only watched BET for rap city, when they actually played mainstream AND underground/lesser known stuff w/ Big Tigger. Once they cut that to 1hr, they killed off most of the good stuff. Even thought they would still play some of the stuff I liked (Jeezy, Jay-Z,etc), they killed those songs off by playin’ them too much, on top of the constant Wayne barrage that started to come. It’s pretty said that the only videos you can see on BET are the 106 top ten. Thank god for youtube and old vhs tapes.

  • liuxin090

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  • E Dollaz

    What Did You Expect They Videos are always on BET Stupid I could have told yall who was going to win before it started

  • $yk

    I actually watched that show, and BET for the 1st time in a hot minute. I was not impressed at all.

    Cats don’t even use TV tracks to perform anymore, they straight rhyme over the songs, the editing was horrible (did they edit out Puff’s Christopher shoutout?), and there’s no way in this universe you can try to tell me out of all of the music that came out last year, YM only caught fire and deserved trophies.

    So in summary, my self imposed boycott of BET “programming” is warranted.

  • ms_spittuh

    The thing that pissed me off is that she said she is doing this for “women”. Nicki…what grown woman listens to you? Your only following are little black girls who have 3 kids by the age of 16. Doing this for women? Man I wish I never deleted those messages i got 2 years ago from her. She is a trouble maker. This bitch browses female emcees to see her competition. Trust me dude things go in cycles son. How can you be an emcee and you onstage lippin’ your words? Lil Kim should actually feel proud. Think about it y’all. Lil Kim hasn’t dropped one single in 2 and a half years. And to this day, she is STILL GETTING NOMINATED??? Until Nicki can take a 2 to 3 year break and get nominated she don’t need to sit on that high horse. I don’t know any chicks in the rap game who has taken such a break and can appear out the blue and people get excited. Shit I saw nothing positive on Twitter about her lol. And the poor white folks out there…mad because she won and Bieber didn’t lol! I will say this I’m not a fan of his either but at least that young man can sing for his audience. My nieces love him but I don’t understand why black girls want to be like Nicki. And exactly what did YM clean up? The garbage that was left after the show? What happened? Oh well fuck it I’m a pull a Beyonce when I get out there. If its nigga awards don’t go cuz you know this shit is rigged anyway… fuck it..back to song writing :D

    • Jack Tripper

      Lil Kim is thawt you?

    • Treasy

      Bxtch you just mad. Which bxtch you know made a MILLION off a mixtape. Just because yo sick ass dnt listen to her music. I know plenty grown women who listen to NICKI MINAJ! So get that shit outta here. Kim is bad, no lie. She HAD some hot shxt. Nicki Minaj made BIG BREAD off a MIXTAPE. That shxt was like an album. I can’t stand bxtches who tlk shxt over the net. You a closet fan I bet.

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  • hotelfrost

    Hip-hop has seriously turned into T.V wrestling. It’s all scripted. A corporate hustle. The fans are like T.V wrestling fans, go with any story line they get.

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  • liljosh

    you are hot