David Banner Co-Signs New Def Jam Signee Big K.R.I.T.

While the South has been the dominate region in hip-hop for the last several years, one state below the Mason-Dixon Line that hasn’t had much representation is Mississippi. But with up-and-coming Meridian, MS rapper/producer Big K.R.I.T. recently signing to Def Jam Recordings, this might be on the upswing for the overlooked state.

XXLMag.com recently spoke with the Magnolia state’s only established rap star David Banner, to find out his thoughts on the aspiring artist. “I’m very proud of K.R.I.T., dude,” Banner said, before news broke of the young talent’s Def Jam deal. “I’m very, very, very proud of him. He’s been doing his thing for a lot longer than people will ever realize and it’s just good that there’s somebody else to help bring the torch on.”

Banner, known for love and devotions towards his hometown (he has Mississippi prominently tattooed across his back), feels as if K.R.I.T. is area’s perfect mouthpiece. “With me moving more towards the movie medium there has to be somebody to step up and continue the fight of keeping places that don’t normally get the attention, to keep it going,” he said. “Dude can really, really rap and he can really, really produce, so he’s a really good representation of Mississippi.”

As previously reported, K.R.I.T.—who has worked with such artists as Devin the Dude, Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa—has been grinding on the underground circuit for a several years now, releasing a handful of mixtapes. Earlier this month he dropped his latest tape, K.R.I.T. Wuz Here, to rave reviews, showcasing both his lyrical talent and knack for soulful production.

K.R.I.T. Wuz Here is currently available online for free donwload. —Jesse Gissen

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  • AZ40

    Krit is okay I’ve heard him wit Wiz and Curren$y and his mixtape Krit wuz here

    • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

      That sh^t y’all are feeding into below bores me.

      And thanks David Banner, but the music speaks for itself, K.R.I.T is about to make some noise.

  • Capostatus

    Why is this southern coutry ass nigga cosigning anybody. Only N.Y niggaz cosign u smell me. Jay-Z cosigned ross and jeezy and look at them now. Most successful southern artists are made popular by New York.

    • http://xxlmag.com Mr. Mississippi

      You a lame!!

  • Will


    Thats why Jae Millz, Frenchie, Meek Millz, Torch, and Wooh tha Kid are all signed to southern labels right?

    Niggas like you are the reason that NY fell off, yall think yall so damn cool and no one else is feelin that shit. Southern rap got no love from NY back in the days, niggas had to grind 10x harder than NY niggas to get shine, so don’t come with that bullshit…

    • Capostatus

      Nigga u better watch that mouth b4 i bust a cap in ur country ass. N.Y artists have always been better and will always be better than southern artists. U niggaz are just a fad. The facts are no southern country rapper has ever had a classic album. Maybe Scarface but thats about it. Its cause u niggaz can’t rhyme and do shit for the club to sell but it don’t equate quality.

      U niggaz have no Jay-Z’s, Nas’s, Biggie’s, etc. Nigga we all the heavy hitters from N.Y and we are the best cause we started this shit. I mean Gucci Mane is a nursery rapper and his the best thing u have going right now. Get the fuck outta here with ur bullshit.

      • MAKAVELI

        Capostatus is another hater, karate instructer, ditch digger so call representing the north. lol. It is sad people like you destroyed the birthplace of hip hop. Oh yeah just for the record outkast, scarface, 8ball and mjg, getto boys etc.. have been putting classic albums out since the days of biggie and tupac so check your info pink. lol. We can’t help New York ain’t got no more hits like the south has done and still is doing. U can thank yourself and 50 for that playa. lol.

      • SO 252(NC)

        Lil bitch nigga calm down wit that classic album shit!! T.I.’s trap muzik is a classic album, UGK riding dirty is a classic album, Lil Wayne’s the carter II is a classic album!! Dont get us niggas down here fucked up about that bullshit. You can sit in the city and talk hard but the fact remains that NY aint been shit in a extra long time!! All yall got is Fab and Santana; who else spittin? Why you think Raekwon moved to the south? Why you think all your so Nas was stayin in Atlanta for like four years!! This is a new era the south done had shit on look since about 2000-2002 if we’re a fad then when will yall take the crown back!! Remember New York niggas was taking southern slang but callin southern rappers lame!! Stop stealing swag from the south cause down here we aint thugged out, we gooned up and wont stop runnin ya club scene until you respect this hustle cause you cant fuck wit the grind!!!!! Dats comin straight outta NORTH CAROLINA 252 NIGGA…….


      Yo, Will you better be quiet or Capostatus gone fill u with internet slugs? Mainnn that nigga is lame! How he gone treaten niggaz on the internt! Fucc Empire niggz and they JODECIE BOOTS!!!! Little Rocc, AR…FUCC BOY

  • Dub

    “Bust a cap in your ass”

    NY got strict gun control, we don’t believe you internet gangster. I fuck wit NY music, and they had the game on lock back in the days…And to say the south hasn’t had a classic album is retarded. Funny how you talkin all that NY tough talk when yo ass probably from Utica or somethin

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  • M. Baby

    @Capostatus Whoa, southern artists have to be co-signed by NY artists. What about T.I., Outkast, Ross, Jeezy, UGK, The old Cash Money, No Limit, 8-Ball & MJG, Three 6. Come on man, they all have been doing their thing way before NY artist starting coming south. You wanna talk about NY artist co-signing southern artist. What’s good with the artist that are co-signed by their own NY people. Where’s all of the artist Hov co-signed? Where’s Cam’Ron, Sigel, Bleek, shoot the whole Roc? Where’s 50 Cent? NY artist knew the south started taking over and came down here to capture this audience and try to continue their shine i.e. Fat Joe, Fabolous, Juelz, & now Lloyd Banks. Come on dog, they all came south on their own. I swear this dude likes to hate just for the fun of it. He’s like 50 Cent, starting fake beef with everyone so he can get a buzz lol. I’ma stop replying to his immature comments. It’s clear he doesn’t love music as a whole….and that’s the exact reason why NY fell off. They thought they were too good to even collab with their own artist. 50 ruined NY Hip-Hop with that, the south came in and took over. Almost everybody in the south is cool with each other. No time for hate, get money. That’s why a lot of NY artist came south.


    i went & dl that K.R.I.T. Wuz Here after the other day’s post & i like his shit. his shit is refreshing! Country Shit, Just Touched Down, & See Me On Top (my new ANTHEM!!!) are right up my alley. he seems to be picking up where UGK, Ball & MJG, & even Outkast left off. & he holding that torch like a mutha fucka!

    SEE ME ON TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cliff

    dumb muthafuckas still arguing about region…who gives a fuck?! You either dope or you ain’t dope! K.R.I.T. is a fuckin’ beast on the mic and on production!!

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  • http://reverbnation.com/tasmoney Tasmoney

    For dude to say that the south has never produced a classic album is downright LUDACRIS!!(pun intended).He must have just crawled out from under a rock cuz the south been doing this for years now.YEARS.And its time that they got they exposure to.Im from the south(arkansas to be exact.),and for a state with no hip hop representative,i understand where banner is coming from.shit,somebody gotta rep.and if its K.R.I.T.,then let him do what he do.how you gonna turn hating one person into hating an entire region? New york had they run. and we all know hip hop goes in circles. First new york(in the 80s,when it first started),then out to Cali when N.W.A. dropped.and that stayed around for like 5 years.then came back to new york with the emergence of redman,B.I.G.,Wu-tang etc…,which lasted till about the deaths of both biggie and tupac.now we at like 96.new york still poppin cuz i remember the fugees and mobb deep still poppin.but somewhere below the mason dixon,something was happenin,something big. then next thing you know,BAM! No limit hits the scene. now i aint saying that evrything they put out was classics but there were some there. TRU’s second album,Ghetto D,and many more.then cash money came next.then ruff ryders dropped,so the focus went back to new york. make a long story short,do your history.new york has ALWAYS had a place or something to with hip hop in a sense of relevance.and its not just music either,hip hop changed the way world dresses and where do you think the majority of everything popular in hip hop culture/fashion came from? new york.timb boots,baggy pants,…..it goes on forever. but now the south is on top. and the same way that new york rap influenced the rest of the world.its all a cycle homie. who knows,maybe the next big movement might be out of vermont or something.lol.

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    • Jay Escobar

      Andre 3000 can go toe to toe with any of them NY niggas… i like both south and NY music but to sit there and act like Southern artists aint got classic shit is beyond fuckery… u need to think outside the box… Hip hop/rap aint all about lyricism… Pac wasn’t clever with lyricism like Biggie but niggas felt his shit cuz it was real and from the heart

      P.S. i’m from the mid-west

  • Damn Shame


    If you’re just fuckin around, disregard the post cause you probably know better, but if you are…

    The fact that you defend NY rap even though you’ve had no part in it as far as the creation aspect of it is retarded… NY artist back in the days used to tour in the South heavily with their shit. Hell when Outkast performed at the Source Awards in 95 you can see Biggie boppin harder than anyone in that bitch. You fightin this battle alone, no one gives a damn that the proximity of where you were born raps better than the next one other than dumbasses like yourself…

  • http://XXLmag.com Leroy Love

    After listenin to Krit Wuz Here, it got me thinkin that bruh could be on point with Dr.Dre and Kanye. I can’t think of too many rappers that can rock the mic and produce they own music at a real high level. I think bruh draws a lot from OutKast, UGK, Goodie Mob, T.I., Tupac and Scarface and molded them into his own unique style. Also,I don’t see how you can give a CD away for free that has no FF songs. I hit up that Wheaties song daily.

  • Dremayer

    The only ever album of the year grammy won by a hip hop group was Outkast…..nuff said NY being slipping for the longest time….that’s coming from someone overseas not state side