XXcLusive: The Real Rick Ross Talks Lawsuit With Miami Rapper

Now that the real “Freeway” Rick Ross, is out of jail he’s ready to reclaim the rights to his name. The infamous L.A.-based drug trafficker is planning a lawsuit against Miami rapper Rick Ross (real name William L. Roberts II), for profiting off the unlawful use of his name, along with Def Jam, Universal, and others. XXLmag.com spoke to both Ross and his lawyers today (May 25) to find out more about their case.

Rumors hit the internet this morning, claiming that both parties are set to go to court this summer. Ross’ attorney clarified with XXL that a date hasn’t been scheduled yet because the suit hasn’t been formally filed. However, a cease and desist letter (a formality generally preceding lawsuits) on behalf of Ross has been sent to Def Jam and they’re currently waiting for a response, if any.

From the sound of it, things could get pretty serious. When asked if they were planning on pushing for injunctions on Ross’ music or anything of that sort, his lawyer responded “If it has to go to court, all of that is not only in the plan but already prepared.”

The former drug king spent almost 15 years in prison for trying to purchase more than 100 kilos of cocaine from a federal agent. While locked up the Southern MC has dominated the use of his reputable name, forcing Ross (and others) to refer to himself as “the Real Rick Ross” to differentiate between the two.

“I just want my name back,” Rick told XXL. “I don’t want to have to be ‘the real Rick Ross.’ When I go places I have to explain to people that I am the real one because Def Jam has put him on TV and now people recognize him. It causes a conflict.”

Although he hasn’t made up his mind about whether he wants complete rights over the use of the name or just damages, he maintains that the suit is not personal. “It ain’t even really against William Roberts you know what I’m saying?” Ross added. “It’s really against Def Jam because they making all this money off of my name and you know those guys didn’t even reach out and said hello to me since I been home.”

This isn’t the first time Ross has spoken out. Previous attempts at protesting the exploitation and misuse of his name have failed. Ross claims that letters sent to Def Jam from his lawyers in 2006 while he was still in jail were ignored. So far there hasn’t been anyone from the Def Jam camp to reach out to Ross since his release.

His legal team simply states that they are seeking “respect, redemption and restitution” and as of now, the ball is in Def Jam’s court.

For updates on Ross’ further actions visit freewayenterprise.com.  —Brooklyne Gipson with reporting by Rondell Conway

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  • jtm

    maybe officer ricky is gonna take him to jail.

    • Stuckfresh

      Why is he not sueing rick ross and Freeway? Because freeway is not hot and the boss is! this is all about money!

      • Grimey G

        No stupid because he doesn’t have any legal claim to the name “Freeway”. He didn’t trademark it or anything its just a nickname people called him. Rick ross is his real name so there is some legal ground there. He included Def Jam and Universal in the suit so thats where their hoping the money will come from. Its not like he thought the rapper Rick Ross has more money so I’ll just sue him. You retard

    • Mel

      The man is a fake, he denied being a correctional officer, He got sued by louis Vuitton for rocking fake shade on XXLMag and now he’s getting sued by the real rick ross.SMH..Who’s real these days?

  • beaver

    its time to pick upp your badge

  • Anonymous

    Maybe after all this is done he will change his name to Boss C.O.

  • Sha

    This is a baseless lawsuit. The original doesn’t have any rights on the name. If that were the case almost all of the people in the United States would be filing suit against everyone. Do you know how many Jones’s and Smiths there are? And I am almost positive that the original didn’t copyright his name. So… He’s shit out of luck on this one. Free Speech bitches…. If he wins expect Lil Weezy to get sued next for titling his album THE CARTER. And you know that’s not happening.

    • http://www.myspace.com/slotchmusic ms_spittuh

      Sha says: And I am almost positive that the original didn’t copyright his name.

      Who in the fuck would copyright their governmental or even nickname? Are you serious sweet face?….The only thing I’m copyrighting or trademarking actually is my rap name…come on son…

    • sha?

      nigga you dumb as fuck and u dnt get why he is sueing. he is sueing because officer ricky is using The real rick ross government named to increase his street cred as a drug dealer/rapper to promote his career

    • Rob

      Sha….The original Rick Ross does have rights to his own name and does have a legit lawsuit, especially if he and his attorney sent a letter to Def Jam to stop using the name. Rick Ross the rapper is profiting off of another man’s name and definetely should pay the real Rick Ross some money or atleast stop using the name.

    • Mel

      No you Idiot, He not only use his name but also his image. The rapper pretended to be a big drug dealer like the real Rick ross but he aint nothing but a correctional officer…

  • Fireforreal

    It makes since because Rick ross the rapper created an image based off of a real life person and has profited from it and The mans name. His name isn’t even rick it’s robert. robert the correctional officer. The rapper ross should have written him a nice series of checks way back when his first album was released and went gold.

  • Yes I Hate

    Sha, you sound somewhat uneducated on the matter. I know nothing more than what was stated in this “article” but I do know once you are sent to prison involving a federal matter your name has become your “property” to a certain degree, for identification reasons. If his lawyers are worth anything at all they should have a fairly easy case in proving the name “Rick Ross” is a primary source for the income generating avenue that has been created by William Roberts’ music and Def Jam as a company. Especially as the correlation between Roberts’ drug laden music and Rick Ross’ actual life have some highly unusual “situations” in common. You couldn’t adopt the name Barack Obama and then try your hand at politics. Shit Ross may have grounds to file charges of identity theft, unjust impersonation, and defamation of character against William Roberts. The law holds many loop holes that way…

  • Sha


    No… I think you sound a little uneducated on the facts. Jail doesn’t guarantee that your name is copyrighted. I worked for the U.S. Patent office and this absolutely does not guarantee that you can use your name for profit or prevent any other person from using it. Check out the U.S. Patent website and learn a little bit. Jail is a negative to any type of business or person. There is no positive reinforcement of individual or artistic rights unless you do what everyone else does. And that is to register. Sorry dude.

    • 619

      Blah, blah, blah, cut through all the legal shit, bottom line is the rapper’s whole style is a figment of his imagination. He’s made up an alter ego, fairy tale type of persona to try to raise his credibilty, which in unfortunate situations like this in rap, boost a rapper’s sales.

      “Either you a soldier from the start
      or an actor with a record deal tryin’ to play the part”

  • Sha


  • Sha


    Identity theft is something completely different. It has less to do with the name and more to do with multiple infractions as it pertains to a person’s identity (social security, address, email, drivers’ license..)

    Name protection is not the same. Check with the U.S. Patent office. Diddy went through this with a dude a few years back.

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  • Anonymous

    in that case he should sue the rapper freeway also

  • http://losersalwayswin.blogspot.com TwisT

    sounds like the plot of the CB4 sequel…

  • jwalker

    another fake azz rapper using someone else name or claim to fame!why not use your real name like William L.Roberts or something original

    • mrabaddon911

      Biggie Smalls used Frank White

  • Risky$mith

    I find it funny two posers who jacked another killers swag to put it on wax and then go after each other to sell records. The real Ross should get some cake and fake ross shoulda fed it to him while homie was locked up. This is gonna be a big setllement for real Rick , but at the end of the day, why do we have sympathy for a drug dealer who helped destroy their own race for profit? In the words of Immortal Technique…..”WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  • Risky$mith

    ….the real 50cent woulda just slit Curtis throat an gone back to prison.


    I’M JUST KEEPING IT 1,000,000,000% TRILL!

    MOGUL $$$ GAME ’10!!

    • GetBizzy

      you got it all wrong bout Curtis….

      see Curtis ACKNOWLEDGED the legacy of the real 50 Cent from the beginning of his career unlike William Roberts. Also, Curtis did hold down real 50 Cent’s family after he signed his deal in 03

    • XKalibur

      & the difference is that in the 50 cent name battle, 50 cent was his nickname, not his official name. he would’ve had to copyright it to go after 50 in any lawsuit.

  • Yes I Hate

    Once again you are indeed misinformed “SHA”…this is not a moniker Rick Ross is trying to protect it is indeed his government issued name. Once convicted of a federal offense your government name becomes attached to you for purposes of identification, even upon release from prison. Its not a matter of trying to sue on basis of a business matter per se, but a personal issue “the real rick ross” no endures to to the fictional character’s action and behavior. You do not have to copyright a government name in order to sue someone for false use. Shit for that matter you dont have to copyright or patent Intellectual property in order to sue someone for stealing it as long as you have concrete proof you had such idea before the person or company with the copyright did. Proof will null and void the copyright under intellectual property law, I’m sure a birth certificate will suffice plenty. The real 50 Cent cant sue 50 cent due to the name “50 Cent” being a moniker, not a government name.

  • http://XXLmag.com Leroy Love

    50 Cent is a nickname, no different from the 101 Mookies, Pookies and Man’s in the hood. Let a rapper call himself Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, or Will Smith and its not his birth name and see if he don’t get sued. I can remember Kareem Abdul Jabbar suing this football player for the Dophins who had the same name. It was spelled differently but the dude chose that name when he converted to Islam. I don’t know the results, but you can sue anybody over anythings with a chance of winning. The real Rick Ross will need to show how he has,will or can make a profit off of his name legally. If he can’t then I don’t see why the rapper Ross can’t use it since, the real one doesn’t have a book deal, movie deal, any type of publishing, nothing. All he has is memories of his so called glory days. I also don’t think the law is going to side with a former drug dealer, meaning the real Ross is out of gas.

  • Mutada Mullah Atari No Muslim

    I’d rather support a 19 year old guy who went through all of the training and back-round checks so that he could work a legit 9-5 job and support his self, pay taxes and make a positive contribution to society, than a piece of shit drug dealer who had no problem selling tons of cocaine in our neighborhoods and by proxy helped to ruin hundreds if not thousand of lives by helping to fuel the crack cocaine epidemic of the 1980′s that decimated the black community and left a tragic legacy of crack cocaine addicted children, mothers and fathers in jail, disproportionate prison sentences and disproportionate ratios of black men being incarcerated.

    Rick Ross is playing a character no different than the other characters crack dealer Shawn Carter, the gangster good guy Nas or any of the Gambino, Scorcese move rehashes we’ve seen from the Wu and a million others over the years.

    Rap music = You can turn it off if you find it objectionable.
    Rick Ross selling 100′s of Tons in the community = Equals stop glorifying your past of bringing ruin to our communities. Fuck out of hear, fuck a 100 ton coke dealer, except for the movies or music -> Ross

    • therealwayno

      I agree!!

      Except for the fact that you completely contradicted yourself!

      Rick Ross rapper used that name for a reason. He took on that persona for a reason. He didn’t come out as 9 to 5 working guy he came out as a drug kingpin. And although we know dude is lying he still purports the drug dealer image – as real – to hundreds of thousands of impressionable youth who will go out and try to be “Rick Ross.”

      Get a clue dude.

  • Southcidal

    Change the name. Plain and simple. Lets go with Da Boss. Or Big Boss. The name shouldn’t determine the quality of your music. But this was like paying the ulitmate homage to a person and thats the thanks he gets. Remember Outkast’s Rosa Parks song? She sued too.

  • yungsoprano

    i dont think he should have to change his name .. but he should definitly pay freeway rick somethin.. the real freeway ricky ross’s story is crazy.. for ya’ll who never heard about him or wat his story is u should definitly check it out.. he was set up by a cartel memeber that worked for the c.i.a here in america ,, it’s some shady shit how the government was using funds from cocaine and crack to aid a war in nicaragua.. check that shit out.. some wild wild stuff yo

  • j

    The Real Ricky Ross need to be worrying about them Hoova niggaz he snitch on. Moving to Ohio and shit. Rick Ross get yo money.

  • pstone97

    I’m unsure as to how a person gets 15 years for attempting to purchase 100 kilos of cocaine? Can anybody answer that shit 4 for me please?


    Who gives a flying funk about this ish yo?!!? Can we save New Orleans and the gulf!?!?!?!? OH an Lookk out for TECH N9NE’s GATES MIXPLATE MIXTAPE!!!!

  • Truth

    SHA…your an idiot dawg. it has nothing to do with “free speech”…LOL. how many threads are you going to invade with yoru wak ass comments and views?

    and your defence was a quote from something you read ( I read the same ). its not even your own judgement. you need to use your head and quit following behind everything you read.

    mutada: if it wasnt him it would have been someone else. dont hate the individual hate the system. coke was flooded in our neighborhoods by gov. to numb society. if it wasnt rick ross it would have been joe blow # 2.

    and yea really…who cares. as far as im concerned this is all a big ploy.

    This will be finished before it hits courts. the fake rick ross will either payout the real rick ross, or they will fight the real rick ross in court knowing he cant win.

  • richmoncali510

    @ SHA

    Your a idiot hands down…. Diamond Dallas Page sued Jay Z and Def Jam you see Puffy change his name…. It’s all for a reason that is like me writing a book about Rick Ross and using his government name its a book about him. I would think 1 who claimed to work at the US patent office would know this… What a buffoon for thinking he needs to copyright his name. It’s on his birth certificate lol that is a form of a copyright smh at this dumb dumb your birth certificate is a free copyright. Next time use your brain Us Patent ain’t SHIT when you where born Rick Ross lol

  • M. Baby!

    Good points from all of ya’ll. So what about Scarface & Nas Escobar???

  • The Truth

    Its amazing to see how ignorant the majority of you people in here really are. This is nothing more than another “attempt” by “certain” individuals to try to affect Rick Ross’ music career. But lets stick to the facts. Freeway Ricky Ross suing Rick Ross the mc for his name is about as dumb as you can get. 90% of ALL rappers have stolen a moniker, story or tale from some movie character or some real life gangster. Scarface, AZ, Nas Escobar, Styles P (Pinero), Cassidy, Gotti, ect. So now you are telling me that the Gambinos are gonna sue the Wu? Now, the catholic church is gonna sue Hov? Now the Gotti family is gonna sue Irv? IRV’S LAST NAME IS NOT GOTTI PEOPLE!! But he used it in the SAME manner that Ross did. The SAME manner that EVERY RAPPER ON THE PLANET has used theirs. If the Gotti’s copyright their name first as IRV GOTTI and Irving goes and uses the SAME name then yes you have a case. Hell, you can “file” a lawsuit for just about anything stupid. So YES, Freeway Ricky can file a lawsuit! YES he can! Does it have ANY merits? HELL NO!!! If you honestly think that hes gonna get paid off of this then you are BEYOND stupid!!! You CANNOT sue someone for something that you did NOT copyright!! I dont care WHAT it is!!! The same idiots in here that think your BIRTH CERTIFICATE is an automatic copyright are the same DUMMIES that will mail a cd to themselves thinking that they can copyright it. IT DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY!! Everything you all are arguing about are things that are wrong in the court of “public opinion” not a REAL court of law. Just read a “little” further into your baseless comments and you will see that with Puff, and EVERYONE else, they just simply made a name change and kept it moving. Puff nor Biggie had to pay anyone that came out saying that they already had the name. They just simply made a name change and kept it moving.

    Do you SERIOUSLY think that a label as large as Def Jam didnt vet the mc name Rick Ross through the proper channels prior to him coming out? The U.S. Patent office will NOT let you copyright something that ALREADY HAS RIGHTS!!!! So what does that tell you?….

    IF THE MC RICK ROSS WAS ALLOWED TO COPYRIGHT THIS NAME FOR MAKING RECORDS THEN THE “REAL” RICK ROSS HAD NOT ATTEMPTED TO DO THE SAME FOR THE PURPOSES OF MAKING MONEY IN THE ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS!!! I dont have to freeking copyright my name to get a job idiots!!! But if I wanna get paid as X JOE BLO the rapper and that is my “REAL NAME”? Then I for DAMN sure better get it to the U.S. Patent offices before someone else!!!

    There is a VERY DISTINCT difference between Freeway Ricky Ross making money bc he has a JOB and someone getting ROYALTY money from the entertainment business. Beyonce Knowles is her name right? Legal name right? Well look up how its copyritten and you will see that BEYONCE has been copyritten NOT HER GOVERNMENT NAME. If Freeway Ricky wants to do ANYTHING in the etertainment business then he would STILL HAVE to go and copyright ANY name that he will be paid for.

    If someone else goes to copyright YOUR name for the purposes of selling records BEFORE YOU DO, then thats YOUR DUMB ASS!!!

    This lawsuit will go NOWHERE and Rick Ross will just change his name to Bawse or something like that.

    Then what? You people are so freekin stupid.

  • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

    First of all, fuck both of em…

    That being said, Williams stole his name, stole his “profession” as a kingpin, and even stole his beard. And ignored a cease and desist letter back in 2006. You gotta admit, that’s ammo for a lawsuit.

    And finally… fuck both of em.

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  • Sir Smoke Alot

    I just find it funny that in an interview the rapper Ross said he had never heard of the Kingpin Ross. Guess he’s heard of him now.

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  • richmoncali510

    @ The Truth

    You sound very fucking stupid. Puffy paid a price you DUMB FUCK shows exactly how much your ass knows LOL at stupid mother fuckers typing Biographies and none of that shit holding weight lol DUMB fuck

    On August 16, 2005, Combs appeared on the Today Show and announced that he was altering his stage name yet again, dropping the “P.” and referring to himself simply as “Diddy,” saying that “the P was getting between me and my fans.”[16] However this name change to Diddy upset Richard “Diddy” Dearlove, a London based musical artist & DJ.[17] Richard Dearlove lodged paperwork on Wednesday 16 November 2005 at 10:30 am in the Royal Court of Justice, London to start injunctive proceedings, a case which he won when an out of court settlement of £110,000 was agreed. As a result, Combs will no longer be able to use the name Diddy in the UK.[4][18]

    • The Truth

      @Richmoncali510: HMMMM so you are the expert right? So since my last “editorial” wasnt well recieved then I will make sure you understand me this time. You seem VERY knowledgable for someone who pulled his information off of WIKIPEDIA.COM!!! Yeah, you are the “source” of all thats true. What you failed to realize with your “expert” opinion was that RICHARD DEARLOVE had ALREADY HAD THE NAME DIDDY COPYRITTEN!!!! THATS the difference “YOU DUMB FUCK”!!! Since you are SOOOO up on the latest news on WIKIPEDIA, please show me where FREEWAY RICKY ROSS DID THE SAME THING? Show me where RICKY ROSS had the name RICK ROSS copyritten!!! PLEASE SHOW ME THAT!! And PLEASE show me that it was done BEFORE RICK ROSS the MC came out on DefJam under that moniker. You CANT DUMMY bc Freeway Ricky NEVER did it!!! And do you know what that means? HMMMMM? It means that he CANT sue someone saying that it was stolen!! YES “DIDDY” had to pay bc someone ELSE ALREADY HAD IT COPYRITTEN DUMMY!!!! Please tell me of a case, (since you know everything) where a person WON a lawsuit where they claimed that an entertainer used their GOVERNMENT NAME for entertainment purposes!! PLEASE SHOW ME THAT!!! You read ALLLLL of the stuff that I wrote and didnt understand ONE KEY FACT: Whoever gets the name copywritten first is the one that has the rights. PERIOD!!! You telling me how much WIKIPEDIA told you Puff had to pay does NOT hold merits in THIS CASE bc Ricky Ross never had his “nickname” copyritten. You see Richard Dearlove DID have “DIDDY” copywritten which is why Puff had to pay for using “Diddy”. If you can show me where the Royal Courts made Puff pay because of the use of the name “Richard Dearlove” then we have a case.

      But you cant can you?

      Idiot. (and you thought you found something when you went to Wikipedia).

      Falls on the floor laughin……

  • TownBiz

    He has a point. Although he doesn’t have a copyright to his own name it is clear that the fake Rick Ross is impersonating the real Rick Ross’s. That can be proven. Is that enough to win a lawsuit. Maybe. They will likely settle out of court. It would be a waste of money on both sides to go to court. Just think about it. What if a rapper started calling himself Kobe Bryant or Obama

  • The Truth

    Just because he has a bald head and a beard does not mean he violated any copyright laws. Its not even the same story. Yes they were both drug dealers. So what? Now if Rick Ross rapped about selling dope for the CIAA and holding it down in Cali, then we may have a case. Yall act like ALL of the rappers that yall listening to RIGHT now have not done the EXACT same thing. Lets name a few:

    Scarface – Tony “Scarface” Montana
    Kool G Rap aka Giancana – Sam Giancana
    Biggie aka Frank White- The King of New York
    Nas Escobar – Pablo Escobar
    AZ aka S.O.S.A. – Alejandro Sosa
    2Pac aka Makaveli da Don – the Untouchables
    Jim Jones aka Capo Status
    Saigon da Yardfather- the Godfather
    Capone n Noreaga – Al Capone & Manuel Noriega
    Beanie Sigel – Bugsy Siegel
    Styles P – Paniero – Pacino & DeNiro
    Sheek Louch- Lucky Luciano
    Kurupt aka Young Gotti – John Gotti
    Irv Gotti – John Gotti
    Cassidy – Butch Cassidy
    Big L aka Corleone – Vito Corleone
    E.Ness – Eliot Ness
    Ghostface Killah – Pretty Toney
    50 Cent – 50 cent the stickup kid
    Bumpy Knuckles – Bumpy Johnson

    I could go on for days. For yall to even bring this shit up like its a big deal is just stupid. Because NONE of this has ANYTHING to do with how well they can spit.

    So to even entertain this lawsuit is BEYOND stupid. I would respect dude ALOT more if he just came out trying to better the community.

  • bylaw99

    Some of you on here understand and some of you are just plain dumb, 1st off the diff between 50cent, Irv Gotti, Nas Escobar, capone&noreaga and William roberts is the fact that he used this mans 1st and last name as his rap name, he didnt use Willie Ross or no shit like that he took this mans government name and life story and adopted it as his own. THATS STEALING A PERSONS IDENTITY, DEFAMATION, FALSE ADVERTISING! C’MON PEEPS LETS USE OUR BRAINS, ITS LIKE ME DECIDING TO RAP AND CALLING MYSELF OSHEA JACKSON TALKING BOUT I GREW UP IN COMPTON AND RAN WITH A GROUP CALLED NWA AND WAS IN BOYS IN THE HOOD..SOUNDS DUMB DOESNT IT..EXACTLY, THATS WHAT WILLIAM ROBERTS DID!

  • Moves

    99.9999999% of you niggas sound like some hatin ass sucka niggas!!! You Pussies aint got half the talent this nigga got,( yeah im talkin bout the nigga yall calln Officer) or we wouldve heard something from or about you Gandy ass niggas!!! The Real Rick Ross dont even give a fuck about the name other than the fact that he can now get paid from it. Talkin about he gotta say he The Real Rick Ross when he go places, nigga you coulda been sayin im The Real Rick Ross, the one who Help the White Man bring crack to South Bentral and help millions of people lose their LIVES, Millions of People of Color Lose there Life over all the shit that comes with the shit IM Famous for!!!! How bout that Real Rick Ross & You Dick Ridin Niggas HUH??????My Mutha Fuckn People My me Fuckn Sick with the shit thet got love for, Man FUCK ALL YALL!!!! SoooWoooP Bidness!

  • trooper

    Ok lets be clear AGAIN: PLEASE GO AND RESEARCH FREEWAY RICKY ROSS’ REAL GOVERNMENT NAME!!! Its: Ricky Donnell Ross. Now lets do a little bit of educating for all of the idiots in here like @bylaw99 and @richmoncali510. You HAVE to think for a second fellas. I’m sure you all are busy sucking 50 off but take a break for a second. When it was time for Rick Ross (the MC) to copyright his name before his rap career started his legal team more than likely looked into this. This is the reason why he copyrote “RICK ROSS” DUMMIES!!!! Freeway Ricky’s REAL GOVERNMENT NAME is RICKY DONNELL ROSS!!! NOT RICK ROSS!!! I know that “Y” sounds like its very insignificant but in a court of law it means EVERYTHING!!! Rick Ross’ legal team (the mc) probably informed him that taking the “Y” off for his moniker and going by “RICK ROSS” is a change big enough to keep him out of breaking any copyright laws. So get it right DUMB ASS!!! HE DID NOT USE HIS EXACT GOVERNMENT NAME!!!! Something as small as RICKY ROSS versus RICK ROSS is big enough of a difference for the lawsuit to be NULL AND VOID!!! So it IS the same as Irv Gotti and ALL of the other rappers that took different parts of other names. No, no one took as much as Rick Ross but he STILL DID NOT VIOLATE ANYTHING. So YES, if someone took OSHEA JACKSON it would be the same. But if someone took OSHA JACKSON then its NOT THE FREEKIN SAME DI*KHEAD!!!! Some of yall need to get off that “street court” shit and actually go READ A BOOK!!!

    Wikipedia is not serving yall well!!!

    Before you go and comment on how you “feel” about the topic, go and READ first.


    Ricky Donnell Ross and RICK ROSS is NOT THE EXACT SAME THING!!!

  • richmoncali510

    @ The Truth & Trooper it actually was not pulled from wiklepedia and the Great Britan Diddy didn’t have that name copy written you dufus cause if he did diddy could’t be called diddy in the US either you dumb mother fucker. I simply responded to your comment saying diddy didn’t pay anybody off hmmm proved you wrong dummy. Again diamond dallas page didn’t copyright that diamond sign but yet and still Hova paid him a undiscloosed amount of money why because Dalls was seen throwing it up way before anybody lol now to Trooper holler at me when Ross kicks down the real rick ross cause its evident you know nothing about the LAW. I am a paralegal in 2 years I will be an attorney. So chipmunks continue to bicker but those with common sense know he stole the name and Def Jam don’t investigate a niggas name before the sign him dumbest shit I have ever heard. Fucking bozoos lol

  • trooper

    @richmoncali510 Its amazing how people hide and try to throw out things to justify their credibility. A PARALEGAL!?!?! NEGRO PLEASE!!!! And if you WERE, I for DAMN sure wont be hiring you NOR ANYONE from your firm. The only thing that I ask that you do is to go to this website link from the U.S. COPYRIGHT OFFICE:
    http://www.copyright.gov/help/faq/faq-protect.html. I’ll save you the time and paste the portion related to NAMES AND TITLES:

    How do I copyright a name, title, slogan or logo?

    Copyright does not protect names, titles, slogans, or short phrases. In some cases, these things may be protected as trademarks. Contact the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, 800-786-9199, for further information. However, copyright protection may be available for logo artwork that contains sufficient authorship. In some circumstances, an artistic logo may also be protected as a trademark.

    You see, you copyright laws apply to BODIES OF WORK or someone’s “likeness”. YOU CANNOT SUE SOMEONE FOR USING A PORTION OF YOUR GOVERNMENT NAME!!! Freeway Ricky is not someone who had a body of work or something he worked under trademarked or copyritten. So please dont tell anyone else that you are going to Law School. It should be embarrassing for you, (if its actually true) for you to be a freekin paralegal and cant actually research something this general and come up with FACTS.

    I’l say it again…..YOU CANNOT SUE SOMEONE FOR USING “SOME” OF YOUR GOVERNMENT NAME!!! The only thing that the MC Rick Ross used that is close to Freeway Ricky Donnell Ross is the Rick Ross part. Not the exact same thing. If your name is Louis King and someone comes out with a rap name called “Loui King then its NOT THE SAME THING! Freeway cant sue him bc he has the same haircut IDIOT!!! You know why? BECAUSE YOU CANT TRADEMARK THAT!!!! So the “likeness” part is out of the window too. Whats next, yall gonna say he can sue b/c he talked about sellin dope? Freeway would have to sue damn near every rapper on EARTH!! How DUMB ARE YOU? YOU ACTUALLY SAID THAT YOU ARE A PARALEGAL?!!! ARE YOU A MAN? Because thats typically a job for females anyway isnt it? And then to know that you ARENT EVEN A GOOD ONE!!! LMAO!!!

    Just go to the website or any other U.S. Copyright website and show me something that PROVES that this case has ANY merits. Something printed or something from an OFFICIAL website. Since you are a person that HAS access to LEGAL FACTS it shouldnt be that difficult. And dont give me another “STORY” about Diamond Dallas Page NOR another “STORY” you found on WIKIPEDIA!!! (Dont lie dude, you KNOW thats where you got it!!!). Just bc no one in here researched what you posted doesnt mean I didnt. Idiot.

    But please support what you say with FACTS. Go to the link I posted above that CLEARLY states that you can NOT protect a government name and show me something that trumps that.

    Something that will HOLD up in a court of law. You being a “paralegal”, you should know FULL WELL that you can file a lawsuit for just about ANYTHING!!!

  • mrabaddon911

    I Think 50 cents behind this one!

  • http://tagged.com 2KEES

    Officer rick u just a fick nigger
    u are going down,u bitch ass,no one fuck with 50 cent,u fuck with him u go down 4 ever..bitch ass nigger…..

    • Moves

      2Rocks you from Hati?(means you a hater) Still riding with 50 is like puttn your life up on a bet withyour knife in a gun fight. The nigga aint been good since he decide he wanted to rap!!!

  • http://hmmmmmmmmmmm jaded

    the real question is, is he still on duty

    think about it this cop ass nigga in hiphop everybody gone to jail we never had in hiphop so many a list rappers locked up in the height of they career and they all from the ATL fuckin with ROSS will get youll niggas time the hiphop police is fully in effect.

    • Moves

      Jaded you a Gandy!!!!

  • Jeff

    Even if he wins the suit to reclaim use of his name he likely won’t be able to collect any money since he has been convicted. Any profit earned from licensing would be given to the state.



    If “Rick Ross the rapper” had only used the moniker then it’d be one thing. However, do a google image search and you’ll see they’re clearly trying to steal his entire persona and look. Freeway Ricky Ross is a lot skinnier but they try and copy the beard and everything.

    Because of that he has a case. He can prove they’re actually trying to rip HIM off.

  • sandrae3

    How about just being ashamed that you went to jaillll or that does not matter anymore

  • http://google.com phiko 305

    fuck rick ross, freeway claim ur nme nigger

  • http://www.mzi.com that south african

    it does nt mater weather u call rick ross fake he made milions nd if iwas him i wuld nt give a fuk abt street cred 50 told go ahead switch the styl up nd if they hate let them nd jst watch the money pile up

  • Pingback: XXLmag.com - » Real Rick Ross Sues Rapper for $10 Mil, Attempts to Halt “Teflon Don’s” Release

  • Pingback: XXLmag.com - » Real Rick Ross Sues Rapper for $10 Mil, Attempts to Halt “Teflon Don’s” Release

  • Pingback: XXLmag.com - » Real Rick Ross Sues Rapper for $10 Mil, Attempts to Halt “Teflon Don’s” Release

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