XXcLusive: Royce da 5’ 9” – Slaughterhouse Recorded With Eminem & Just Blaze

Slaughterhouse hasn’t officially signed with Shady Records yet, but that doesn’t mean the supergroup haven’t gone into the studio with label head Eminem. XXLMag.com just got off the phone with Royce da 5’9” who revealed that the crew have a song with the Detroit rap giant produced by none other than Just Blaze.

Royce detailed the experience recording the song for XXL. “That day was like a regular Slaughterhouse day on steroids,” he said. “We came in there. Just Blaze was sitting there. The beat is up. The beat is retarded. Em’s vocals were already laid. His verse is ridiculous, so you could imagine the kind of pressure that we was feeling. “

Royce isn’t exactly sure whose album the song will appear on, but that isn’t the only track he’s done with his old rhyme partner, Eminem. The two, who have been palling around a lot lately, also recorded a song together that Royce says might be on Recovery. Yet he doubts that him and Em will ever revisit their 1998 classic song, “Bad Meets Evil.”

“We been talking about that record,” he shared. “I don’t even know if that record would ever happen because we both would nitpick it so much, it’ll never see the light of day. That’s how we did with “Renegade”….that’s gonna be a tough one to get done to both our likings.”

Royce says it’s been great being back in the studio with Em, but more importantly it’s been even better hanging around him again. “Just being back in the same room with him…when there’s no type of issues. that’s what I always focus on more,” he said. “Just the actual friendship. I’m glad we back how we was. Like the creative shit will come, us ending up in the studio together a lot, is natural. I was around when he was mixing [Recovery] a lot. Just being there. Not having to put in no creative input, just being in there like a fly on the wall, just soaking up game. That’s what I value more than anything.”

Recovery hits stores on June 22 via Aftermath Records. —Jesse Gissen

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  • C Bo

    Im glad to read this, we didnt get to much of these guys together but you could still see the chemistry between them.

    • Vikram

      I love the song sung by D12 “Back down Royce”

  • RedBlue

    Its cool they hang out again and i cant wait to hear the music!! It will be dope as fuck

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  • q461

    Slaughterhouse with Em is gonna be insane

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  • Face Phoenix

    Sounds like a monster is about to be unleashed…

  • LLoyd Sprayweather

    That’s what’s up.

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  • Wallman


  • http://www.emcdl.com EmCDL

    These kats tryin to blow my speakers LOL! Can’t wait to hear what they got lined up!


    Man this collab is gonna be a heater Im sure.Especially if they do join the label.

  • Johnee

    Thats a DAMN PROBLEM!!!!
    Cant wait

  • jtm

    oh man i can not wait to hear that shit.

  • The187Worm

    I want a fucking Crooked I, Eminem album!!!!!!!!just them 2 on about 22 tracks….fucking would pay 50 Bills for that album believe that shit!….But still cant wait for this shit to come…Joell and Crooked are the best in the game right now…fuck gucci wayne nicki drake oj wacka and mostly fuck you xxlmag!

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  • Will E. Will

    yea the music gonna be dope as fuck. Royce is helpin bring back that raw Em which we all need. Cus Em was on some other shit so its good he hangs around the Slaughterhouse. He needs to be around some street niggas

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  • Reckless The Final Product


  • gaddic

    Fuckin Insane!!!
    first album had a way small budget and the lp was dope as hell
    Imagine top notch producers and Eminem collabs shit is gonna be straight classic
    the beginning of the new millennium looks good hopefully the decade doesn’t lose classic albums halfway through like this one

  • adrian smith erdigton birmingham

    recovery album cant wait eminem on fire fuckin insane shit 2010

  • Worldizmine

    yes real music is coming!
    death to bubblegum rap music r.i.p!
    (rest in piss)

    I said it before & I will say it again our artist aka(our people) are a reflection of our education. I don’t care what color you are if your not gay and well educated you my friend are the minority in this big world of waste!

    Back to the topic!
    all you dope producers & beat makers stop sending lil/young/dumb artist these dope beats for$$$$$$$ send them to real artist like Eminem/slaughterhouse etc…….flush them wack artist out of here!

  • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

    Sheeeeiiiit!!! Although I’m late to comment, it ain’t NEVA too late for these two to collab. My whole town gotta smile on its face!

  • ToMeK

    man fuck eminem and slaughter house they are a bunch of homeless bums super homeless group i seen crooked i’s box (house) out the back of the studio while joel ortiz plucks hot dog meats out the bin to feed his double wabble google turkey neck chin and eminem these days man whats that off beat rapping on his recent songs tries to fit in 900 words in 1 second even if the beat doesnt fit man gucci mane will rip these guys anyday in a battle

    • ToMeK

      Was a friend using my name as a joke that posted this…

  • Anonymous

    ^Must be Gucci Mane lol

  • ToMeK

    just joking it was me gucci is the best

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  • http://www.eminemturkiye.com Eminem Turkey Fan Site

    everything is shady