XXcLusive: Peedi Crakk Says Jay-Z Stole Young Chris’ Whisper Flow

Was Young Chris the victim of a serious theft by Jay-Z? Well, Peedi Crakk seems to think so. XXLMag.com recently caught up with the State Property rapper, and in the interview he accused Jay of jacking the former Young Gunz MC’s flow.

Peedi recently spoke with Cosmic Kev on his hometown radio station Power 99, charging Jay with stealing songs, but when he spoke with XXL he wanted to clear up those statements. “I want to clarify that [Jay] doesn’t steal anyone’s songs,” he said, “he steals swag, ideas, concepts—whatever you want to call it… Jay doesn’t just straight-up jack you for a song. He’s just smooth with it. You ever listen to Young Chris rap and then go back and listen to Jay? You almost start to scratch your head. The old Jay-Z never rapped like that. That’s Young Gunners flow to the tee. There are actually people that don’t know that that [the whisper rap] was [Chris'] flow. I don’t understand why Jay don’t just say that he got the swag from the young bull.

“Jay has no swag of his own,” he continued. “He has no natural cool nigga style. But at the end of the day he has his own path to craft just like we all do and I’m all about making sure my path is full of positivity and creativity.”

Crakk was recently released from a Philadelphia prison after serving a little over a year on a parole violation. He is currently working on his first official album on Amalgam Digital, titled Peedi. —Elan Mancini with reporting by Kevin Clark

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  • Capo Status

    As the president of a major record company my job is to bring in young hungry artists and if they got heat…ima make sure they eat…tell me the “young gunners” aint get hot just for being down with the roc… wheres all this “cool nigga style” this cat peedi crack talkin aboout. Jay still hot, he just found some new nicca swag to jack(if thats how you want to play it) Me personally, i’d rather be a smart nicca with no swag than a broke swaggerific dum-dum…try to stay out the pen Peedi 1

  • Blog-ologist



    Listen to any Young Chris song and see who he Jay swagger jacked. The Fast Life mixtape was fire. Jay not going to let Young Chris see the light of day because someone will be exposed. But Peedi is only speaking the real…So dont anyone start hating on Peedi til you go back and investigate. Look when Jay style switched up once he signed those Philly cats…

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  • oskamadison

    OK, Peedi, tell us something we didn’t already know…

    • that nigga

      Exactly!! I said this a 1,000 times on this site.

  • T Lee

    Everybody need to steal somebody’s style if that’s the case…”I ain’t Hov but I know what I know”

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    I am a huge jayz fan, but its clear he jacked young chris flow if thas what you want to call it. Hell,listen to kayne’s big brother. Listen to kayne’s we major. But, Cappo is right. its better to be a rich smart brother with no swag that hires poeple with swag underneath him, than a broke bum who has new style and no idea how to market it. This is buisness.

  • romil

    Why yall think he put Philly on he needed something new and fresh. lol

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    niggas dyin for publicity, foh pee-pee we know dat shit…fuk he gon’ do sue the nigga?

  • ThatDude

    Come on let’s be honest for a second, would anyone even bother interviewing or speaking to Weedi Peedi or whatever the hell his name is nowadays if he wasn’t mentioning Jay-Z…shit would anyone care about any of the “former” Rocafella if they weren’t speaking on Jay-Z? Shit Peedi talking about Hov stealing a style, I mean if he did…AAAAANNNNNDDDDD, Young Chris doesn’t seem to mind, and no one was drooling over either one of them doing it anyways, but on the real shouldn’t Peedi just worry about all that money he stole from Jay, Rocafella, & Def Jam by not ever dropping but spending dough like he was official like that? Go over the ROC roster from back then and please tell me who is still relevant which brings this question “why the fuck can’t yall get hot ALREADY”…they used Hov for shine then and they using him for shine now, let it go poor little Peedi

    • Hack

      word up

  • AZ40

    This is news how? Everybody knows that rappers rarely do anything on their own they usually take it from some one else it’s just that the person who garners the most publicity people will tend to think they did it first. Most people will never know where trends will truly originate from

  • Teddy

    are those peedi broke tears so bitter in their chemical structure 2 parts salty 1 part hate 9 parts broke (2S1H9B)? not to be confused with beanie or dame tears of a similar chemical make up. also closly related to ll cool j and game tears however the game tear varies the most in structure containing 5 parts stan 3 parts suicidle and 3 parts broke, the ll cool j tear contains 11 parts fell off 3 parts broke and 6 parts bitter salt. another note worthy tear is the dame tear containing 100 parts broke

    • Kievy

      LOL!!!! *dead*

  • Teddy

    are those peedi broke tears so bitter in their chemical structure 2 parts salty 1 part hate 9 parts broke (2S1H9B)? not to be confused with beanie or dame tears of a similar chemical make up. also closly related to ll cool j and game tears however the game tear varies the most in structure containing 5 parts stan 3 parts suicidle and 3 parts broke, the ll cool j tear contains 11 parts fell off 3 parts broke and 6 parts bitter salt. another note worthy tear is the dame tear containing 100 parts broke.

  • Gemz

    Hmmm. Interesting.

  • Gemz

    Every town has an Elm Street.

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  • flawda

    Young Chris isn’t signed to Jay-z and neither is Peedi, if they are so hot why can’t they blow up and Jay don’t even use the whisper flow anymore anyways. Peedi need to go rehab his ignorant ass, he is the definition of the n word

  • Worldizmine

    Hiphop is all about style aka swagg jacking & always will be! That is business period! Burger king see mcdonalds making a lot of money off that egg mcmuffin they jacked it & promoted the jacking! I am a dj if I see another dj mixing style different than mine I am going to incorporate that sh@t!

    Hiphop is like a black women no matter what race the man who got her knocked up was the baby is black!

    We all know who made that rule!lol!

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  • CHILE !

    Niggas still dick riding jay z? really? wow..that old washed up dude doesnt even write his song, anyway, its all about the new roc-a-fella, spitta and them young and talented cats

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  • alderman j


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  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

    Worldizmine says:

    Hiphop is all about style aka swagg jacking & always will be!

    ^ NEVA THAT.

    “There’s a sign on the door, NO BITING ALLOWED”-Rakim

    We didn’t tolerate biting, y’all do. And if you had a very similar style as someone, YOU HAD TO BATTLE FOR THAT STYLE.

    It’s been reported for YEARS that Jay has done this, From Big Daddy Kane to Nas, to Sauce, to Chris, to Cam.

    A couple of months ago when that Illuminated convo was out dudes (on this site) were saying Chris was still jocking Jay’s style to get $ since he ain’t getting none.

    And so what he ain’t using it now. The biggest songs of his career have Chris’ style all over it.

    ‘The Network’ mixtape>

    • these posts are racist


      Always love and respect, but we disagree here. Jay jacked entire styles? Come on man. Jay perfected rap and is in his own lane.

      How can the “swagger jacker” or in this case, allegedly, the biggest “swagger jacker” of all time also be in the top five running for GOAT? Why aren’t those he swagger jacked from in the top 5? 50? 100?

      • http://www.bboycult.com $yk


        You can check that new Chris video they have in the bangers section for reference. Compare Chris’ flow to ‘What More Can I Say’ by Jay. Even Jay’s 1st song out that he couldn’t get a deal off of sounded like Chip from the Fu-Schnickens.

        But when a person with maximum exposure does you, and gets rave reviews for doing you, how can you top that (Gillie is being black-balled)? This is like your manager taking your ideas at work, you just want the recognition and kudos for your work, but your manager is getting paid off of your ideas because he/she is closer to the check writers than you. But if you start saying it was your idea instead of the manager’s, what happens? 9 outta 10 you need to start looking for another job.

        *And for them clowns up in here talking that $/salty nonsense, in my scenario the other employees would know where the ideas came from. Because they spoke up and revealed the truth makes them ungrateful, in need of money and promotion? Y’all need a serious mirror check.*

        I just hope Chris has been getting under the table money, which I honestly think he does. He wears that Roc chain with pride.

        Albeit having an influence and biting are 2 different things.

        Personally I don’t think Kanye likes the idea of Drake biting him. (II). But the lyrics, the side look in the videos is a blatant rip off of ‘Ye. I fully expect ‘Ye to touch on this situation in his next album.

        And I’m not saying Chris was ghost-writing, but Jay has been chomping on a couple of people’s flavors.

        We can all refer back to Cuban Linx 1, when Ghost said “I don’t want NOBODY sounding like me or my crew. Get your OWN style…”.

        NO ONE has attempted to even TRY to sound like Ghost.

        • these posts are racist

          Aight…i see where you’re coming from…always insightful man.

        • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

          Naw, you want me to elaborate, so I can go into detail! LOL

          That’s what a teacher does tpar, ask you to explain it in a way so everybody can understand.

          Sometimes you say the same things I’m saying. It’s just the way I (should I even use ‘swag’?) put it that gets me a different response than you. Because they may feel me doesn’t mean you’re incorrect when you say it. Either it maybe the wordplay, or some other intangible.

          Do you understand the relation between this & Jay/Chris?

  • EReal

    Damn these younger cats got shit mad twisted, cosigning swagger jacking and giving people passes for having no lyrical ability.

    Yall fucked up the game.

  • EReal

    Damn these younger cats got shit mad twisted, cosigning swagger jacking and giving people passes for having no lyrical ability.

    Yall fucked up the game.

  • jtm

    what a crackhead he is.

  • http://xxlmag.com NorthPhilly215

    i swear some of youll niggas dickeat jay to hard yea he a nice rapper but peedi just speaking his mind damn and keeping it real cause jay did take chris flow just like weezy and them cashmoney niggas did to gillie mainstream artist been jacking our style from sometime now but of course u weezy and jay dickeaters are just gonna see as them hating and i’m saying this and i listen to jay and fuck wit him and i think he one of the best but peedi just keeping it real oo and by the way peedi can rap to you’ll he better than %80 of rappers out there


    Ok Peedi can you please get off Jay-z nuts…You haven’t done anything since Roc-a-fella. As a Man you should find it embarrassing that the only thing people wanna talk about with you is what Jay-z was doing 5 years ago. So now Jay-z stole Young Chris Flow? Well Young Chris should steal whatever Jay-Z has cause Young Chris is NEVER…I mean NEVER gonna Blow.FYI Peedi Jay-Z was on Album number 4 by the time he might Chris…So I guess Reasonable Doubt…Jay-Z also stole Memphis Bleek flow. All you State Prop cats is mad tight cause Jay-Z has proved he didn’t need you…ALL U GUYS needed him. Can you please tell me what ANY…I mean ANY of State Prop guys have been doing since the break up of Roc-A-Fella? BTW have you even made another song since Flipside?

  • q461

    Co-sign Bye life

    Peedi is a no-name, lame ass and young chris ain’t much better. The only cats in State Prop with anything close to a career left is Beans and Freeway… Not hatin, cause I actually did the first Young Gunz record…but its the truth, sad but true.

  • Sway-z

    I’m from around philly, the first nigga I heard doing that flow was Sigel, not Chris, on that Murda Murda joint. Sigel was doing it, than Jay hopped on it and did the same flow, and been doin it ever since, Chris wasn’t even on the map like that yet

  • latino heat

    nobody ever took a rapper named Peedi, seriously. see Petey Pablo and Peedi Wack, i mean Crack.

    go back under whatever rock you crawled from under, Peedi. if Young Chris ain’t complaining about it himself then why are you? because Jay never released your wack ass solo album? there is a reason for that, you suck. nobody wanted to hear your album in ’03 and we damn sure don’t want to hear it now. you can save all those gay ass “ring” and “ping” bullshit rhymes of yours.

  • reg704

    rich ni– broke ni– lets be real

  • m

    ru serious, and you people go along with it>>> if his flow was so great why d chris have to sign to jays label at the time and not be signing niggas to his own????? CMON SON!!!! BOTTOM RAPPERS ALWAYS TRY TO BRING DOWN THE BIG DOGS CUZ THEY AINT THERE….GET A LIFE

  • DJ Postman

    Peedi Crakk has fallen so far off that there’s no coming back. Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t. Sorry Peedi, time is prison doesn’t count. We all know you’re just trying to start trouble to get some publicity. If Young Chris really felt this way he would have been the one to come out with it. Peedi is just garbage.

  • Yatti

    Who the fuck doesn’t know that Jay-Z steals people shit. Haven’t you noticed all the lyrics of his ass that belong to biggie? HIs fuckin girls, girls, girls joint was stolen from an artist. Because UrbanXpression a music video show in Philly there was a song similar to that shit.
    Jay-Z aka Hov of stolen lyrics.

    • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

      “HIs fuckin girls, girls, girls joint was stolen from an artist.”

      ^ Just Blaze just said that song was for Ghostface, you know, the same guy Jigga co-signed at the retirement show @ MSG, when Jay was gonna start the Carter Administration @ Def Jam.

      • El Tico Loco

        Girl girls girls was Crash Crew way in the back of the crates.

        • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

          Well of course sir!

          *sings ‘Freedom’ old skool sample*

  • http://www.SpitBoss.com KLAP215

    TRUTH! Jay def stole Young Chirs’s flow!!!

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    MJ walked, he pushed off on byron russell, he took plays off, had a bad gambling problem, and was a bad teammate, but he still the greatest.

    I do recall Sigel doin the whisper joint. Rhyme schemes flows patters cadences have all been recycled. Nothing new is under the son.

    I will say rakim and ghost are two dudes who stayed tru throughout there careers. However, for the most part every rapper in the game has jack another rappers swag.

    They had songs with all of them whispering. Point Blank, jayz did more for them (including Cam) then they eva could do for him.

    get hot already.

  • http://xxlmag jayrucknyc

    ok…..I heard Jay do the whisper flow on Murda Marcyville way back in the day. It wasnt supposed 2 be on Bleek’s album. Anybody from ny knows that was a old Jay Z song that was out around 2001 which is waaaayyyyy b4 the Young Guns did tough love. and 2 my recollection Chris didnt do that flow on the first State Prop album did he? i dont think so. So what are people talking about?

  • sisa

    I agree with CraKK.
    Doesn’t his rhyme on TI’s watch what you say to me sound more like Eminem on 50′s patiently waiting?
    Most of the Black Album sounded like Eminem flow wise.

  • Darryl Nururdin

    Well, Well, Well I see we have another chump with another story about Rocafella shit from 2004-2005. Question if the Roc was doing business with any of these State Property cats since 2002-2005 and this dude just got released from doing a year in jail Why wasn’t he speaking about all the allegations after the split in oh 06-07-08-09, lets see he has an album he’s trying to get out, finish or whatever. Why cant dudes get their air play from talent instead of bitching and beefs fake or real. Is anyone going to buy this shit for his talent, no just to see what else he has to say about Jay and the Roc, that he cant sem to let go. Oh yeah I seen the interview, he also admitted that he was giving ample amount fo money to get a record out but he kept blowing his money. Plus he was given another shot and still produced no record, so please listen and read these whole interviews, because we are only paying attention to what he has to say about the ROC and Jay. Other than that were we looking for dude to drop any material, NOOO.

  • Fireforreal

    LOL I agree. It’s like how long will this bullshit go on. You feel Jay did this and didn’t do that. He’s a business man who happened to rap. He’s not none of ya’ll father.Peedi and Beans just couldn’t stay out of jail and kept playing the soooooooooo played out blame game. As thye see magazines and raio ONLY wants to hear about Jay not there own career without hime because there careers won’t exist anymore. Peedi said on a video you can find on worldstarhiphop.com about 2 weeks ago that when Jay was ready to get moving on peedi’s album peedi wasn’t ready and when he focused on getting his album done later. Then he was ready but Jay had other albums do work while being the head of Defjam. Alright State property members man up and go get yours. Ya’ll so street right ? in the streets if you have a set back with your hustle you man up stop crying and go get yours. This shit is getting old. Even Omillio sparks said there were times when Jay tried to get them to focus more and learn the business but they were distracted by flossing with bitches,plaens,jewelry,cristol etc……

  • trayday

    that nigga did say this many, many moons ago..thats all

  • http://losersalwayswin.blogspot.com TwisT

    idk, this does sound like a ploy for press,

    but i mean, still its not about who stole what…i honestly dont think jay-z would waste his time keeping some random kid down, just because he scared somebody might expose him for biting FLOW, its one thing to still lyrics, but i mean FLOW? really? this just like when big sean got accused of stealing somebody flow on “supa dupa” doesnt fucking matter, as long you can deliver. Im a artist…like…ART artist…if i see somebody doing some cool shit, then im gonna try it out too, thats we grow as artist…if i do it better than the original than the original need to step his game up or evolve

  • PHD

    so is ALL of State P bitter no account haters who blame everyone but themselves for their career mistakes…

    just do you and stop all the talk it aint helping sell NO albums. mp3s, mixtapes, t-shirts or empty water bottles.


  • Ay ta Z

    You know this is true because when Beanie Sigel was dissing Jay he said he stole his ideas on songs and used them

    Next it’l Be J. Cole