Before the Grammy nods and the multi-million dollar record contracts, Drake got his first taste of fame as Jimmy Brooks on the popular Canadian television series, Degrassi: The Next Generation. In a recent interview with XXL, the Toronto-bred artist says he hasn’t given up on his dreams of acting, but he has yet to be offered a role that interests him.

“That’s probably my biggest goal is to get back into acting and really pick the right projects,” Drizzy told XXL during his interview for May’s cover story. “I’ve been reading different scripts but I know what I want to do and what type of project I want to be involved in and I’ve just been getting the typical projects that they’d offer to a new rapper, and it’s like, ehh. That’s not really what I want to do, or how I see myself.”

Unlike most artists who are new to the movie business, Drake feels as if he deserves better. “I can actually act,” he explained. “I’ve studied acting. I’ve studied the craft and I’m also very open to receiving a role and committing my time whether it’s two weeks, a month, two months, before the movie starts shooting to really get into that role. Like I know what it is to do character research and really live as someone else in preparation for a movie, so that’s something I’m willing to do. I care about acting a lot so I’m excited to get back into it.”

To read more about Drake, pick up XXL’s May issue on stands now. —Elan Mancini, with additional reporting by Benjamin Meadows-Ingram