XXcLusive: David Banner Denies Suing QD3

News recently hit the ’Net that David Banner filed a lawsuit against Quincy Jones III’s company, QD3 Entertainment, and Virgil Films for using some of his songs in the Lil Wayne documentary The Carter. XXLMag.com spoke to the Mississippi rep about the suit and he said the reports are completely false.

According to Banner, he has no ill will towards Jones. “Me and Quincy talked three days ago,” he revealed. “Quincy’s my homie, Wayne is my homie, whatever’s going on between them, I don’t know what that is, but they are both very close friends of mine. And that [lawsuit] is not true, at all.

In fact, Banner went on to express there are no ill feelings towards Cash Money either. Many producers have complained about not getting paid by the Williams brothers for their work on Weezy’s multi-platinum Tha Carter 3 album, but Banner says he’s been compensated for “La La,” the track he produced for the disc. “Everything between me and Cash Money has been beautiful,” he said. “I haven’t had any problems. Baby and Slim have been good to me. Wayne has been good to me.”

When asked why he thinks things haven’t been that easy with Play-N-Skillz or Jim Jonsin, he responded, “ I don’t know and that’s none of my business at all.” —Jesse Gissen

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  • http://soundclick.com/thebeatbrigade Grenade

    Its good to hear that there is no beef.

    BUT I am surprised that he has no beef with royalties on the Carter 3…maybe cause he didn’t produce a single on it!

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  • Capostatus

    Stupid Southern Country non rapping ass monkey. Fuck i hate country rappers. U niggaz killed hip hop. N.Y the realest. We satrted this shit. Fuck ur southern non sophisticated dumb asses.

    • http://myspace.com/zuofmalitia Zulu

      First off you busta, hip hop came from Jamaica and its dancehall dj roots. NY just picked it up you ignirant pussy. Peace to all my NY souljahz who pay dues and respect the game. and Fuck you fake ass NY sophisticated ass. DirtySouth Bitch.

      • ask

        no u dumb ass idiot. hip-hop started in the bronx in the 1970′s and yall tried to run with it wit that bullshit yall listen to. the south just made it better.

    • http://www.emcdl.com EmCDL

      Wow really fam? Good music is universal everywhere, and the south does have good music….why the hate?



  • gift

    you stupid ass nigga. I bet you used to live in south too wit ya haten ass. Ny ain’t got nobody out there hot right now except Jigga. Ain’t no other east coast niggas selling shit, aside from Banks, but that’s just for his single. The south been runnin circles round the east coast for the last few years. WE know where it started, and on cool, alot of your so called NY niggas are ridin the south’s dick by soundin like em, constantly coming through the south to get shit poppin. if you don’t like it, go jerk off to an old mobb deep album you bitch ass nigga. You hate it cuz you can’t stop it. it’s one thing to state an opinion, but once you start just sayin stupid shit for the fuck of it, youd be better off hangin yourself. What you got capostatus in? nickel bag weed sells at the rucker?lol! Get the fuck out of here. the south got more niggas in hip hop with college degrees that any other region so you can throw that non-sophisticated shit out the window too. Play your stuck in the early 80′s music, and let the south keep runnin shit. know what i’m talking bout? fuck hip hop! this country rap tunes! in the words of the late great pimp c!
    Gift (proud to be from the south bitch!!!!!!)

    • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

      Y do U keep feeding this cat’s hatred? He ain’t speaking for all of NY.

      • The Decatur Dictator

        I’ll be quiet.

    • http://myspace/zuofmalitia Zulu

      tell this fuck boy please

  • Sha

    I actually find it kind of funny how all of the news mags and supposedly “unbiased” news organizations are quick to jump on some hip-hop beef(or maybe even quick to instigate it). Banner handled this the way a grown man should. Shout-out your boys on a positive level….State the facts….Say their beef is none of your business…. and step. Picking sides is for bitches anyway. There are many lives that probably could have been saved by applying this formula. Big Up, David Banner. I am continuously impressed with your applied intellect.

  • http://myspace.com/zuofmalitia zulu

    very true, and as southerners we are usually polite and have great hospitally. But when a fuck nigga disrespects my hood( the enitre South) we ride together like the underground railroad. Yo Capostatues or whatever name you dreamed up for yourself. Ill be in Woodside in July. The South comin to you

  • Face Phoenix

    What is up with Banner? He hasn’t made a peep in about a year now.

  • Big Felon

    fuk da east n da south nigga’s is lame west coast artist is da only nugga’s keepin it 100 ya’ll south nugga’s lie n ya’ll east nugga’s b snitchin, sniffin or smokin pipe, lets b serious all ya’ll talk about is drugs in ya’ll rhymes everybody cant b a dope bwoy some nugga’s is usin it west coast nugga’s stand the fuk up all these nugga’s is lame!

  • freesteve

    good thing there ain’t no beef cuz banner would merc anyone on cash money to include wayne…

  • forreal

    all the west coast and the south is talk about gettin money, thats all they talk about. midwest keeps it real. em, tech, bone thugs, check out atmosphere. and im form the south sayin this. i aint afraid to admit it

  • forreal

    none of them talk about money and shit like that. they keep in real hip hop. emotions run there mouths

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