On Monday night (May 3) in Columbia, Missouri hundreds of fans gathered at The Blue Note for XXL Freshman, Wiz Khalifa.

The smoke-filled room was to capacity, as tickets to the show sold out quickly in the college town.

The concert started off with the Pittsburgh, PA-native bursting onto the stage with his sparse track “Cabin Fever.” He then picked up the pace, with the crowd favorite “Burn After Rolling.”

The screams were overwhelming as he asked the audience if they were ready for songs from his latest mixtape, Kush & Orange Juice. The enthusiastic reaction made sense—as XXL previously reported, the project topped Twitter’s trending topics list when it was released last month—but the mention was just a tease.

Instead, Wiz jumped into material from previous tapes Deal or No Deal and Burn After Rolling. As soon as the beat dropped for “The Thrill,” The Blue Note was taken to another level. The excitement was then heightened even more as “Say Yeah” began and the crowd's participation overshadowed the rapper's vocals.

Material off Kush & Orange Juice was what the fans had really been waiting for. He started with “The Kid Frankie” which led into “Never Been,” “In Tha Cut” and “Up.”

As he prepped his departure, Wiz performed “Goodbye” and ended his set with “This Plane”

The next stop on Wiz’s Deal or No Deal tour is at the Glasshouse in Pomona, California on Wednesday, May 5. — Kamaria Gboro

Photos courtesy of Calvin Stovall. Click on images to enlarge.