Update: DMX Denied “Celebrity Rehab” Treatment

DMX can’t catch a break. TMZ reports that a judge has denied the troubled rapper’s request to leave Arizona and be a part of VH1′s reality series, Celebrity Rehab.

As previously reported, X is currently serving a six-month sentence in an AZ prison for violating his probation, stemming from an incident where he threw a food tray at an officer while he was locked up on drug, theft and animal abuse charges last year. Admitting to using cocaine on several occasions, the rapper was thrown back in jail in March.

Dr. Drew Pinksy wrote a letter to the judge asking to treat the Ruff Ryders rep at his Pasedena Recovery Center at the time of the incident. Last week, the judge shot down the request, sighting that the Yonkers MC was doing just fine in the court appointed substance-abuse program.

Apparently X would be allowed to leave the state and film for the show after the program is finished in July, but by then it would be too late for filming.

As of press time neither Pinksy or DMX have responded to the judge’s verdict. —Elan Mancini

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  • BeantownDude

    That’s pretty fucked up…dude wants to finally do something right and the judge shoots it down. Same old B.S.


  • Master CHeef

    dude’s too graphic for t.v.

  • Change

    I second Beantowndude that’s F***ed up dude trying to get back on track and the judge shoots him down. It’s probably cause he doesn’t want to see a black man Make IT. If it’s one thing I can’t stand it’s racism. X keep ya head up you’ll eventually get to where you want to be.

  • Sha

    I will take some heat for this one but…. I firmly agree with the judge’s decision on this one. Why should X be given a pass because he’s a celebrity? If anyone of us regular Joes had a drug addiction, do you think Dr. Drew would show up to save us? Besides… Dr. Drew ain’t slick. He’s trying to get paper off of X’s problem. Why should he be allowed to do that? If he truly needs help why should he go on TV and clown himself for a few ratings? That shit doesn’t help anyone. No crackheads are going to be tuned in to see how X navigates his demons. That would be most definitely exploited for ratings. I personally believe 2 things need to happen.

    1. First X needs to look within himself to see if he really wants to get clean. This stint in prison rehab will be a guaranteed failure because it is forced on him. In my experience those who successfully get clean decided THEMSELVES to change their lives.

    2. He needs to get away from hip-hop permanently

    Addictive personalities can’t handle the entertainment business. And as long as he is here with hoes bouncin’ in videos and all of his boys smoked out, he will be continuously exposed to that temptation.

    I respect X for what he’s done. But this is survival. Don’t make more records for us, X. We will be alright. We want you to survive and tell this story of survival to your children. That is basic love from a basic human being. Real talk.

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

    The full press release from AP states that in the letter from Dr. Phil to the court is says that DMX WOULD NOT have been on the show, he would have been @ THE FACILITY, YET HIS STAY WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN FOR TV (recorded). I dropped this before here @ XXL. Understand that celebs have been going to Dr Phil before the show was even on TV.

    c/s Sha. X ain’t gonna get clean if his mental ain’t clean.

    “But this is survival. Don’t make more records for us, X. We will be alright. We want you to survive and tell this story of survival to your children. That is basic love from a basic human being. Real talk.”


  • IndyKid

    It’s awesome how this is being interpreted as racism from some of you cats. Because that is exactly what the judge is trying to do; ‘keep a black man down’. He couldn’t possibly be keeping an already floundering celebrity/convicted felon from garnering more publicity and more stress for just trying to get clean. Grow up guys, he could be black, yellow, purple, or green. Law is law dude.

    Sorry bout it



    Fuck all that gay shit ya’ll niggas talkin.
    Ayo X,i got those red tops for your pipe.
    Holla at ya boy on my paypal account.
    You don’t need rehab X,so keep smokin.

    Times are bad,and everyone is against you,Yung Burg as we speak is gettin robbed.You don’t need them,all you is some red and purple tops in your life.Without crack,your career is through.

    So grab that pipe and some fresh brillo and a lighter and let get crackin.

  • savagej

    guys really? its only a few more months i am sure x ain’t stressing it.and how he gonna quit rap now? hes stuck in the industry if he wants to make money he got to comeback HARD. few more months in jail will hopefully bring some hungry shit out the dog again.i see alot of rappers who fall off after they get a lil cheddar. got to go back where you came from if you wanna remember who you were.

    • savagej

      an rock monster your just an idiot that needs some sweet chin music put on your bitch ass.


        Thank you Savage J for the love.If you need some of that Kurtis Blow,I got it.
        Also you mentioned somethin about sweet chin music? L.O.L

        If anybody gets that it’ll be you with your 90′s soundin name.What does the J stands for?Is it Jo,as in Jo Jo Dancer?
        Maybe you need to do like he did and set yourself on fire,crack baby.Don’t nobody gives a fuck about a washed up crackhead except fat white bitches and a she male named Savage J.

        • ROCK MONSTER

          I just wanted to point out why i’m makin fun of DMX.

          1.He’s been a smoker for years,it’s a shame that some of ya’ll are leaving messages of hope for the nigga but will throw salt on the crackhead in your hood.This is an perfect example of something catching up to him.He chose to smoke crack,he wasn’t born addicted to it.

          Whatever he’s runnin from,now is the time to deal with it.This was going to happen eventually.That’s life.It’s like not paying your taxes on time or either not at all,sooner or later you’re gonna have to deal with the I.R.S in the long run.You can’t run or hide from yourself forever.

  • Big felon

    fuk x he deserve all he get from the time i found out this nugga was a baser i cant fuk wit him, is it me or has the whole world gone lame since wen did real street nugga’s start fukin wit basers unless he coppin somethin we aint got nothin 2 talk about ya feel me im a real hood nugga i dont fuk wit lames, west coast stand the fuk up!


    I think that X has finally come along. I think that whatever hels him become his full self again is what is needed. Why fix something that ain’t broke. Is this a money stunt, or are we really looking out for X’s wellbeing?

  • Mama Mia

    DMX, i miss the craziness in his rhymes from the late 90′s., It seemed for the most part he’s fighting himself against doing the right things. I wish him well