Suge Knight Arrrested on Gun Charges

Suge Knight may be headed back to prison. The former West Coast rap mogul was arrested in L.A. early Thursday morning (May 20) for allegedly assaulting a man with a firearm, reports ABC News.

Suge was picked up by the California Highway Patrol at 12:30 a.m. after a man called the police and said Knight threatened him with a gun an hour earlier.

The former Death Row honcho is currently being held by the LAPD on a warrant alleging he was behind the wheel with a suspended license.

If convicted, Knight will most likely return to jail for violating the terms of his probation.

Knight made headlines last March when he was accused of robbing Bay Area rapper Yukmouth of $92,000 worth of jewelry. Last year the Suge was also fingered in robbing the house of Akon’s producer, Detail. Earlier in 2009, the 45-year-old plead guilty to assaulting his girlfriend.

Stay tuned to as the story develops. —Elan Mancini

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  • niggaplease

    Damn nigga jus damn. Your 45 nigga you old as fuck. Give it up and go raise your damn kids instead of being a goon AT 45 YEARS OLD. Why does Suge not have other people doing this shit for him??? It isn’t 1995 no more and this mans priors are adding up.

  • Star

    Suge is Dumb As Hell!! I agree with niggaplease. He’s old as hell and should use his business brain and leave his hood shit alone!
    He ain’t nothing but a hoodrat who had a little success outside the hood!
    I actually tired of hearing about this loser!

  • Anonymous

    lol…you must be kids. suge doesnt have brains or a business sense anymore. too much drugs in his system. This is part of the reason hes a woman beater and jacks people…hes just an angry washed up nobody now.

  • LuNaTiks2Cents

    OlE STUUUPIIID ass mothafucka, had the chance to do somethin when he first got releassed a decade ago and still manages to fuck a good thing up.

  • Sha

    That karma is a bitch! But I feel sadness in reading this. Not about a man making a mistake, but because he continues to make mistakes. Suge was always a bully. Take away the fame, money, and power and he is still a bully….with not much else. His entire life has been devoted to putting forth this persona of fear. I never hear about his family having his back. I never hear about any of his boys going to bat for him. He has alienated himself like a clumsy chess piece and has become expendable to everyone that knew him. A sad day. But justice is a two-faced bitch. Some days she rides with you and some days she rides for the people you fucked over. Real talk.

  • anutha_level

    don’t LA have some kind of 3 strike rule or some shit? they need to lock this nigga up for life…

    ol senior citizen menace ass nigga!

  • Face Phoenix

    Somewhere in the land of make believe Uncle Ruckus is smiling at this fool.

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  • BeerGangsta

    Bitch will always be a Bitch! Sug ugly azz got knock out twice. Next time Bitch will be dead. Satan got this fucker so brainwash! I have no love for this jack azz and will tell the bastard in her face!

  • over

    lol…. this dude trying to hard to get people to fear/respect him again. fuckin idiot. it was all down hill when that dude busted your hole and and left your bitch ass face down on slab of concrete.

  • BeerGangsta

    i is very mad when i hearded this. suge knight was my favorite d12 member. suge knight was a good rapper. i liked him when he rapped. i hopes that he dosent go 2 jail.


      ARE you joking? Or, did you pound to many beers today?? Suge in D12. That shits funny! Suge never spit a rap in his life (At least not on wax).

      Suge took Death Row Records from a Conglomerate to a joke. He fucked up the West.

  • Q461

    undeniably the most hated man in hip-hop…karma’s a bitch Suge!

  • Jamal7Mile

    I’d give him a year, maybe two, before someone lays him down for good. I’ve known a few Suge Knights out here in Detroit and they are all dead. I’ve seen this play out quite a few times.

    And Suge Knight in D12? BWAHAHAHAHAAAAA!! Stop smokin’ that crack, man!

  • Q461

    i bet dude confused Suge for Bizarre LOL! two fat ass niggaz thats too funny

  • $yk

    “I’d give him a year, maybe two, before someone lays him down for good. I’ve known a few Suge Knights out (T)here…”

    ^ troofis J7M

    Neva wishing death on any man, but I can see a lil’ cat getting revenge for having his lunch $ taken…

    And a stack that ain’t BeerGangsta (2nd comment).

    Diet Tony whaddup yo?

    • Jamal7Mile

      $yk, what up doe?

      You know something? After reading that 2nd comment…naw, that ain’t BeerGangsta! My apologies to Diet Tony – someone’s joking around. BG has a certain ‘e-voice’ when he posts, and that ain’t it.

      Not wishing death on Suge either. Or any man. But I’ve seen this movie before.

      • $yk

        *pounds up a Commission seat holder*

  • Anonymous

    hes a bitch. i still think he knows who shot pac. most def needs to stay in jail.

    • Jack Tripper

      Mostly everybody in the know in Cali knows who pulled that trigger on pac. Dude’s dead and gone. He got popped in Compton years ago.

  • Anonymous

    i agree wit niggaplease…suge c’mon man its time to get ur shiit straight dawgg

  • caino81

    Like someone said he is a bully, but kats are now grown up and aint scared of the bully any more! he will be dead soon enough, which is sad. But he needs to grow a pair, and stay out of trouble!

  • Anonymous

    meth is a helluva drug

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  • Anonymous

    to the guy way above…suge actually has spit before…aweful. but point is he has.

  • Teddy

    karma man karma

  • Ketta