Mystikal Brings Out Mannie Fresh at Houston Concert [With XXcLusive Photos]

“Here I Go!” Those three words was all that was required for the diehard fans packed in the House of Blues last night (May 11) to know that Mystikal, the New Orleans-bred MC with the trademark guttural flow, was back in Houston to perform for the first time since his release from prison in January.

“Houston was the biggest batch of my supporters,” Mystikal said. “I appreciate all the love, support and letters.”

Mystikal no longer wore the signature twisted braids and had obviously touched a few weights during his six-year bid for a sexual battery and extortion charge. He was jeweled out with a sizeable medallion representing the logo of his label, Big Truck Records and brought out producer Mannie Fresh to join him onstage while he performed. Michael Tyler engaged the crowd in a “We Miss You Mystikal” chant before tackling the first song on his set list, “Mystikal Fever,” from Let’s Get Ready.

From the jump, it was obvious that his stint in the Louisiana State Prison system did nothing to vanquish his uncontainable energy. His rapid-fire bark was evident on familiar hits like, “Here I Go,” “The Man Right Chea,” and “It Ain’t My Fault.”

The multi-platinum rapper’s Michael Jackson-esque dance moves in the middle of “Y’all Ain’t Ready Yet,” after the “Bad like Mike” refrain, were the highlight of the night. Mystikal then offered up “Tarantula,” “I Smell Smoke,” “Move Bitch” and the chart-topper “Danger (Been So Long).” The former No Limit soldier then assured fans that his new album will “make people shake the teeth out they muthafuckin’ face” before offering his newest single, “I’m a Beast,” from his yet untitled comeback album to be released on Jive.

Before ending his 45-minute set, Mystikal invited five ladies from the audience to join him onstage to shake their money-makers to the performance of the most popular song in his catalogue, “Shake Ya Ass.”

The hip-hop wolrd is glad to have Mystikal back home. —Maurice Bobb

Photos courtesy of Xphaqtor. Click on image to enlarge.

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  • Capostatus

    Somebody send this Southern Country Ass Rapper back to jail for another 10 years. U niggaz killed hip hop. N.Y will take it back soon. U country dogs cant rap, flow or deliver. You just put words together just to match with ur simple nursery rhymes. Dogs.

    • HU

      @capostatus, What the fuck are you talking about? Yes, southern rappers are retarded but you’ve got the wrong one here. Mystikal is a real rapper and will shit on almost anyone in the game. He’s got lyrics, stories, delivery, the whole fucking package. You sound dumb as fuck making that boilerplate statement about one of the best rappers alive. Slap yourself 3 times.

      Also, I apologize if you meant to post your statement under the Gucci Mane video, that must be what happened here. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

    • niyoTrump

      capostatus sounds like another bitter broke ass new york hiphop head..and he must be past 30…the way he just bad mouthing the south and how we run the must not be a successful person cuz u got a sour taste in your mouth homie. all that bout to talkaint whats up…the south runnin this shit the norht is over deal with it bitch..yall lost yall losing and that makes yall losers…watch we hold it down from infinty and beyond fuck face

      • Grippboi

        i second that notion homie , dude Capostatus sound bitter as hell, im from FL and i grew up listening to the west, east and south. it aint about the coast homie its, who making the hottest music. its still many successful rappers in NY And how you calling yourself capostatus like jim jones and he love the south, eat a dick

    • swype-matic

      This is the first post I’ve ever done on here and I been readin’ for a long time, but I just had to post here cuz you sound like a mad hater. Sure, gucci and wayne are all over the radio and tv, but that ain’t what the south is all about. To say the south killed hip hop is to discredit everything UGK, Scarface, OutKast, Ludacris and a host of others have ever done, INCLUDING Mystikal. And this is comin’ from somebody with a lot of Nas, Ghostface, Mobb Deep and Cormega in my collection.

      • EST.1987

        We jam what we choose to jam but like Pac say yall you old niggaz flabby like Larry Holmes move over. Get out the way for some young gladiators who runnin this shitWayne been puttin it down 4 a minute now so here come Gucci,Boosie and a host of other artist to follow so until the south buzz dies qUIT HATIN THE SOUTH…Yall say we country nigga then hee-haw

    • cashvilles don

      nigga eat a dick we getting money in the south youll keep starvin that big ass city all that trash everywhere give respect earn respect coward

    • Anonymous


    • Dninc

      You discribed, Soulja boy, Guffi mane, Wacka fagga, and Opay da loose man

    • nolia boy


  • Blog-ologist

    If it aint live, it aint me!!!!!!!! Best Mystikal song was “Out that Boot Camp Clicc”!!!!

  • Blog-ologist

    Best feature was on Ghetto Dope…Captain Kirk!!! Who begs to differ?!!!!

    • Enlightened

      Hold up wait a minute lil’ Mama you got me bent/ what the fuck you mean where I been who I was with/ and where the fuck I went/ you gettin beside ya self you probably would if I let ya/ but I ain’t gon’ put you on no pedestal…

      Yeah, he went in on that one. You might be right. You took me back with that one

  • Airjunior23

    Capo – FUCK YOU, you hella dumb. I don’t ususally say this, but FUCK NEW YORK if thats the way you feel. New York ain’t dropped shit but Jay-Z in like three years. I’m East Oakland, west coast and I fucks with Mystical punk. You sour ass grape. Don’t get mad get better. Stop thinking niggas named Papoose is gone save yall coast. lol. Nah he got flows. I’m happy somebody other than the east gettin shine. Most of the best rappers came from there. but that dont mean they are the end all be all of rap. If you say the west aint got Artists i will slap the Game out ya mouth and stick a Ice Cube in it. lol.

  • Grenade

    Good news! Mystical is the shit and his energy is 1 of a kind! It would be dope to see him live! And its cool/random that he brought out Mannie Fresh.


  • Grenade

    Good News! I like Mystical, seeing him in concert would be dope! He is so energetic!

  • Danger

    Are we still “claimin’ sets?” East Coast, West coast, country and what not? Music has different styles and flavors meant for many ears and interpretations. Seems silly to spit nonsensical foolishness when it does nothing to move toward positivity. Both Mystikal and Jay-Z hit hard but it is apples and oranges. Opinions are like assholes everyone has them but you don’t have to be one to deliver your shit!

  • The_Truth

    **”Capostatus” is stuck in ’96 with his pant leg rolled-up, its obvious you’re a LAME. . .good music is good music REGARDLESS of where its from OR who’s rap/ singing it. So dont come on here with that ‘anything from NY is real’ BS.

    Show-n-prove then.

  • EST.1987

    Nigga these country rap tunes is whats up right now you up north niggaz don’t have to fuck wit us we don’t need you you put our shit on one side of the store and yo shit on the other side nigga we go sale out move over you up north niggaz old flabby lookin like larry holmes all you niggaz aint down wit the play fuck ya

  • Airjunior23

    All i’m saying is what Truth is saying. Like I said i’m from the west and I respect all south cats as well as NY cats or east coast music in general. I hate when them sour ass cats who can’t live up that name start bitchin. NY runs the air waves and radio they should be grateful. Get better with the rhymes. Mystikal has a Hood Classic under his belt. Unpredictable, go get it. Peace

  • htown chic

    that was the best concert this year so far that I’ve been too. “The Man Right Here” was jammin so hard and “Here I Go” was off the chain!!!!! We need some more Mystikal Jams ASAP!



  • smashin

    that dude capo is a mad hater but a lot of southern rap is woca woca whack,my point is we all got sisters and this dude is a rapist,he should be casterated onstage not preforming onstage.

    • Anonymous

      dude had a chick sleep wit him and his homies while he tapped it because she stole awhole lotta sh*t from him and he told her thats how she could pay him back then he told her that he would sale the tape if she didnt sleep wit him until he said when her debt was paid, and this her words not his. He didn’t actually RAPE her, it was a sexual assault charge but not a rape charge

  • EmCDL

    I’m glad Mystikal is back, the game needs him!

  • Studio Thug

    Yeah a lot of people dont know but Mystikal bringing Mannie Fresh out on stage is big if you know the history of New Orleans rap. Cash Money & Mystikal’s old label Big Boy had beef and Fresh was the producer of one of the most classical diss songs in history UNLV’S Drag’ Em From The River (Directly aimed at Mystikal).

    NY Niggas I love NY rap just like all other coast but all your old artist are making sequels to their most well received albums which is corny and the new NY Rappers are garbage (Maino, Cory Gunz, Red Cafe, Uncle Murda, Vado etc.)

  • Magnetic

    Co-sign Smashin, what Mystikal did was foul, mad flagrant. But thats the past, he did his bid and paid his debt to society. That being said Mystikal was missed, he is one of the few Southern cats that actually give Southern hip hop a good name. I love that mofucka’s music

  • Enlightened

    The Michael Jackson shit!

    I remember the first time I heard of the nigga he was doing “Y’all Ain’t Ready Yet” on Soul Train and he did that shit.

    Mystikal is up there with niggas like Twista in the category of most underrated of all time. Niggas who lyricism and verses and resume stack up with the greats, but it never gets said

  • Cleofis Jenkins

    On the real, we all waitin for a NY cat to drop something relevant, NY cats gotta go see them Down South Producers because thats the sound now, dumb your lyrics down…I hate to say that but it is what it is, young cats really don’t want to think that deep in their music anymore, jam in the club and in whips but cats don’t drop classics anymore, just looking for one hit

    either get down or stay down, Mystikal did some grimmy grime, shoot we all done did something grimmy that was borderline criminal…..he just got caught, get on your feet homey and drop some more classics with your old self

    Capo know what you sayin bruh, but you gotta know when the game moved past you, sometimes cats take the original and flip it…do what I do bruh, 2000 I was still rockin Pun, Big, DMX, Jay and Cannibus, now ya boy playin Marvin Gaye and Earth Wind and Fire, I don’t knock them young southern cats (cause they stackin paper) I just got my grown man on!

  • Big Felon

    Mystikal 1 of the best? ya’ll cant b fukin serious, this nugga aint had 1 hot album unless u like that commercial lame ass fast talkin bullshit, everybody in da game street cred is on the line right now nigga’s is snitchin n constantly lying in they rhymes nas was right wen he said hip hop is dead cuz all we got now is rappers and no mc’s!

  • Big Felon


  • Cleofis Jenkins

    Nah Felon, he ain’t one of the best but he left an imprint, cats that know his music way back know he had some classic joints that you can only understand if you did time in the Army, dropped some joints about his sister getting murdered, being grimmy in N O, cat had some joints the had some substance. I’m ain’t from there but I respect anyone who can spit it differently and he was the first of his kind. Kinda ushered in Crunk if you will, so dude get a spot!

    I think all will agree hip hop is on life support but it ain’t no different then any other music genre, rock,jazz, blues all started in the alleys and slums and the folks with money commercialized it,it has evolved and changed, has become mad commercial, but that ain’t all the artist fault, the labels won’t pay for concious rappers and lets face nobody will buy it, cats wanna be heard so they get heard how they can, can’t knock that, cats can sit around and be salty, critique, and hate or cats can pull out some tribe called quest and jam a taste, put it back up cause the youngins don’t wanna hear it, cats gotta realize we had our time bruh, get down or get left

  • Cleofis J

    I feel ya dog, I done did it all, I’m a midwest cat bruh, i done lived on every coast, i got Bo, X Raided, Yuk all them cats in the collection as well as the East Coast Cats (Mobb Deep and Nas was mad ill) and UGK and Scarface was my Ninjaz (RIP Pimp C) so I can kick it unbiased, But Felon my dude, it’s a different Era, right now Wayne and Drake the only cats attempting to be lyrical, man I wasn’t feelin Wayne until I heard him spit some deep on a mix joint about Katrina and the flood, after that I tipped my hat,cuz dude droppin metaphors about stuff from the 80s yo, bruh it’s like recognizing Jordan and comparing Kobe and Lebron to him, different Era, can’t stay stuck and be bitter Jordan got old and retired, hell maine, everybody get old bruh, I’m sure C Bo and Yuk bout to have some grandkids shortly LOL, gotta get our grown man on eventually and let them youngins have the floor

  • The Decatur Dictator

    Silence yourself “Capostatus”-When NY steps up to the plate and puts out some heat, then the conversation can be worth while, until then…suffer in silence.


  • Anonymous

    naw fuck the south nj

  • cashvilles don

    hey u eastcoast dick riders got the south fucked up we getting real money down here we got the beamers benz and bentleys foreal ask yo mommas u probaly my son jerk azz nicca fuck you swipe jumpers cashville in this bitch

  • cashvilles don

    fuck newyork youll best rapper 42 years old and youll grind is fucked up i was there for the summer you niggaz are starving all them little vales and shit nigga that hand to hand shit been thru in the south nigga we bosses beamers benz and bentleys foreal and we not rapping we trapping 24/7 you niggaz quit swagger jacking ”son ”

  • Dninc

    Mystikal gets love from all over, from NY to LA to NC to Houston to Miami, this nigga is everywhere and can still spit better than most of the Rappers out there, go to one of his shows if you doubt him, the nikka full of Energy, he still can spit, he can probably rap his lyrics backwards and still spit better than ya favorite rapper lol, Mystikal about to take over the game again and im glad everybody aint forgot and im glad he aint miss a beat, get Mistikal! go reclaim that thrown, New Orleans need a New Ambassador, Lil Wayne fucked up when he went soft and started singin with auto-tunes and then went to jail leaving everybody with a bad impression on him, now it’s your turn!