Lil Wayne Caught With Unauthorized Contraband

Lil Wayne is doing all that he can to maintain in jail. Apparently that includes working on his music without regard to the rules of his prison.

According to the Village Voice, Wayne was caught yesterday (May 11) at Rikers with unauthorized earphones and a charger hidden inside of the garbage can in his cell. An MP3 player that went along with it was found hidden in the cell of another inmate.

In an interview earlier this year Weezy told Rolling Stone that he planned to keep working in prison: “I’ll have an iPod, and I’ll make sure they keep sending me beats.”

As previously reported, a prison guard at Rikers Island, was fired last month for allegedly spying on Lil Wayne. According to New York’s Daily News, Negron is preparing a federal suit against New York City. She claims that union big wigs made her say that she was gawking at the New Orleans superstar, while on the job. —Brooklyne Gipson

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    Lil Wayne: “The Greatest Mumbler Alive”

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  • HNIC

    They should let him have his ipod. It’s not like he smuggled in narcotics or weapons.

    • $yk

      The MP3 player can be used as a weapon (headphone wires for strangulation, unit broken up and sharpened).

      • HNIC

        This is true. Point taken. But, we’re talking about Lil Wayne here, not a hardened, lifer/killer. Although, I guess that under the wrong circumstances, in a life or death situation, anyone has the capacity to become a killer, if pushed to that limit, or given the opportunity (if you’re not wrapped to tight, or if you have a motive, or just simply trying to prove yourself). So, again, I see your point.

        • $yk

          No doubt H.

          At least Wayne already has weed carriers in there for stashing purposes.

          Notice how they had the unit and he had the accessories.

  • DJ SYK


    • $yk

      DJ SYK says:

      ^ THIS AIN’T ME Y’ALL.

      The $ykotic Don McCaine

      • Capital G

        No dollar sign, no link, no worries fam. Dude does need a new handle though.

  • gaddic


  • lilwaynedickrider

    hey leave wheeezy weez f baby alone….he didnt hurt nobody

  • 2Trill

    c’mon now he aint hurtin nobody. yea i know it can be used as a weapon & all that but somebody snitched on him for wut. they given out awards or sum? its peolpe in there with way more sh*t than him my homeboi locked up & he called me a couple days ago from his cell phone. sum1 was prolly just on a snitchin spree…smh

  • mikel

    saw the headline thought for sure it would have been syrup he got caught with

  • Big Felon

    didnt this nugga say he’d rather b pushin flowers than 2 b in the penten showers cuz after he kissed baby on the lips he got every nasty ass nugga in the pen right now sodomizin his ugly ass

  • ceedat

    Wishful thinking from the Big Felon “If only I was there too”


    im glad weezy got locked up. maybe he will harden up and start making some fuckin music again.

  • T Bizzle

    Fuck That little nigger…dude deserves the time

  • quest13

    Hate to bust your chops but there is not any type of “authorized” contraband in jail, that is why they call it contraband. If somebody already pointed this out, sorry.

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