Juvenile Goes Into “Beast Mode” This July

Juvenile is gearing up to release his tenth studio LP, Beast Mode, just in time for summer.

The former Cash Money rapper says the disc was specifically made for the hot season. “The main reason for putting out this record in the summer is that it’s a summer album,” says Juvie. “I made this album for my fans, especially for my female fans out there.”

Drop That Azz” will be the first single off the follow-up to last year’s Cocky and Confident.

The album will be released July 6, though E1 Music. —Brooklyne Gipson

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  • Capostatus

    Who Cares, he’s from the South.

    • Anonymous

      Fuck u mean he from da south…we the realest

    • BigPaul

      Here goes this DUMBASS again. Anything that falls out of this cat’s mouth is not worthy listening to. WHAT ARE YOU, KKK? A REGIONAL RACIST NIGGA! And I aint even from the south! I hope somebody whoops yo ass(& they from the south) for speaking that blasphemy!

    • deemajor

      JIM JONES get off the internet and make better music LMFAO

    • 505 Soulja

      FUck u mutafucka tha south iz tha realest 504 til i die bitch!!

  • The_Truth

    **I got love for Juve, but his career ended after ‘G-Code’.

    • Will E. Will

      haha BEFORE G-code

  • HU

    Drop That Azz is a good summer jam. I look forward to it. It’ll be worth a download.

  • LukeCage

    This isn’t a Beast Wars concept album? FOH.

  • terry

    BUGGGS THE ROCKA Mutant Level 5 LP coming soon

  • The Decatur Dictator

    @ Capostatus—–Dude trying to insite riots out here. Hey, Juvie is gabage, but to say “He from the south” kind of shows your ignorance. Where you from Istanbul? Prolly live in the country somewhere in Maryland, might as well be from the south.

    • Southcidal

      Juvie is garbage? Aint a nigga in Decatur or anywhere else in Georgia is fucking with him. Don’t let this shit for the ladies get it twisted, Juvie could go toe to toe lyrically with whoever. Do your homework.

  • vaughn

    Mane i’m from the south , so whats up? stop hatin on us, cuz we shinin’ and everybody else aint. @Capostatus u sound like a hater from the west… say it aint so blood



  • tobi

    the south is mainstream garbage, capo has a good point.

  • Reckless The Final Product

    i am not a fan of juvenile i dont like his music. and he might not even be focused cuz im pretty sure he is still traumatized from that incident a little while back when he found his wife and little son killed. who can really fully recover from that. thats a really messed up thing to go through.

    • Reckless The Final Product

      **Correction it was his 4 yr old daughter

  • 6661joker

    To me Juvie still got it. Reality Check deserves to be up there with The Carter 3. Especially since he is not swagger jacking New York’s style like Lil Wayne. Juvie keep it 3rd Coast. Ever since he left CM. He has been getting black balled by Baby & Wayne. Don’t believe me look at BG & Mannie Fresh’s career. They don’t want any former Cash Money member to surpass Wayne or CM. There is a conspiracy theory or rumor to better put it. That Baby & CM are behind Soulja Slim’s death because he was becoming a threat. He too was a former CM star. So….