Diddy to Appear on “Inside the Actors Studio” Tonight

Set your DVRs, Sean “Diddy” Combs will be making his first appearance on the popular Bravo television series Inside the Actors Studio tonight (May 25) at 7 p.m. EST.

Puff sat down with host James Lipton back in April to talk about his new role in the upcoming Judd Apatow-produced movie, Get Him to the Greek, as well as his history in such films as Made, Monster’s Ball and his Broadway debut in A Raisin in the Sun. The hip-hop mogul also spoke extensively on his life in the music business and early days growing up in Harlem.

“This is one of my most revealing and insightful interviews to date,” Diddy said in a press release. “It really captures my personal and professional life in the purest and most honest way. As I continue on this journey, I hope to make great films that will entertain the world.”

“This episode is one of the most remarkable and satisfying portraits of an artist in the 16-year history of the series,” added Lipton.

The Bad Boy founder will also appear on the cover of the June issue of XXL for the first time ever. In the comprehensive story written by Thomas Golianopoulos, Puff gives insight into his ubersuccessful business mind, his forthcoming album, Last Train to Paris and on his grind to the top to become hip-hop’s No. 1 mogul.

XXL’s new issue will be in stores nationwide on June 1, 2010. —Elan Mancini

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  • bryan

    James Lipton:

    If nobody has called it yet, you’ve just officially jumped the shark.

  • jp

    Cosign Bryan. What are they gonna show clips of Made and Carlito’s Way Rise to Power?

  • Face Phoenix

    Ubersuccessful? I guess if you call having one of the Number One Labels in Hip Hop and then turning it into a complete joke Ubersuccessful. Seeing him on this program is like having a week of the best cameo actors on that program. Why not have an ACTUAL ACTOR on rather than him?

  • hiphopdoc

    the fuck is diddy doing on inside the actors

    studio, first justin bieber gets a bet award

    nod and now this. What is he going to talk

    about, how he screwed so many people over?

    Ole Shady ass ninja!

  • DV8

    ummmm…..i guess 50 Cent or Master P (moguls who cant act for shit) will be appearing on the show next. SMH…Diddy cannot act and the clips from his new movie looks like Making The Band but scripted. Wait….Making The Band was scripted.

  • RaulMartinez

    @DV8 I wanna see what he has to say on this show, maybe it’s not all about acting, we’ll have to watch and see. His new movie looks funny regardless of his interaction so I think it’s worth seeing

  • Sha

    Huh????? Diddy is an actor?

  • sb

    you think about the great actors and directors that have been on the stage and you think about their long body of work that they contributed to acting..some between 30 to 50 years, that have made classic films,had classic roles..Ane then to have puff on that stage??? A mediocre actor at best doesn’t make sense…

  • Isee

    It’s the machine, homie back hot. His relevance is based on the accomplishment of others’ success, he is and always will be one of the best producers of artist, and brands. He aligns himself with dope brands, takes them to the next level, and then sells. A good businessman can get in any business and play the role. Hence, actor. Should be interesting. I’d like to see him produce Keyshia Cole’s next album, just for r&b’s sake.

    • sb

      not taking away anything from him as a businessman, he’s made huge accomplishments…And he is a brand…However to have him on that show as an actor just doesn’t seem right..He hasn’t earned it yet..As an accomplished actor…I can think of 2 people off the top that should be on there…Don Cheadle and Jeffery Wright….They have put in work for 20 plus years…Not sure if they have made it yet…But Diddy is that dude when it comes to marketing and re-inventing himself….”Hello good morning” is one one the best songs I’ve heard from homie in a minute.

  • smashin

    i watched killer season the other day and i hadnt laughed that hard in weeks.95% of rappers should be “inside the actors studio” with their fake ass lyrics,rick ross should get an oscar.

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  • OxBattalion

    This was actually a good show, very introspective. I know he was promoting the get him to the greek movie, but it was a cool show to watch

  • brown.jo

    “Inside the Actors Studio” is a really good show to watch because it shows the audience a different side of the actors. On the other hand, “Get Him to the Greek” is going to be such a funny movie. I can’t wait for it to come out on June 4th!

  • NYjoe23

    Yea I saw Diddy on Inside The Actors Studio and I was impressed. I think he’s actually gonna be really funny. Peep this link with Diddy talking about Get Him To The Greek and his role in it: http://www.vladtv.com/video/20084/diddy-and-casts-speak-on-his-role-in-get-him-to-the-greek/