Diddy Inks Exclusive Deal With Macy’s

Come next spring, Macy’s will be the only store to carry the Sean John men’s sports collection. The Associated Press reports that Diddy signed a deal with the retail giant earlier this week to be the exclusive supplier of his clothing brand.

According to Sean John president Dawn Robertson, as part of the new agreement, customers won’t be able to find SJ products in such stores as Dillards and Belk Inc. as soon as October.

“It was a difficult decision,” Robertson told the AP in regards to pulling out of the other stores. But under the new direction, SJ will eventually be available in all of Macy’s 800 locations, and be featured more prominently in the chain’s advertisements and on the sales floor.

Robertson says SJ has had an increase in sales over the past six months, after losing popularity over the last few years.

In related news, along with inking exclusive business deals with Macy’s, Diddy recently signed up to co-manage Rick Ross’s career. Young Money princess Nicki Minaj also reportedly recruited the hip-hop mogul as her new rep. —Elan Mancini

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  • Sha

    Diddy is a good business man. I can’t hate on him for getting his money. But he definitely ain’t gettin’ paper from selling records any more. No fool is crazy enough to sign with Badboy just to be pimped and played by the Diddy business machine. In reference to management… Time will tell. I personally think Nicki and Ross fucked up on this one. You shouldn’t establish business based on what someone has DONE in the past, but it should be based on what they are DOING NOW. The same mistake was made with everyone signing to AFTERMATH. They signed because of what Dre had done in the past. And so… when it all falls down, they can only say that they were signed to a legend’s label. They have no career to show for it. Real talk.

  • El Tico Loco

    “True B boys don’t wear Sean John”

    • Pablo

      Thats real talk

  • Slient-J

    co-sign i agree with sha im from jacksonville,fla i feel artists get overhype to the fact that your going to a label that has the dres,50 and puffy and don’t realize if there going to become what they are look at puff made big,mase,112,faith,total stars same token screw bunches of people too and look how they went yea signing with dre is a great look but ask yourself what’s he gonna take you 50′s level with 4 albums and which first 2 classics or stat quo level and not released a album at all puff’s shady can’t trust him dre’s the biggest and greatest producer ever and at least he’ll make you a good artist just not great.

  • brand-new

    take that..take that

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

    Sha be building!

    But since Puff said he ain’t the Mgr of Ross & Minaj I gotta say there’s some industry fukkery going on. I saw press releases, then blog gossip.

    But Puff bragging ’bout gettin’ a half a mil in Vegas while Black Rob said he’s starving ain’t a good look. Throw one of the rubber band stax towards Rob’s way Puff.

  • BK’s Finest

    I failed to see how this is good news to him or anybody. For one, stores like Loemanns, Century 21, Bloomingdales, and Saks are all retail giants. Why limit your sales to one store/distributor? And Two, alot of people don’t even wear Sean Jean or let alone shop in Macy’s that much unless they go into the Polo or Rugby section.

    I repect him as a business man (minus the music industry!) but I don’t think this is a good look for him.

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  • Anonymous

    diddy is the man so MACY’s got down with him…I just hope that diddy get some new friends and stop hanging with rick ross!..he is wack!

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