David Banner Co-Signs Dirty South Hip Hop Honors

As always, this year’s VH1 Hip Hop Honors is causing plenty of controversy. Dedicated to the entire Dirty South, many of the region’s rap pioneers have publicly spoken out against the show including Scarface, Uncle Luke and Tony Draper. Meanwhile, XXLMag.com recently spoke to David Banner about his feelings on the event and the Mississippi rapper had absolutely no problems with the annual affair.

Banner, who will be hosting a segment at the ceremony, said like any of these types of shows, it’s hard to please everybody. “Anytime you have something like that your always gonna miss somebody,” he said. “These are people that don’t get the credit that they can. No matter what we did or do we will never get everybody that had a part of something. I’m just happy that they’re taking the time to honor those people. “

“And you know, maybe the next go around we’ll get the next group of people,” he continued. “You know Hip Hop Honors they honor somebody different every year. And maybe next year they’ll realize, ’cause people will make enough noise about who they feel like should be honored.”

Banner feels that if people keep on complaining they’ll stop having doing the show. “’What’s gonna happen is we’re gonna keep bitchin’ and moanin’ ’til they ain’t gonna do shit for us. “

As previously reported, VH1 will be acknowledging the work of Jermaine Dupri, J Prince of Rap-A-Lot Records, Master P, Organized Noize, Luther “Luke” Campbell and 2 Live Crew at this year’s ceremony. The event will be taped at New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom and is set to air on Monday, June 7 at 9 p.m. EST. —Jesse Gissen

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  • Capostatus

    Who cares what this Southern Incredible hulk wanna be nigga cosigns. Dirty South hip hop honors are an embarassment to black people. U southerners killed hip hop. N.Y dont have no N.Y rap honors cause up here, there is that many talented artists. Hip hop is natural to N.Y emcees. Our shit sophisticated man. We are lyrical, flow nice, deliver that shit like no other city can. We started this shit so we the best. The Jews started the tax system and thats why they the wealthiest people in the world. Hip hop is to N.Y what money is to a Jew. U southerners are and will always be secondary in your ability to rap. Fuck the sales we more talented and are nicer on the mic.

    • marz

      ny emcees are not all that!!!!!! chill out.
      they should find better ways of honoring. because they miss people and honor others before thier time.

      good gesture thou.

    • MC No Bullshit

      damn your fuckin retarded if you think NY has all the best MCs. They have every nigga on the block thinkin they can flow so in reality, NY has the most WACKASS wannabe rappers compared to anywhere else, and slightly more mainstream stars that fuck up their credibility with real hip-hop heads ex. Fat Joe, Ja Rule
      The only sales these people are getting are from suburban whites and thats exactly whos putting together the VH1 Honors so word up to Scarface, if no one is gonna stand up to the reckless labeling of Hip-Hop from people that have no involvement in the culture, than the majority of people are going to believe that people like David Banner and JD are the biggest southern influences…fucdk that!!

      • dee gutta

        bullshit the south puts out more one hit rappers then the west and east combine perfect example of wannabe rappers soulja boy, hurricane chris, d4l, shawty lo and so far and so on. the souf can’t raP

    • swype-matic

      After reading a bunch of capostatus’ comments sprinkled thru this site, he’s GOT to be one of those WEAK ny mc’s who ain’t achieved nothin’. You talk about every artist from the south bein’ wack, unmask yourself capo, who r u really? 40 Cal? Ron Browz? Lil’ Mama? JR “Try To Hard” Writer? JHA JHA? Kaine or the Hoodfellaz? You act like ny ain’t got weak shit, when there’s more bullshit there cuz EVERYBODY thinks they have skills and shit but they don’t.

    • smarterthanu

      get off yo own dick aint one nigga out here lookin 4 no co signers fuck ny NOBODY outside NY gives a shit bout u niggaz
      NOBODY fucks wit chu niggaz
      we do what we do u dont like it 2 fuckin bad
      quit bitchin and make some hits bitch

      • opm509

        yall niggaz funny!on the one hand capos right but wrong cuz the nigga aint diggin deep enough and really checkin like he should cuz honestly (n this is my opinion)for the better part of the new milli the south has had better rappers and lyricists nothin gainst ny or anything but the last shred of hope yall had was fifty and that nigga put er’one against eachother in your own town! now dont get me wrong some of the best to ever do it came from ny but lets get real nigga all yall do is battle now thats cool in all but to stay relevant you gotta deliver “SONGS”! no one not even yall ny niggaz wanna here battle bars for 60 to 80 minutes straight but i already know you ny cats gone hate cuz yall did it when we on the west was hotter than yall besides if you cats are as badass as you think then you gotta do like the rest and grind it out an quit bitchin! cuz it aint no ones fault ny is puttin out shit while the rest a the country is providing hits from the northwest to the dirty south ny niggaz need to keep our names outta they mouths! much respect to fabolous, the lox, joell, cam, jim ,bus a bus,banks,and jayz for keepin it trill and doin you keep showin these disrespectful wanna bes how you should be reppin ny in this game Spokane all day all night

    • eastlaketony

      man fuck yall fake ass new york rappers. the west coast took newyork out the game in the 90′s. you mothafuckas keep talkin about ” yo lets bring new york back. the fact is nobody wants to hear that dumb shit yall talk about. The realest nigga yall ever had out of ny was dmx. Jay Z aint shit dat nigga was buying his own cd’s to make his shit sell. smart but fake all the same.

  • 100

    u say all that but if u guys r so good y arent you guy on top now…money baby u cant hate on that…if u do ur a lame… nuff said

  • younastybw

    I stand behind David Banner’s quote.

  • Anonymous

    NY definately does not have the best MCs, in reality they have everyone and their moms spittin which gives them the most WACKASS WANNABE MCs than anywhere in the world while their mainstream artists fuck up their credibility with real hip hop heads (Fat Joe, Ja Rule, 50 Cent etc). The fact that the VH1 honors is putting people like JD on a pedestal when he gets no respect in the hip hop community just proves that the people behind the awards show have no involvement in the culture and are giving the wrong message to the suburban whites that learn all they know about hip hop from TV so word up to Scarface fuck VH1′s portrayal of what Hip-Hop is



  • The_Truth


    “What’s gonna happen is we’re gonna keep bitchin’ and moanin’ ’til they ain’t gonna do sh!t for us.“

    We shouldn’t have to depend on anything being done for us in first place. Hip-Hop is now pop-culture, we call the shots, not the other way around. If we have an opinion, then its our duty to voice it. Banner is a smart guy, but his emotions get the best of him at times.

  • jmo

    it’s all entertainment and promotion. bickering over who’s being honored on vh1′s hip hop honors is just an utter waste of time. i agree with david banner’s comment and truth is, he has shown more intelligence through his comments than from the comments made from many mc’s in NY and other places (including the comments made here) have shown.

  • Anonymous

    Capostatus you’re full of shit, from black people to jewish people, you don’t know nothing about them. Thanks the internet for your freedom of speech because otherwise you won’t be heard by nobody.

  • MC Scrilla

    New York aint nothing but shit on Jay-Zs dick

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

    SMH @ y’all STILL not seeing capo baiting y’all…

  • The_Truth


    . . .gayest comment posted today

  • cobane

    we selling records yall not…..
    we debut no.1 on the charts yall don’t….
    we show love yall hate on everyboby……
    outside of hov, kiss, juelz and maybe fab who’s hot now?….
    its over 4 yall..
    yall had the 90′s now break bread……..

  • fm
  • Anonymous

    scarface made a point, new york was not fuckin with the south and now they want to add some watermelon a fried chiken type shit and call it a “dirty” south honors! They can have that shit, it don’t have to be segragated the South is HIP HOP too no matter what others may feel so why can’t it be just a hip hop honors show like the rest of them! When its New York rappers being honored its called the Hip Hop Honors, when its the SSOuth its called DIrty South Honors Show???? David Banner have some pride in your work!

  • insane geniuis

    Hey white folks invented basketball but who run that shit now. NY has weak mc’s too. Dipset outside of Juelz ain’t hot. Diddy and his shiny suit wearing ass helped kill hip hop. Biggie and DMX stole a little from Scarface. Black owned labels in hip hop started in south. Jay Z and Nas are nice but EM destroyed J on his own song. Ice Cube destroyed Nas on Grand Finale. This means NY ain’t all that. I’ll put Lil Wayne, T.I., Killa Mike, Andre 3000, just a few against any rapper from NY. We love, all NY do is hate and that’s why we on top.

  • Anonymous

    its nigga’s like y’all that think new york is the shit thats why y’all baack to lookin for a 9 to 5 because of that dam;n attitude the new york state of mind = bad attitude also the hip hop honors did east coast old school and 90′s nigga and they did west coast too soits only fair that its the south turn ..also Capostatus aonds likea mad rapper that never made it. roll over and take like a man .

  • P. Harris

    pots calling kettles black

  • Worldizmine

    I am from chicago i have homies from N.Y. they all talk lot of sh@t in general! I see why they so proud of they baby(hiphop) aka the art of talking shit! I wish these fools here in chicago would just talk shit instead of doing crazy shit!

    Look the n.y. guy got all yall mad at his comment
    thats what they do start shit & make money off it aka beef!

    just pimpin on another level got to love it!

    I want in!

    • opm509

      damn yo never thought of it like that but it is what it is nice point

  • Rizz23

    There should never be a regional “hip hop honors” as there was never an east coast or west coast honors, Just celebrate the great people and their accomplishments….Isnt that what divides hip hop already?

    • magnoliathought

      Big Boi
      Andre 3000
      8ball & MJG
      Lil Wayne

      all southern all beasts!
      phuck wit it! any coast any time!

  • Me

    No… What they Should’ve done was picked beter Artist to Honor!!!!!

    Ghetto Boys
    8ball MJG