Da Brat made an unexpected appearance in Jermaine Dupri’s Atlanta studio recently, while out on work release from Arrendale State Prison in Alto, Georgia.

The So So Def rapstress made a cameo on JD’s “Living the Life” YouTube series today (May 26) where she thanked her fans for their support and explained her new legal situation.

“Yo wasup to all the fans,” she said. “They been asking bout me. I’m out on a lil pass…I got a job. I work a 9-5 cause I’m in the work relase program. I make windows. So if ya’ll need a window holla at your girl.” [Watch below]

Da Brat was sentenced to three years behind bars on August 22, 2008 for felony aggravated assault. The conviction stems from an incident that occurred a year earlier on Halloween at Dupri’s ATL nightclub, Studio 72. The femcee please guilty to striking an unidentified waitress in the head with a rum bottle during a fight.

She is still currently serving her sentence at Arrendale and is expected to be released some time next year. —Elan Mancini