B.o.B. Exits the Top 10, Trina, Bone Thugs & 8Ball & MJG Debut on the Charts

B.o.B. had an impressive debut on The Billboard Top 200 charts last Wednesday (May 5), landing at the No. 1 position, but in week two the rapper failed to make the top 10.

According to the Nielsen SoundScan, The Adventures of Bobby Ray slid 12 spots this go-round, after selling 36,000 units. Overall the Atlanta rapper sold 120,400 discs. Bob will also lose his top seat on The Billboard Hot 100 singles chart tomorrow. Eminem’s “Not Afraid” is set to take the position with his new song, “Not Afraid,” bumping out the former XXL freshman’s smash “Nothin’ on You.”

Right below B.o.B. at No. 13 is the self-proclaimed “Baddest Bitch,” Trina, with her latest album Amazin’. Fans picked up 32,400 copies of the Diamond Princess’ new CD in its first week on shelves. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s new LP, Uni5: The World’s Enemy also debuted this week. The Midwestern rap vets sold 29,500 units in week one, earning them a seat at No. 14.

Falling 11 spots to No. 27 is the Black Eyed Peas. The Los Angeles based group’s multi-platinum CD, The E.N.D., added 22,800 units to their total tally, which now stands at 2,489,900.

Ludacris’ latest disc, Battle of the Sexes also slid down the charts this sales cycle to No. 33. In his ninth week on SoundScan, the DTP captain steeted his way into 17,600 in sales, bringing his overall stats to 390,600.

Rounding out the top 40 is Southern pioneers 8Ball and MJG. The Memphis-bred duo’s Grand Hustle release, Ten Toes Down, got 16,100 in sales in their first week out.

Next week look for B.o.B. to try to make his way back into Billboard’s top ten. —Elan Mancini

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  • http://K1ngEljay.com K1ng Eljay

    I guess that whole “dumbing it down” angle really worked for Ludacris this time. smh.

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  • HU

    Bone released an album 2 years ago with only 3 members and sold over 500,000 copies. Why should artists release albums anymore. There are over 40,000 dedicated fans on btnhboard.com and Bone sold less than that. Downloading has ruined everything.

    • W. J. Rice

      That’s not downloading, that’s what happens when music is not up to par. People aren’t just buying bullshit anymore, they want to know they’re getting quality and with the internet we can find out if your disc has more than 2 good songs.

      Bone needs to step their game up

      • Beergangsta

        W.J.Rice your poe Azz talking about Bone need to step up your game. You need to step up in the MillionAire bracket. Poe fuckers always crying like bitches. And no Recession BeerGangsta way.

  • BeerGangsta

    Fans are shitty!! 8Ball and MJG should have been at the top of the chart. Trina fine Azz should have been there to. BEP has sold over 2 Million Records that’s a good thing. We need to buy more Hip Hop Music. Fans don’t like it. Get off your Azz and make a CD. So we can tlak about your Azz. You see how the Rappers feel.

  • DownSouth

    I knew Bone wasn’t going to sell alot because of da folks messin wit Flesh and Bizzy not wanting to go on tour. Plus I don’t think they’re getting a lotta radio play. I copped it though and it sounds good. I finally picked up tha Luda, and it go hard too. I don’t think he dumbed it down. The al might be really commercial, but if you listen to his lyrics and his delivery, he going off.


  • Technique

    @ DownSouth

    I saw Bone about 2 weeks ago, and Flesh was there. Bizzy is the only one not touring.

    I bought the Bone C.D. and I’m not really feelin it except for a couple tracks. Luda’s shit is decent too, I’m not gonna buy it but it’s a solid album. The females get busy on some of those cuts.

  • Jesus Martinez

    I’m one of the few that pick up Ball & G. I picked up Bone Thugs too but ain’t listened to it yet

  • E-Hustle

    I don’t mean no harm or disrespect to these new releases and whatever, but none of this shit matters until June 22, 2010.
    Eminem Recovery is all that matters in Hip-Hop. All this other shit is just bullshit.
    I wish I was wrong, but this is the Got Damn Truth.
    If it wasn’t for Em in the picture I wouldn’t give a fuck. I would just listen to my old shit on my ipod touch.
    Niggaz stealing off the net is a huge issue, but it also has to do with all these bums releasing garbage too.

  • mav

    eminem just called and said his nuts need room to breathe

    • DownSouth

      LMAO! Good one mav.

      DOWN SOUTH!!!

  • http://geoffbrennan.webs.com Gebra

    Eminem? Please – That “Not Afraid” track is a rap song not even a mom could love! Terrible, 5th grade lyrics, banal beats – bullsh*t!

    Way better rap out there! WAY BETTER! God, ALL those new releases, Trina, BTNH, even ol’ 8Ball & MJG are better and more relevant.

    Eminem can go cry into his barrels of money – I don’t believe a word outta that misogynist, hate-fueled prick: and either should you!

    God – how the hell can ppl crawl all over Eminem’s balls yet hate on Will.I.Am and the Black Eyed Peas and all there production and spirit for love in hiphop? Ah, to hell with the haters…

    Geoff aka Gebra aka @thenewscorsese

    • W. J. Rice

      Have you listened to that shit you just named? Bone’s album was soft, Trina’s was boring, BEP doesn’t represent hip hop that shit is some kind of pop/hip hop fusion shit.

      The only one you mentioned with quality was 8Ball and MJG. Eminem, white or not, is at least trying to good music and I have to respect him for it.

  • yungtrill

    @ Gebra ngga go eat a mu’fkn dikk , maybe u bouncin on it now for talkn all that mess. go listen to BEP or wtv bs u like mu’fka. pop/punk/candy azz mofo. i hate these homo’s postn bs againt legends. Eminem is the best rapper alive n he’s givn us a platform so hip hop can survive. now that its bout to die. read some hip hop history!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/slotchmusic ms_spittuh

    The only cd I’m waiting on is “Crystal Meth” by Method Man….Redman’s new shit aint ever coming the fuck out…fuckin’ Def Jam…and I’m waitin on some Gilla House & Ready Roc shit fuck all this other shit…fuck it

  • Montalvo

    I grabbed that 8 ball and MJG. Its sick……..

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