B.o.B.’s “Adventures” Lead To No. 1 Spot on the Charts

They got “Nothin’ on you, baby!” The chorus to B.o.B.’s chart-topping single couldn’t be more accurate as the Atlanta-native’s debut album, The Adventures of Bobby Ray, surpassed every other musical act on The Billboard 200 charts this week to land at the No. 1 spot.

As expected, fans of the XXL Freshman alum picked up 84,200 copies of his new disc over the past week, according to the Nielsen SoundScan. The rapper/multi-instrumentalist currently has both the No. 1 album and No. 1 song (“Nothin’ On You”) in the country. His second single, “Airplanes,” is currently working its way up the charts—landing at the No. 9 spot just last week.

Standing strong at No. 16, for the second week in a row, is the Black Eyed Peas’ latest disc, The E.N.D. Will.i.am and company added 19,700 more units to their total tally, which not stands at 2,476,100 after 47-weeks on the charts. The Peas also made history this week, when their hit, “I Got A Feeling,” was named the best selling digital song of all time. The track sold 5.56 million digital downloads, beating out Flo Rida’s club staple “Low.”

Back to this week’s charts, Ludacris slipped three spots to No. 20 this sales cycle. An additional 17,400 customers purchased the rap superstar’s Battle of the Sexes this time around, making his eight-week total stand at 373,000.

Rounding out the Top 40 is Lil Wayne. Rebirth, Weezy’s rock-influenced LP, was scanned 11,200 times this go-round, making the New Orleans-bred MC’s overall stats stand at 540,900.

Next week look for 8Ball & MJG’s Ten Toes Down and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s Uni5: The World’s Enemy to ht the charts. —Elan Mancini

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  • Nick Love

    Go BOB!!! A great W for Decatur, GA!!!

  • Anonymous

    First Bitches!!!

  • RedBlue

    Ouchh..84,200 is a pretty bad number.I would rather be nr 5 and sell over a 100k the first week than to be nr 1 with 84,200.Anyway,congrats to B.o.B

  • HU

    Well, those number are the best we’ll see of anyone this summer except Eminem and Bone Thugs. Drake’s single flatlined at #17 and is on its way out. BOB is going to see strong sales in the future like Black Eyed Peas due to strong singles. Drake might have big first week sales based on hype but then he’ll fizzle out.

  • El Tico Loco

    B.E.P. is going on a year in the charts, good look for b.o.b. that’s good quality music.

  • M. Baby!

    See that’s what’s wrong with the game….people care more about numbers than the actual album itself. The album is amazing. It’s sad that he’s only sold 84,000, but I hope he doesn’t dumb down his music to cater to these record companies. It should be platinum. But I think people aren’t sure of what/who B.O.B. is. Your first album can’t always sell thru the roof, look @ Jay-Z…his first album didn’t sell thru the roof when it first came out, but over time as he grew and people found out about him, they went back and made Reasonable Doubt X times platinum.


    Co-sign, M.

    Numbers really shouldn’t matter. Slaughterhouse’s album was dope as fuck, and it didn’t move high numbers either … so why is it even relevant to speak on the “quality” or what an album sounds like.

  • DownSouth

    Congrats to B.O.B. I just picked up the Bone Thugs yesterday and it’s sounding pretty damn good from my first listen. Can’t wait for the Em to drop.


  • http://www.emcdl.com EmCDL

    I may have to cop that B.O.B. album, been frontin’ on it but I wanna see what the kid got. I always thought Luda was rapping on that song ‘Nothin On You’…goes to show you that I barely listen to the radio.

  • Will

    When they make a video for that Airplanes and put it on VH1 and MTV, white folks gonna go apeshit and cop the CD… Wouldn’t really trip right now

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

    In this game numbers matter. This is how they justify your employment as a recording artist. Should the fans care? Rap fans are also businessmen/in the business/students of the game. Do #’s determine who has talent or the best? No.

    “Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t”-Jay Z

    ^ numbers can be tampered with.

    It’s a win for B.o.B. being #1 as a new artist (albeit no competing released album), especially with 2 chart topping songs, but the 85K flipped is a cause of concern. Cudi sold more with one song.

    At least Bobby Ray justified the investment for a 2nd album. A dude like Wale will have to make a HIT before his next project comes out.

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