Black Thought Speaks on New Roots Album, “How I Got Over”

Last night (May 20), was given the chance to have an early listen to The Roots’ upcoming album, How I Got Over, at New York City’s Legacy Studios.

As previously reported, that West Coast lyricist and 2009 XXL Freshman Blu was recording with the Philly collective for the disc. He is ultimately featured on two songs. “I hadn’t worked with Blu before,” Black Thought told “There were a lot of people [on this album] I hadn’t worked with [before]. We’ve been working with John Legend on his album.”

Legend is featured on two tracks, as well. Other guest slots on the eleven-track disc include Phonte of Little Brother, Peedi Crakk, and Sugar Tongue Slim. “We got a lot of features on the record because it’s more of a celebration. It’s like a celebration of The Roots,” Thought continued. “Really, it’s a family affair.”

As for the relatively low number of tracks—the underrated MC did like his crew, and kept it real. “We do it how we feel,” he said. “It felt like it was a complete record; a full composition.”

How I Got Over is set to drop on June 22 on Def Jam Recordings. —Adam Fleischer

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  • q461

    Wow I totally forgot about this album…. for some reason I thought it already dropped… didn’t a single drop like last year?

    In any case love the Roots…seen them live 4 or 5 times…Black Thought is a dope MC…who often gets overlooked… would love to see a solo Black Thought record with different production…As far as only having 11 tracks…it’s quality not quantity…Illmatic only had like 10 songs and thats one of the best hip-hop albums of all time…

    • that nigga

      Illmatic had 9 songs. And like you said, tho, its quality, not quantity.

  • Sha

    I’ve always thought the Roots were underrated and always well below the radar. But I’m kind of thankful for that. This keeps their underground status burning… There isn’t any other hip-hop band that can measure up (hell, are there ANY other hip-hop bands???). Trust me… Their position has been cemented in hip-hop history forever. No doubt!
    Not sure if I agree with their collabos in the past or present. But they keep it tight. Big up Roots!!!

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  • Pingback: Black Thought Speaks on New Roots Album, “How I Got Over” | Knowledge Valley

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  • $yk

    “Other guest slots on the eleven-track disc include…Peedi Crakk…”

    ^ wasn’t y’all saying Peedi is bitter and need to go do something? Isn’t Peedi in Young Chris’ video too?

  • BGZ

    Hopefully Peedi C will have better luck this go around.

    All of his guest spots are solid, shame he didn’t have an album (even though most albums are dead to me now unless your name ends with ‘kwon, ‘face or ‘sir Jones).

  • Chris G

    Glad some people appreciate the roots like I do!

  • NJSouf

    Blu and Black Thought on the same tracks?
    this is gonna be heat.
    June is looking crazy right now. Em, Drake, Roots.

  • HU

    ^^and Rhymefest – El Che

  • Anonymous

    HIGO is one of The Roots best albums but if it’s a family affair wheres MALIK B.????!!!??? Don’t sound the same witout Malik B and B.Thought!!!!

  • korsika reisen

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