XXcLusive: Lil Wayne TV Show Coming to HBO?

Lil Wayne’s videographer DJ Scoob Doo is known for his popular Nino Brown street DVDs—candidly documenting the New Orleans superstar—but the one-time DJ for Jim Jones is ready to take his series to the next level.

In an interview with XXLMag.com the New Jersey-bred documentarian said he was in talks with several cable networks, such as Spike TV, Fuse and HBO to showcase his behind-the-scenes footage of Weezy,.

Scoob has already released some clips on MTV, collectively entitled Road to Rikers, that showed Wayne as he got ready to serve time behind bars for gun charges. But the Young Money general’s longtime confidante says he’s waiting to find a network that can display his content uncensored.

“A media network like HBO could have the best impact because they won’t try to censor it,” he said. “They push the envelope of what they show.”

And Scoob Doo has a lot to show. “You could just imagine what I could have just being with the team, and being with Wayne on his countdown to jail,” he continued, “and even when he didn’t know he was going to jail. Ever since No Ceilings came out, and even before that, it’s a lot of shit that I’m trying to catch people up with behind the scenes in what’s goin’ on.” —Jesse Gissen

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  • esco702

    No Ceilings….


  • jtm

    fuck lil gayne!

  • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

    Well, if it worked for TIP…

  • http://myspace.com king dice

    yall need 2 stop hating on my men lil weezy cuz yall jus mad he doing it big so yall need 2 jump off hiz dick n let him do it big

  • http://myspace.com/kidpistol Kid Pistol

    XXclusive: World coming to an abrupt end?

    King Dice, sounds like you may be the one with it in your bootyhole.

    Rebirth was trash. I won’t defend that.

  • esco702

    @Kid Pistol yo thanks for keepin it 100 that CD was trash and I am tried of ppl taking up for this goblin.

    But other than that who cares.
    No Ceilings….

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    fuck this faggot nigga. ya’ll fuckaaZ on his nuts like king dice, YOU are the one on his dick, sittin there defendin 4 dude. another thing, i dont care how much $$$ or whatever this nigga gets so quit sayin that dumb shit “dont be mad kuz weezy makes more gwap then you”…, fuck him, hes a fuckin homo, hes trash, hes autotune & rock, hes the downfall of hip-hop.


  • QuiT haTIN oN wAYne

    Wow! yall steady hatin on wayne,,and i bet all you that talk can’t even flow or come close to wayne level,,,sell some records b4 yu talk shit fuckboys! wayne is and always will be the best rapper alive…CHURCH!!

    p.s. no ceilings is hot shit every track he go hard

  • The Change

    I somewhat fucks with wayne, however when ever its a good song. He usually tends to put out club song which is OK but I think the people want to hear some of that raw street shit, with good lyrics, hot lines, dope punch lines, & good metaphors, I know I do. Don’t get me wrong club & stripper music hits are fine but just don’t make it your whole career especially when you claim to be the best rapper alive! How I feel about him. An I don’t think his show of him showing him in jail would be good i don’t want to what a main sit in jail on TV boring, even if it’s Wayne.

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  • Gift

    i’m not huge on wayne. Dude got some spits to him, but he can get on some bullshit every now and then too. One thing that trips me out though, is half the niggas complainin bout wayne killing hip hop and shit, don’t buy or support real hip hop albums. anybody on here who does, then this msg is not for you, but to those complainin bout hip hop and how people kill it, do us all a favor, stop writing, twittering, and downloading shit if all you gonna do is hate on it. Secondly, go buy real fucking hip hop, and stop buying these trash ass niggas. Third, do something better. Alot niggas on here are rappers, producers, etc…
    lets focus on making good music, instead of whining about why wayne is not.

    P.S. send unlimited mail to XXL and tell em get off wayne’s nuts, and any other mag for that matter. peace.


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  • esco702

    @quit hatin on wayne

    You must be like 15 to be riding for youngin like you do. “I mean if i dont like i dont like it that dont mean that im hatin”

    If you can tell me who said that than I know you know hip hop if not then continue listening to your lil wayne and kfed CD and leave hiphop up to the real heads CHUCHHHH….

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