Wu Massacre & E-40 Debut on the Charts

The Billboard 200 got a visit from rap vets from both coasts this week, as new releases from Raekwon, Method Man and Ghostface, and E-40 joined the ranks.

The Wu-Tang MCs made an impressive debut at No. 12, after selling 37,900 units in their first week on the charts of Wu Massacre. 40 Water didn’t have as much luck with his Revenue Retrievin’ double album. The Ambassador of the Bay’s Day Shift disc took the No. 47 spot with 12,000 CDs sold, while Night Shift landed at No. 49 after moving 11,900 units. The special double LP version made it to the No. 130 slot, selling 5,100 copies.

Meanwhile, at the top of the charts are the Black Eyed Peas, who managed to beat out Ludacris for the first time in four weeks. BEP’s The E.N.D. album held down the No. 10 position with 42,500 units sold this week. The group now has a 43-week tally of 2,386,800.

’Cris fell four spots from No. 7 last week to No. 11 this go-round. His seventh studio effort, Battle of the Sexes, took in 40,400 in sales this week, making his overall stats stand at 283,700.

Sliding one spot down from last week is Lil Wayne. The New Orleans-bred superstar’s experimental album Rebirth picked up 24,200 in additional sales this week, bringing Weezy’s total numbers to 489,700.

Wayne’s crew Young Money just made the Top 40 cutoff, securing the No. 39 spot. We Are Young Money added 13,800 units to their complete sales to-date, which now sits at 418,700. —Elan Mancini

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  • caino

    Nice, glad these kats, made it into the chart , l actuallyhad a bad feeling about this!! But 37,900 still aint a lot of records to sell!

    C’mon people support real hiphop!

  • m.e.

    wu massacre shud have made top 10 in the number 1 spot!! d0pe album go get it

  • raazi36

    Go Get that New Wu Massacre, Shit is fuckin Bananas, Miranda my Fav Track right now, Shout out to DJ Allah Mathematics !! ! Wu Tang Forever

  • http://geoffbrennan.webs.com Gebra

    Yep – I woulda bought it if it wasn’t for the fact that its like 8 minutes long! Way to go Wu – come off with some sort of cred and give die-hard fans an EP with like 18 interludes.

    Shoulda been twice as long.

    (Notice, I didn’t say it sucked – goes it doesn’t – but GTFOH if I’m going to drop $16 in Canada for this)

  • verbal kent

    cosign on that “miranda” joint…i think “gunshowers” go hard too…suport real hip hop..cop that album!

  • http://letyoutellit.com http://letyoutellit.com

    Sales are un important these days the count down has already begun till when music is no longer even sold artist give there best work away for free most of the time atleast in hip hop

    • what

      …and most artists are sleeping on benches or keeping their day jobs (legit or not.) Sad truth. Look up the phrase “silent evidence.”

  • http://www.djcbz@myspace.com Worldizmine

    I am getting it just because it’s the WU!
    Nuff said!

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

    “40 Water didn’t have as much luck with his Revenue Retrievin’ double album. The Ambassador of the Bay’s Day Shift disc took the No. 47 spot with 12,000 CDs sold, while Night Shift landed at No. 49 after moving 11,900 units. The special double LP version made it to the No. 130 slot, selling 5,100 copies.”

    ^ How is this not good?


      Almost 30,000 UNITS on an INDEPENDENT label with virtually no single is BALLIN. XXL staff doesn’t know that E-40′s son produced the album which cuts down on a huge cost of production.



    Coming from the Bay….I’ve been a dedicated E-40 fan my whole life. People either love him or hate him.

    Day Shift has tremendo knock. Listen to this CD with an actual soundsystem with Woofers….not some shitty computer system. This album knocks! SLAPPIN HARD

    “Dem Boyz”, “the art of storytelling”, and “I’m a teach you how to sell dope” have some Sinistah Beats. The weed man knocks too.

    Not bad for E-40 to sell about 25K albums on the first week. Check out that Brotha Lynch album too. “I heard this song b4″ and “Meat” is crazy. STRANGE MUSIC. Nor Cal.

  • 619

    40 got some joints on there. ‘Over the Stove’ is a banger. Cop that Brotha Lynch too.

    • 619

      Check that Dom Kennedy mixtape too. The West puttin’ out a lot of quality music right now.

  • Gooch

    I went and bought that Wu-Massacre. Got to support the WU. Only thing I didn’t like was the length of the album, and they shortened Criminology 2.5. The original version had Ghostface spittin’ 2 verses back-to-back, but it’s cool I just put it on repeat.

  • Jkeith734

    that 40 and the Wu-Massacre go hard!

  • Stylistic

    I love the Wu, but 40 Water just put out perhaps his best album, amd album of the year hands down…Both albums are bangin from start to finish, and even the bonus tracks he left off only for itunes people to purchase are fire. Sorry folks but Drake and Kanye aren’t going to top day shift and night shift. (Material and beats wise) 40 got the best beats in the game right now, and has been putting out the best and most consistent albums since 2006. Cop Day Shift and Night Shift because trust me people it’s fire!

  • newyawka631

    If i cop it off Itunes,will it get counted on da Soundscan?i was thinking of buying da Cd and just download it for free,just in case it doesn’t.Support hip-hop….Go get it…..Da radio caters to da females because they buy da majority of da recordz…..

  • c_realla

    from the place they invented the word playa hata! Love that 40 Belafonte! Album is slapping and knocking from front to back. Got mine from iTunes, $17 for 42 tracks is excellent value from this longtime champion. Album of the year!

  • mac

    i i don’t understand, everybody loves wu-tang, and every body should love e40 those songs are great remind me of the old mac dre days. i guess you only sell records if you make songs for the radio bitches and children. o ya wait wu-tang is for the children-RIP ODB

  • The1$t

    When are they gonna start calculating digital sales into all this figuring? Add that into these # and it will make a huge difference. E-40 is long over due for Hip-Hop Honors. A lot of nigs don’t even know there are 2 separate albums, that falls on his marketing. I admit this isn’t his best work, but at the same time he ain’t ever put out no boo-boo. Check his Ghetto Report Card. People need to understand what his music is made for… HOOD NIGGAZ if u hood we feel this shit to our marrow. Especially Cali folk, we go back to 90-91 wit my nig. Like my dood said either u like or u don’t.

  • The1$t

    Coming June 8th
    Hear Me Out

  • The1$t


  • sparkcity911


  • http://www.myspace.com/slotchmusic ms_spittuh

    I got all 3 covers of the Wu Masscre at Target the day it came out. $9.99 each. I wish it was longer but fuck it put that bitch on repeat and I sat my ass in a tub full of bubbles…Its That Wuuuu Shit!!! :D

  • what

    Those E-40 numbers are kind of bullshit. He wouldn’t have been at 47 if you’d have actually counted it as a single album. Instead of saying “12,000, 12,000, and 5,000″ it would have been more accurate to just say 29,000 copies were sold, since both albums sold almost EXACTLY the same numbers, which means that almost everyone bought both at once.

  • rick t.

    Yea i coped the mixtape,it had way more cuts the one by dj mathmatics is fire, plus it is non-stop no skits luv dat

  • 3263

    who the fuck bought Rebirth? 485K? I didn’t know that album sold like that. The Young Money is catching up with that album pretty soon. I don’t care too much for Wayne but he’s doin’ his thang along with the B.E.P. where’s BP3 @ on the charts? 40 sold good considering he will make more money off his cds independently than anyone else on that list.

  • yaboi swagz

    e-40 did it big regardless. 2 separate barcodes spot #5&6 on billboards top rap ablum charts and #14 for digital sells on a indi label ceo’ed by his son combined sells if it was a single barcode = top 20 on billboards congratz. the man knows his hustle!!

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