Wiz Khalifa Soaks Up Kush & Orange Juice’s Success

Riding high off the release of his latest mixtape, Kush and Orange Juice, XXLMag.com caught up with the 2010 Freshman to talk about the project’s success.

For those unaware, on Wednesday (April 14) morning Kush and Orange Juice, premiered on Wiz’s twitter page, and in less than 30 minutes, the hashtag #kushandorangejuice ascended to the top of Twitter’s trending topics, which is the social networking site’s list of the top 10 things being tweeted about in the nation. By 9 a.m. Google Trends had labeled the search phrase “kush and orange juice download” as “volcanic,” their highest popularity ranking.

The buzz surrounding Khalifa’s project is surprising to some since it hasn’t even been a year since the 22-year-old Pittsburgh MC pushed his way out of his unsatisfactory label deal with Warner Bros. Records—a deal that many initially thought would be responsible for catapulting the charismatic rhymer into the limelight. However, it seems that the delayed grow season at WB was only necessary to pave the way for his current cultivation. The online fever pitch, undoubtedly pushed by “The Taylors,” Khalifa’s affectionate nickname for his devoted fan base, coupled with the success of his defiantly titled Deal or No Deal indie album and subsequent tour is not only indicative of his immense popularity, but quite possibly his arrival.

Although the gravity of this event has not been missed by the seasoned rookie, it also hasn’t fazed him either.

“I’m just chillin’,” Khalifa told XXLMag.com about how he’s celebrating. “I’m in Miami. I’m about to go record. I’m still working. I’m getting ready for the next part of our tour so you know I gotta keep my mind focused on that. As far as seeing the reaction and seeing that it’s blowing up and doing what it’s doing is great. I worked on it real hard and I held it to make sure this would happen…my plans of world domination is working.”

The artwork for the mixtape, reworks the cover of soul legend David Ruffin’s 1980 LP, Gentleman Ruffin. “The whole vibe of the tape was on some real old school, laid back,” he said of the nod to the late Temptations singer. “And if you hear the skits and stuff like that. It’s really on some ’70s or, early ’80s. My writing, too, I feel like it just kind of reincarnated what was going on [back then].”

Yet, despite the tape’s buzz, “Mr. Spacely” hasn’t stopped to celebrate because he’s looking toward the future. Wiz’s currently working on a studio album which, he says, will be “crazier than anything” he’s put out to date, alongside Cabin Fever—another mixtape that will precede the official LP. Soon he’ll be heading back out on the West Coast leg of his tour, which has seen 37 of the 40 booked shows sold out.

For now Kushton Slater shares a simple message for his fans: “Keep it Taylored.” —Brooklyne Gipson

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  • joe p

    this mixtape is dope

    • AZ40

      You think so? Everyone says that but this is one of his worst to me anyway, and I love mostly all his other music I just couldn’t really get into this one besides a few songs

      • Taylor1

        You dont smoke weed do u

        • jcburgh

          i smoke weed every day, and i still think this is his worst mixtape. just sayin

        • Jonny Blaze

          This mixtape is dope as fuck

        • ILoveNikeSBs

          Flight School and StarPower were much better. But’d I’d love to get high with this dude!

    • g stack

      this mixtape so good to smoke too. and think about it, orangejuice prices must have boomed upwards. so laid back and chill. my typpppa shit

    • NICO

      Dope mixtape young khalifa, just too much style for yall haters

  • daydeezy

    Mannnnn straight sleeper fo real…Wiz Been Hot, doing his thing.. West West Yall…..

  • http://xxlmag.com @CIRCLE_Ent

    Shot out to Wiz and the whole Taylor Gang!!

    FOLLOW US on twitter @CIRCLE_Ent

  • smojo

    az you’re trippin. no one in the game now or before does it like wiz.

  • Skeeeeee

    Ayee yo Wiz doin it big

    In the cut is my jam.. like crazyyy man.
    And same with Glasshouse ft. Hot Spitta!!!

  • mayo

    @AZ i agree flight school and B.A.R were better to me but he did build a huge buzz this tape good to see everybody feelin it Up and Good Dank my shit

  • AZ40

    don’t get it twisted guys no one is more happy to see the young cat grind and finally get success but I just wasn’t really feelin’ this mixtape

  • JerzeyBeast


    Warner Bros. Missed that plane! lol
    I know them crackers sittin behind the desk up there are smacking themselves in the head…and they deserve to

    Wiz without a backing from a major label or a co-sign from any
    big rapper ..and whats crazy is he’s only 22
    hats off to they young nigga keep smacking these niggas over the head with that fly shit Taylor gang or die!

  • New3rakidd

    this mixtape the truth… will be one of the top tapes of the year wen its all said nd done. listening to the dude now was on repeat it has started the threepeat Lol! Wiz keep doin ya thing! FLA fuk wit ya! Kush and Orange Juice or kill yaself!

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    go head Whiz.

  • http://myspace.com/gunrugladiators ,mav

    yall just tryna cosign yall freshmen class and happy that somebody seems to give a shit about dude music i heard dude a couple of times and i thought he was pretty mediocre i might give em a few more listens now though

  • tizzle dot

    @ mav… get out of here. No ones tryin to cosign on the XXL’s freshman class. Go back to flight school or even star power and youll see what the buzz is about. Then sample how fly and B.A.R… and stop jammin youg money.

    • http://myspace.com/gunrugladiators mav

      you took that outta context i was talkin bout xxl tryna cosign dude not yall like i said im a give dude a few more listens to see what all the fuss is about..and who is jammin young money…i dont really fuck wit ym havent even heard that album i can rap better than anybody on they roster

      • tizzle ot


  • vansur

    im gunna agree with AZ, im super down with Wiz hes my top 3, but i wasnt really feeling the tape that hard, but i aint a hater just constructive critisism

  • Anonymous

    true..this tape was pretty good but too much hype.

  • G4_Joey

    This is by far the best mixtape this year along with that Dom Kennedy. Nobody is fuckin wit wiz or dom. period. then that fab mixtape is below those two. but aye dat nigga wiz is on his grind. not many people get this far w/o label support. dats why i fuck wit him and dom. keep doin ya thang Wiz. We fuckin wit you in tha A.

  • big dom 412

    at first i wasnt feeling it but second and third listen shit hit me… the lyrics wiz put in to this tape is second to none… still kinda wish he want back to smoking 50 and put out some older shit from the show and prove days…. but still taylor gang or die!!!

  • http://superdupbad jarrod

    yall “constructive criticizers” are crazy! yall obviously dont listen to music..faggets

  • Gabriella

    hahaha like that fool said, all ya’ll need to go bakk to starpower, flight skool, B.A.R., and then see wuzzup. wiz is killin em’! he aint looking for fame, he’s waiting for it to come to him! Kush and Orange Juice hit so dayum hard!

    Taylor Gang or Fall off the Empire State building!

    always Taylor’d<3

  • ray ray

    Oh yall forgot one tell to go back 2 prince of the city 2 dont forget that one and they really understand what the hype is about.

    yes its good music to smoke but its just good relax music period. also he has strong hooks like max b

  • hot

    this nigga sucks!!!

  • daydeezy

    bumping that ” Kush and Oran Juice” non stop… and the old skits are classic… I got a problem? My woman will not roll up my weed …lol cop that…..

  • tronthadon

    I heard bout em back in 08 and i been a fan eversince..got my homeboys listening too..good shit bruh keep killin em..Waka said niggas wit lyrics aint gettin shows.slap urself nigga..Eastside Atlanta bitch!!

  • http://www.xxlmag.com TAY2DA T.G.O.D

    KUSH @ OJ Iz fukkn hot W!Z IZ KILLIN DAHH GAME!!!! fUKk YUHH HAT3rz WH0 TH!NK OTHER W!ZE N FUKK YUHH n y0hh SO CALLED constructive critisism BITCH!!!! TAYLOR GANG OR CHOKE ON Ahh FUkKn bULLET b!TCH3z!!!! T.G.O.D

  • http://facebook.com DswaggerGrenen

    ya retarted..kush and oj is 1 of wiz’s best..if u a fan u would kno this is pure greatness..how u gonna disrespect the man..and if u smoke weed this is the soundtrack…fck ya if ya hate kush and oj or bite a grenade bitches

  • Anonymous

    Dat Dom Kennedy dude nice…..

  • Precise101

    You gotta respect Wiz Khalifa’s grind. Keep that heat coming Wiz.

  • Tosy99

    Look… this picture that you used is clearly mine… i expect an email to talk about this.. and cash… cause if not, ill take your ass down with copyright plagerism. i have full proof this is my picture taken at the note in west chester pennsylvania. .. if you dont respond back..i will get my lawyer and take your ass down. email me at PA723600@wcupa.edu and if not, ill fuck your shit up in court Ridgemont Flyy

  • Upsidedowncake

    Now as far as being a hater, i am not one. I respect Young Khalifa more than most young rappers out today. That being said, I feel like this tape was unbelievably overhyped. And trust me, I was online at noon on the 14th downloading it, i was pumped. But I feel Flight School and Burn After Rolling were much tighter than this tape. I have given it 6 listens and still can’t get into it. His flow and lyrics are good, yes, but he’s done better. And i feel the production is too weak and laid back for Wiz’s ability to get hype and showy. And before people start arguing “tailor gang or headbutt a knife” or “you don’t smoke weed” or “you don’t know music,” i do know music, rap and many other genres, i do smoke copious amounts of trees, and i am a full-on supporter of Wiz. I just feel he overhyped this one and, in a rush to get it out, put out a mixtape that didn’t quite deliver in ratio to how pumped i was about it. I also feel because the tape was the #1 topic on twitter and the #1 search on google, people are reviewing it based only on that. Of all of the reviews i read for the tape online, there was only one that addressed actual beats and lyrics in discussion (rather than just categorizing it as “laid back” or “old school”) and that review was just as critical as i was after i heard the tape. I’m just saying. Wiz has an assload of talent, i just feel he rushed this out too quick. I’m looking forward to Cabin Fever being killer.

  • http://XXL Jaymoe22

    MAN I DONT CARe bout nobody’s comment just wanna say shout out to wiz khalifa thanks for reppin tha burggh keep showin how tha burgh get it done” taylor gang or die “

  • Infamousoak

    upsidedowncake: I feel you on that man but you gotta understand this kid is young but he’s a genious… it’s called kush and OJ for a reason… It’s smoking music to chill to and just CHILL… we all know he has the capability of gettin hype but that’s what the next mixtape is for…. I’ve been bumpin this mixtape since it came out and still to this day I have to remind myself it’s a mixtape and not an album… It’s that good….this is what rap has been missing… someone who has club bangers, chill music, and music for the fans… He talks about what he lives and a lot of people can relate to him…He is the one that can revive, change and dominate the rap game and I fully expect him to do so… Stay on ya grind man

  • anT

    Wiz on top..

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