VH1 Readies New 50 Cent Show, DMX Behind the Music & Dirty South Hip-Hop Honors

50 Cent is coming back to the small screen. Entertainment Weekly recently announced VH1’s plans for a new show starring the G-Unit general as he travels down South to uncover his family lineage.

Dubbed 50’s Roots, the television program will follow Fif on his journey to find his extended family and learn about his relatives’ history as slaves.

50 isn’t the only rapper making it onto VH1’s new TV lineup. DMX and Eve are both among the stars to be chronicled in upcoming Behind the Music specials, airing this June.

The cable network will also present a special version of their annual Hip Hop Honors awards celebration this year, specifically focusing on the Dirty South. The show, now in it’s seventh year, will pay tribute to southern pioneers like Jermaine Dupri, J Prince of Rap-A-Lot Records, Luther “Luke” Campbell and 2 Live Crew, Master P, and Organized Noize. The show will tape at New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom and will air on Monday, June 7 at 9 p.m. EST.

Also coming to VH1 is a new program called Diary of a Hip-Hop Girlfriend. The eight-part series follows four women and their struggles to maintain relationships with rap stars.

As of press time there are no official air times for 50′s Roots, Diary of a Hip-Hop Girlfriend or DMX and Eve’s Behind the Music episodes. —Elan Mancini

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  • Justin Tuck

    Ok it’s all good they wanna honor southern rap and all. Seeing how we running things now (imma Texas man myself) but shouldnt they air the show in a southern venue? New York? why the fuck they doing the show there?


      No Scarface?????

  • Msymphonic

    No Geto Boys…Come on man

  • http://xxlmag.com Bobby

    No 8-Ball & MJG
    UGK, Goodie MOB, OUTKAST

  • EReal

    No Dungeon Family = WACK.

    50 stay making moves.

    • Names

      ^^^^^^^it says “Organize Noise” that is dungeon family fools!

  • DownSouth

    Sounds like good lineup Vh1. Can’t wait to see my boy P honored, even tho he wants to be called P Miller now instead of Master P.


  • latino heat

    it says they are honoring Rap-A-Lot, that’s Geto Boys. and Organized Noize, that’s Outkast, Goodie MOB, etc.

    the show does need to show love to 8 Ball / MJG and UGK or else the show will hold no weight.

    a Behind The Music on Eve? why? she released 3 albums, hasn’t released one in 8 years and no one is waiting for her to return. why does she get a BTM?

  • Jesus Martinez

    Jermaine Dupri?
    No Suave House/8Ball & MJG?
    No UGK?
    No Screwed Up Click?
    No UGK?
    No UGK?

    But Jermaine Dupri…

  • Gift

    @ latino heat

    first off homie, outkast and goodie mobb are not part of rap-a-lot. secondly, how can honoring ugk or 8ball and mjg not hold weight for a southern award show? Those 2 grps held it down for the south and hip hop in general.
    had it not been for those guys, alot of the niggas in the south now wouldn’t be on.

    on another note, eve ass is grass. Why is she even mentioned anymore.

  • Gift

    @ latino heat

    my bad, didn’t see the period between geto boys and organized noise. but still. If you talking the south, you gotta have a seperate honor for ugk and ball and G. They deserve it

  • latino heat

    @ Gift

    you might need to go back and read my 2nd paragraph again. the point i was trying to make was that if they do not honor Ball & G and UGK then the show might as well not even happen. i know how much these 2 groups mean to hip-hop and to not recognize them would make the show look like a joke. if my 1st comment looked like a diss to either group that was not my intent.

    @ JM

    you might not like JD on the mic but nobody can deny the man deserves his props for everything he’s accomplished.

    • Jesus Martinez

      Accomplished what? Kris Kross, Bow Wow, Janet, and J-Kwon? Oh, and sayin he better than Dr. Dre and Timbaland.
      He might have done a lot for pop/mainstream R&B but he has had little impact for Southern rap. I know. I from down South. You gonna have a hard time findin somebody who has love for this midget.

      • http://D D

        Diss JD all you want but he produced some hits including Usher’s biggest “My Way” 4 million & “Confessions” 10 million. Plus he screwed Janet Jackson for awhile? You can’t front on that.
        And Timberland need to stop hanging out with Justin Timberlake. Produced some real R&B talent, please.

  • Gift

    that’s the biz my nig. you read my mind lol!
    Those should have been in that list mentioned as honorees. VH1 be on that dick suckin shit though. even the big cats in the east coast didn’t really wanna fuck wit vh1 this year. Hopefully this show is still the shit, and if they don’t at least menation S.U.C. (screwed up click) they’re getting a gang of complaints. GOt niggas on stand-by LMFAO!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/slotchmusic ms_spittuh

    Can’t wait to see the Southern Hip Hop Honors and the Diary of the Hip Hop Girlfriends….thats gonna be tight! :) Its better than watching Bridezilla all day lol

  • Anonymous

    southern hip hop is wik wik wak.

  • illestni99ainne

    no disrespect to the south but they need to scrap that because this year cant go by without gangstarr getting honored that would be foul imo

  • super street fighter

    excluding t.i and outkast, da rest of the south suck at music period

  • Armani.Phr3sh

    Eve gets a behing the music becasue shre single handedly changed the game for the rap chicks. The only female who is equal to her hustle would be Queen Latifah. Every other rap chick coming up in the game wants to see the type of paper or have the type of image that Eve has. Yea, she hasnt had an album out in a while, but her story is an interesting one…so quit hatin!

    …and if she is doing a behind the music…that must mean that the album isnt too far behind.


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