Settlement Reached in Nas/Kelis Divorce

The judge presiding over the child and spousal support battle between Nas and Kelis ruled in favor of the R&B singer in Los Angeles on Monday morning (April 12).

According to TMZ, Nas was forced to pay more than $47,000 in back child support and more than $40,000 in back spousal support. He is also being asked to make $10,000 payments per month in spousal support until he pays off the $299,015.50 he owes Kelis.

If that’s not enough the Queenbridge MC is also expected to pay more than $155,000 for 90 percent of Kelis’s legal fees and more than $48,000 to cover her accounting expenses.

As previously reported, Nas had been having some trouble getting his child and spousal support payments reduced. Last December, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge David Cunningham III raised God’s Son’s monthly support payments to $51,101 after a two-day hearing in court in which Cunningham determined that Nas made enough money in the last several months to increase the sum from the $44,000 he was already paying. —Brooklyne Gipson

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  • Deadly MIME

    DAMN MAN!!! Are you serious!! $299,015.50 GTFOH!!! Spouse support. Bitch better go do another album if she want that money. Thats ridiculous

    • conman

      that is fucked up!!!!!!!

    • sdaz

      Yeah exactly. Kelis needs a job!! Poor Nas! i love NAS!!!

  • 315mike99

    I agree that shit is fucked up!!!

    • SlickerThanRick

      This is messed up Esco.How on earth did you let this shit happen to you homie??

      It isn’t like you stopped her from working when you were together.She could have dropped an album or two.Burn out a couple of old Neptune tracks and do a lil dance in the video.That alone would have shifted her enough units to keep her in hair dye and fake nails.

  • billi ron cob

    its going against the grain of all the comments you’ll see here, but he’s a dick for screwing up his marraige in the first place.

    you dont see Jay Z pissing his marraige up the wall

    • Worley

      Don’t worry homes. Bey will wake up one day and she will be 35 in search of a young man to make her feel young again. Jay will be in his 50′s. By that time, she will have more than enough leverage to take Jay to the cleaners. Right now she’s just letting the interest accrue.

    • Brix

      I here what you saying dawg but come on she raping him!!!! I can understand some average trick going for it because she probably came in to the relationship just handbag. Kelis got her own money so she dont need to be doing this. This is not about the child. This all about getting him everything he has. This is bullshit ilaldo!!!!!

    • Brix

      I hear what you saying dawg but come on she raping him!!!! I can understand some average trick going for it because she probably came into the relationship with just a handbag. Kelis got her own money so she dont need to be doing this. This is not about the child. This all about her getting him for everything he has. This is bullshit ilaldo!!!!!

  • angry black man

    ay is it true that they got a divorce cause she was caught on tape drunk havin sex wit some random nigga from the club? if so, her ass should be payin him! stay up Nas!

  • El Tico Loco

    Damn! Did he try to represent himself?

    • El Tico Loco

      On some serious shit tho? Is an L for Nas, Kelis and the baby, everyone lost on this one. Another family destroyed.

  • D’Scribe

    This is a straight up revenge screwing for all the years Nas put the government on blast. I don’t know a judge in their right mind who thinks this is fair and just.

  • $yk

    El Tico Loco says:

    “On some serious shit tho? Is an L for Nas, Kelis and the baby, everyone lost on this one. Another family destroyed.”

    ^ THIS

  • Jhon da Analyst

    @Worley…….you’re right Beyonce is gonna give Jay-Z the Kimora Simmons treatment. Just wait……..

  • Knowledge

    Since Nas is my boy (and the G.O.A.T) i had to do a little research on his net worth just to make sure he can afford this shit and he can but that doesn’t make it any less fucked up(keep in mind the fact that he has another baby mother)… i expect this to light a fire under him… be on the lookout for some new classics from God’s son… The powers that be are trying to break him… he dropped that “nigger” album called out fox news and all the sudden a tax lien pops up out of nowhere and now this shit… pray for the man cause if they turn him into DMX hip hop and black people will lose a strong voice that’s willing to say what others are afraid to say…

  • Kid Pistol

    Hell no! You tripppppin. Marriage is a two-way road. That kinda money DOES NOT justify what happened in their relationship, 10k a month?! GTFOH!!!!!!!

  • Hell Nawl

    That bitch is the one who screwed up the marriage she lied about fucking on tape he found out like the rest of the world found out smh @ this shit Nas better smarten up and stop tryna throw that cape on 4 tha hos and get a real woman. . . .

  • Mike

    Nas….lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll! Hope dat Distant Relatives sells. Fuck being a classic, for Nas, it NEEDS to move units instead! Miss the illmatic days thou..that never come again. I guess that’s why its such a classic. Be smarter Nas!

  • Face Phoenix

    The Truth in this matter has all to do with motivations of Greed and Revenge. Now we all know she hired a lawyer who probably promised her a clear decisive victory and most likely pumped her up with all these ideas of how much she has suffered but this is straight overkill. She’s not exactly starving [then again she isn't exactly ballin'] but for a woman with a marginal star status to demand all she did – that was just dirty. Especially after less than five years of marriage. I mean the woman has an album dropping this year and she deserves spousal support??? Come the F*ck on. This is exactly why so many men don’t want to get married because you never know who you are really getting married to until it’s too late. I had a friend who kept trying to push me into a relationship with her but the more I gave it thought the more it sounded like a bad idea. She didn’t want to work, she was overweight and not trying to lose the weight and wanted more children which made all my warning alarms go off. Many times we as men don’t look at the complete package and recognize the warning signs of someone who is not a truly compatible with us. It’s like Bell Biv Devoe said 20 Years ago… “Never trust a Big Butt and a Smile”. Hopefully Nas has learned that today.

  • You are Dumb

    @Knowledge: What you said is stupid-dumb retard. When you owe taxes it doesn’t matter what color you are you pay the fuck up. You are also a loser for bringing in race, I hope you and your GOAT take it big time in the A$$.

    • Arkansas

      Are u da dumbest mother fuccer breathing oxygen or what? Dude aint bringing up race Nas did have an album called “NIGGER” in which he had to change the name! And bacc to the GOAT, do you think he means a goat litterlay! My nigg I think i’m getting dumber talking to u!!!

  • EmCDL

    Wooooooooooooow, I’m speechless. Its some straight devious broads out there. So let me get this straight: Kelis was caught cheating on her man while she was drunk with a dude in the club, but Nas has to pay for it???? If this is true then this is just another sign to me to stay single……FOREVER. I’m not saying all chicks are like that, but at the same time, hearing about ish like this makes you NOT want to take that next step….am I right or am I right? SMDH….

  • anutha_level

    bitches aint shit…i know he regrettin the first time he ever laid eyes on the bitch.

  • $yk

    “know he regrettin the first time he ever laid eyes on the bitch.”

    ^ sho’ nuff

    “I’m not saying all chicks are like that”

    ^ they ain’t, just this one is

    “I mean the woman has an album dropping this year and she deserves spousal support???”

    ^ the pearl in the oyster yo

  • q461

    this is because divorce laws almost NEVER favor the man. If women want to be considered equals in the workplace, they should be independent enough to not ask for alimony. You can’t have it both ways. Chld support is a different case, but alimony is complete bullshit.

    I feel bad for Nas that he is getting played by this wack bitch. She is a working artist, let that hoe pay her own bills.

  • Suge Knight

    Put out a bull shit ass firm cd.

  • Lucy

    nas didn’t get a prenup or nuthin?
    what was he thinking
    I agree with q461 bitch needs to be a woman and handle hers this shits ridiculous


    NAS, why u accept a California venue??? Y’all met in NYC and lived in ATL????? Nas, why u aint sign no prenup… had kids before her?
    Nas, you apparently arent a businessman…protect urself at ALL costs!
    Every1 when they get married love eachother at the alter but yet divorce rate is crazy high.
    He shoulda married a b!t4h that was doing something with herself-Kelis? C’mon son! She aint got no work ethic! She gonna live off that shit 4eva and she will nevr marry again.

  • ThaServEnt

    Hell yeah they shoulda stayed in NY for dat case..Judge Judy or Lynn from “the divorce court” whoulda shot Kelis down for dat b.S.

  • Emeka

    for real this is0essed up, and i thot they were so in love. but common this must sound insane even to the judge. is my boy Nas being punished for other crimes/ marital laws in US seems crazy. so ma men gon be a slave the rest of his life/ and how come Nas didnt get a prenup living in the US? Dude must have been too in love. and the story is she was trhge one caught. somethings definitely fishy here. Now wonder why they call you bi#¤”/?

  • Will

    Our child support system is fuckin disgusting… Hell, Kelis still gettin Milkshake money, it just seems like all roads lead to Nas takin a big reduction in payin that shit… If he can’t win with his lawyers, the average nigga ain’t got a shot

  • E-Down.

    Damn, Nas got mad Platinum titles but I think they really trying to gouge him. I can’t belive that Kelis is letting things transgress in this manner, I mean she had a few hits and nods right? She got some paper saved up I hope. Nas got this kinda money like 5 albums ago this ain’t gonna hurt him check the man’s track record/sales.

  • Fireforreal

    What’s fucked up is even while not releasing an album Kelis still brought in around 90,000 herself last year. It’s funny how he’s getting paying more for child support than russel simmons and diddy. Not to nock Nas but he doesn’t make more then them so WTF

  • caino

    this is disgusting!! Spousal support !! what the hell, she cant support herself! a trust fund set up for the kid l understand!

    this is fucked up and this is why guys dont trust woman!! cos at the end of the day she will screw you over !!

  • Joe

    smh and lol @ ‘this is gonna light a fire under him and make some dope music’

    SMH, Nggas really think the world revolve around fukin rap. Grow up nigga, he into her for almost half a million dollars, he aint thinkin bout no damn Untitled 2. This shyt is his life.

  • mav

    that bitch kelis is an embarassment to all black women i cant believe she takin dude to the cleaners like dat celebrity marriages minus the prenup are a setup 4 failure you basically in a long distance relationship alotta the time i still stratch my head as to why people got such strong hatred 4 nas he gotta lotta platinum albums he gon hafta make some music and do some features to pay this hoe it is sad and hilarious at the same time cuz hell be aight

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  • Anonymous

    Y U clownz actN liKe Nas did sumptn…
    Yo broke azz bust 1 n a chick/hav a baby & C wut happens n court when ya’ll seprate 4 WUTEVA reason…system ain’t made 4 fathers!!=LEARN suptn BWOI!(Diz ish iz worldwide)

  • benjamin Gillespie

    looks like Sean Price will have some competition as ‘the brokest rapper you know.’ This clap having Jezabel is getting more in a month than most Americans slave for in a year. Nas needs to take this Bitch on Maury (since he more than likely can’t afford a paternity test now), because in my opinion, the only person who could make a child that blows over $50,000 a year is Scott Storch.

    • Benjamin Gillespie

      *$50,000 a month, not year.

  • P. Harris

    dayum… I’m a real believer in the system is designed to have the man take the fall in these situations.

    But you have to understand that man is following behind years and years of not shit fuck up azz fathers that has made the system that way in the first place…

    Still though, rules need to be re-governed, and somebody should take a look at how easy it is for a female to abuse the system on fathers that actually do shit for their kids… It’s fucked up that some women actually do this shit out of spite and ill feelings for their ex… that’s that bullshit…


    I hope she never sells a cd again.
    Fuck a gold digger….marry a prostitute

  • Arkansas

    Man I’m like her son I hate that bitch so much right now, even in spite she know that ish foul!!! She know she dont deserve that fuccing much! Hell they could have settled out of court! I love blacc women but i swear, these bithches have the intelect of a damn “DEAD MOOSE” and when a real man comes along they play him like a damn x box and always wonder why blacc men date outside their race! Why because dumb bithch u looked down upon him before he got ur attetion being with someone of the opposite race! Man these rap videos got us all fucced up and fucc the TI’S for doing that shit!!!!



  • Powerslave

    This is why you don’t get married.

  • justhoes

    I don’t care what anybody says. I ain’t never getting married. Ma advice to any one out there who loves pussy cuz u only get one-gina if u get married n when it’s over, she’s gnna suck out the blood out of u.

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  • Khalif Nelson