Scarface Readies Dopeman Music for May 4

Scarface will be dropping his 12th studio album, Dopeman Music, next month.

The album will be released independently on the rap vet’s own Facemob Music label and distributed by Deep Distribution Worldwide. “I feel that I need to move on to another stage with the way I deliver my music to the public,” the Godfather of the South told MTV about going the indie route. “I got a lot of shit and I’m using about three percent of what I know about music. I’m not using it all. I’m music. I can play that shit long enough for a real musician to catch it and feel me, where I’m going, and we make magic like that.”

Luckily for fans the Houston-bred MC has decided against retirement. ‘Face previously declared that his 2008 LP, Emeritus, would be his last.

Dopeman Music is expected to drop May 4. —Brooklyne Gipson

[Listen to a sampler of the disc here.]

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  • DV8

    heard the sampler. that shit is going to be hot. Glad Face is back

    Old Man Rap a.k.a. that real shit FTW!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gift

    if scarface sneezed on this motherfucker, i’m gettin it. been waiting to hear some of that g shit for a while. glad to see the godfather back. face bitches!!!!!!!!

  • HU1994

    Who dis fool? He took a name from a movee character and apparently he be jocking the freshist rapper rite now wit his album titel. Wacka Flacka already gots a song sayin “Drug-Dealin Music”. th3s3 fukin neegas be jockin fa real, no joke. I” buck dis neega up wit dat 45. I keep it real.

    • JJ

      You can’t be serious, anyone who listens to Hip Hop knows who Scarface is. He’s one of the best to ever do it.

    • Learn Your Hip Hop history

      First off, check the resume’. Face doesn’t need to bite from anyone, dude been a legend and has recorded with all the greats. He’s been on the scene since about 87-88 young un’. If you have never heard his music, I suggest you put down that garbage rap you listen to (Wacka Flake? -he’s horrible man) and listen to a true pioneer put it down. Secondly “HU1994″ you have no idea what a “G” is, MR.”I buck dis neega up wit dat 45. I keep it real”. Dude your a internet gangsta.4-sho. Do your homework, get some of Mr. Scarface’s music and ride out (if you have a car). Your ignorance is ignorant.

    • Smitty

      U’s a LAME!! What planet are you from? Scarface is scarface plain and simple…since you seem to still be in school you should do some research on the BIG homey!!

    • Brix

      I hate using this word but I think it applies to you. Muthafucka are you crazy? There is no way in hell you can compare Wacka Flacka and Scarface. This is whats wrong with rap today. There is a lot of dumb down rap and Wacka Flacka is on the top of the pile. Thank god true lyricist such as Scarface, Redman, Rae, etc or still doing their thing or this rap genre would truly be dead and buried. Canibus said it best when he stated “people want dumb down (rap) to still dumbfound”(off the song Suicypha). This will not happen if people continue to support dumb shit like “O’le do it”. Know your history before you open your mouth. I got one other thing to say. I know this dumb shit is selling at the moment but the true lyricist need to stop jumping on the remixes of the crap. You are only adding to the demise of hip hop by doing this. FACEMOB do your thing

    • Jamal7Mile

      And that’s the mothafuckin’ thanks he gets?

    • Port Lyfe

      This nigga had to be born in 1994 even then you should who the fuck Scarface is…smh

      • P-Capt.

        First of all, I’m born in 1994 and Scarface & the Geto Boys are probably my favorites in the rap game and have been for a long time alongside Ice Cube.

        Not all of us teenagers are dumb, you know that.

        Oh and glad ‘Face has decided to return, he should stop going all “i’m going to retire on us” – we all know he can’t stay away and his true fans still got love for him.

    • Fae Low

      First of all “Lame”,YOU NEED TO DO SOME RESEARCH! SCARFACE HAS BEEN PUTTING OUT REAL MUSIC FOR REAL NIGGAZ IN THA GAME SINCE THA LATE 80′s. Way before you “Lames” messed up tha Streets with tha snitching and messed up tha music with all this watered down dance music! Who opened tha doors for tha Real Street Reality Rap in Tha South, Scarface did! Who did Def Jam go get to jumpstart Def Jam South, Scarface! Who found Chris Lova Lova aka Luda, Scarface did!!!! Youlame ass lil niggas need to do your homework!!!!! Scarface still reps Tha Realest so Tha real riding with him!!!!!!BLOOKAH!!!!

    • realnigga

      bitch u was born in 94
      you still a kid
      dropp ya nuts first bitch
      lil bitch niggaz lik u is fuckin lames
      71Tre4 H8U$T8N T3X4S

    • http://XXL Calhoun

      This lil fella just feel like acting stupid, or he’s on some real killa shit. Im sitting here laughing trying to figure out the angle on this comment. Maybe whoever wrote this is about two years old or something.

    • Mz Teflon


  • Agg4Real

    Realest Ever….Facemob biiitchhhh

  • Jayhard

    Obviously you are a yungin’(HU1994) who doesn’t know a thing about the REAL!!!!! Face been holdin’ dis shit called HIP HOP down for 20+ years…………. never changing his style or selling out!!!!!!!!! Let’s see how long Wacka Flacka Fag will last!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • General

    Scarface got that joint with Mia X comin out this year too…

    Can’t wait for this CD to drop

    • jtm

      please he would never do a album with that wack ass bitch.

      • General

        Apparently he would since he has already recorded it and dropping it this summer

      • The Fix

        NEGRO PLEASE!! Mia is 1 one of the coldest female mc’s to ever do it. Open up ya ears. And XXL get ya facts straight. This is going to be an mixtape,not an album. Cant wait tho

  • TheR

    I knew he was retiring, he didn’t even give us enough time to actually worry that he was either.

  • jtm

    yes i will be copping this album.

  • EmCDL

    Yeah he retired alright…from being on a record label. I knew he was gonna come out independent, he wouldn’t let that last album he did be the last of him.

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  • ChinCheka


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  • Pingback: Box Clef » Scarface To Release ‘Dopeman Music’ On…

  • latino heat

    i knew he wouldn’t retire. Scarface has had more fake retirements than Jay-Z. not that that’s a bad thing. the game wouldn’t be the same without Face. he just retired from getting raped by J. Prince.

    and to HU1994, choke on a dick and die you fuckin fag! don’t you ever diss a true legend and then sing the praises of a fuckin lame like Wacka whatever the fuck his name is!

  • q461

    he isnt mentioned as often…. but no question Top 5 dead or alive….


    Mr. Scarface is back in the house once again. Hell yeah Ive been ready to peep somethin new from Face, its been a minute since he dropped some hot shit.

  • Anonymous



    Fuck anonymous and any boy band he loves.

  • tronthadon

    Good news im still bumping The World is urs like it just came out…The Wall is one of my fav Scarface songs im only 21 but i live for real hip hop..shout out to big homie 4 coming back

  • Face Phoenix

    Why say you’re retiring when you’re just better off saying “I am taking time off from making music.” …. oh yeah that’s right for the publicity to push an album. $hort said it, Jay said it and so many more and every single time they are back at it within a one year to three years. Happy to hear he’s still making music… just hoping it will be worth a listen.

  • 3263

    First mofo say Face biting Waka then you have a dumb jackazz say Mia is wack. Mia >>> Nicki M all gotdamn day!! Yall mid-90s babies be killin’ me LOL!!

    • Port Lyfe

      this shit starting to get absurd Mia could easily get on a song with anybody and have the tightest verse….and biting Waka Flocka gtfoh its damn shame

  • raazi36

    grown man music for ya’ll little sissy ass boys

  • Tre thinks HU1994 is a retard

    Who is this HU1994 dude? You can’t be serious homie. I won’t even take you serious. Without facemob, there wouldn’t be a Wacka Fuckoff Flame!

    Clown ass shit

  • GetDoughNation(youseeit)

    Wack-uhh… Flack-uhh… Flamer?
    Is that what you call Music? is this really what it’s come to? I know what happened. The youngn’s, they all got scared to go outside, thought they might get a bruise, so they padded the playgrounds. Then, they made this internet thing, and the weak, they all clung to it. no more outside, no more REAL gangster shit. They all fake. Thats why they can listen to the bullshit, they don’t go outside, they’re afraid of real Gangster shit, so much so that they don’t recognize it when they see it. hu1994, (not worth shift) you need to jump off somethin, I have no pity for you. You don’t even deserve to say that you are a rap fan. as far as that 45 shit you talkin, No you won’t. I know better. FACE FACE FACE. Learn about the REAL king of the south… Of the game really. Somebody that really do it, Been doin it, since WAY before your time, Small guy. I know they’ll wan fight me for this one, but back when Pac, (no disrespect, great man, but Way overrated, and yea, you do know who 2Pac is, don’t you?) was dancin for Digital underground, Face was Big G. When cryin was all you heard cause “Dre ain’t producin my songs on all eyes on….” Yeah, even then, all those years later, Face was still BIG G. and even today, with homos like the new Lil Wayne, (yes, the new one, anything after 07, BOOOO!!) Fakes like that Wocka Flocka character you mentioned,(Didn’t he get that from Fozzie Bear, circa Muppet Babies? I’m just sayin. Face, Biting? Did he really say that?) and retards like Gucci Mane, (Is it me, or does it seem he loses intelligence every new album?) Even after all that, to real Gs that know somethin bout some real shit, not no internet gangster, ” I” buck dis neega up wit dat 45″ type Bullshit, (Which by the way, you won’t. Nobody believes you, and they’re all going to laugh at you.) Face is Still BIG G. Do your studies, BOY!

  • GetDoughNation(youseeit)

    Oh, Yeah. And I Wait for anything Face drop. I knew you wasn’t goin nowhere Big Homie. You can’t leave us, the game needs you. Badly