Rikers Guard Fired for Gawking at Lil Wayne

Amelia Negron, a former prison guard at Rikers Island, was recently fired for allegedly spying at high profile inmate Lil Wayne and now she plans to sue.

According to New York’s Daily News, Negron is preparing a federal suit against New York City. She claims that union big wigs made her say that she was gawking at the New Orleans superstar, while on the job.

“I don’t even like rap,” the 33-year-old guard said.”I like rock and alternative music and didn’t know much about him when they said I tried to see him. None of it’s true.”

Negron alleges that an incident in which she peeked her head into Weezy’s unit led to her termination. She claims she was just looking for a co-worker.

A spokesperson for the Correction Department told the Daily News that Negron was a probationary employee and said her firing was “entirely appropriate.”

Wayne is currently serving a one year sentence at Rikers for gun possession charges. —Elan Mancini

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  • North


    • willGATES

      wayne on some real boss shit !!!!!!!!!

      • EReal

        ATTEMPTED gun possession.

        Boss shit.

  • HU

    FIRST. Give this broad her job back. Anyway, a bill is soon going to pass that makes it legal to execute people with tattoos on their neck and/or wrists. This is going to boost the economy by reducing crime and welfare payouts.

    • http://alkjf.com MARCY


    • OGxKU$H

      are you serious? a buill to excute people with tattoos on their necks and wrists? you are so god dam stupid.
      no bill is being passed that allows that. get your facts right before saying stupid comments taht make you look like a retard. im glad the B*tch got fireed, theres no need to be spyin on him unless hes f*ckin around.

      F R E E W E E Z Y

  • Sha

    Yet another example of superstar dick riding… If she peaked around the corner at “Joey the 7-Eleven thief” I think she would probably still be holding that job. The warden wouldn’t give a rat’s ass about her actions. Weezy needs to be treated with the same disrespect as any other inmate (and yes… inmates are disrespected. I don’t agree with it, but it is a fact) But…. On that same level…. Would this chick have even peaked around the corner to see a “Chris the ax murderer” with no celeb status? I doubt it. Fuck superstars and the bitches that dick ride. Real talk.

    • JessicaL

      Exactly how do you lose your job for looking at someone? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever read/heard. There has to be more to this story. Because I would sue America if I got fired for looking at sombody, forget NYC.

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  • http://XXLMAG.com Jayhard

    That’s the dumbest shit I ever heard of!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Enlightened

    Can we please stop with the Lil’ Wayne jail updates every day?

    Does anybody else find this odd?

    We never, I mean EVER heard jail house stories when any other rapper I can think of was locked up – except maybe Foxy Brown.

    If it was it was rumor shit, not being reported as real news. This shit is crazy.

  • link

    rick ross’s bitch.

    • Wise Cracker


  • eddiesixes

    reckless eyeballin outta pocket biaaaaatch hahaha had to get my pimp c on

  • Face Phoenix

    She couldn’t have used her walkie to contact the guy? First thing is that she was on a probational status at a reasonably well paying job. So that usually means the higher ups are looking for any and I mean ANY reason to terminate you. Just her being a woman and most likely a minority at a predominantly male field of employment makes you a target. I should know because I worked at a union job and many times these jobs make these conditions for the sake of weeding out unfit or undesirable candidates. Sorry to hear about her luck but any black man or woman knows that in order to succeed at these jobs you have to play the same game everybody else is playing but with different rules just for you. Now this story seems a little too light on the details but if this is the whole story I feel her outrage but I really think she was just another grown ass groupie who got too excited in having a celebrity inmate and just wanted to get a peek. Even this statement made her seem like she had less than reasonable creditability “I don’t even like rap,” the 33-year-old guard said.”I like rock and alternative music and didn’t know much about him when they said I tried to see him. None of it’s true.” What the hell does this have to do with her case. That’s like me saying “I don’t even like Monster’s Ball,I like Salma Hayek in Frida and I didn’t even know much about Halle when they said I tried to see her. None of it’s true.” Sounds like BS to me.

  • daydeezy

    North imposter at the top…..

  • broad that got fired

    was only tryin to kiss lil wayne like birdman

  • The Hater

    Man fuck dat nigga. I’ont know why bitches be sweatin him anyway. What cuz he got a little money and a few records out? Man fuck dat nigga…I’ont like dat muhhfucka duke..

  • aww hell naw

    this has to be made up

  • Big Dave

    If theres a job as a prison gaurd going maybe somebody should call rick ross.
    He might like to return to his old career!! LOL

  • Big Dave

    So I guess theres a job opening for a prison gaurd….Somebody give Rick Ross a call!!

  • Anonymous

    lol @ rick ross comment.

    SHA = idiot.

    face pheonix = sorry dude, you have a jaded opinion on probation periods.

    too many idiots floating around the net, im gonna have to stop readin this shit lol.

  • http://www.daoneradio.com DaOne _Radio_Miami

    You gotta understand when you say some the hings Lil Wayne says on published music that’s promoted by billion dollar companies, it’s gonna be a circus when when dude like that goes to jail. I’m surprised we aint read about how he use the toilet yet.

    C’mon Magazine’s like the New Yorker even report on this guy.

  • Neechi

    now thats gangsta haha

  • Anonymous

    you on some fly shit?

    check out KushxPalmtreez.com

  • pheyon

    who cares… isn’t he devil worshipping now? you didn’t hear anything with T.I

  • T-Bizzle

    She might have seen that little nigga lickin his nuts….Fuck that dude



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