Rick Ross Ordered to Pay $300,000 in DJ Vlad Attack

Rick Ross, the self-described Teflon Don, isn’t as lucky in court as his namesake, John Gotti. New York’s Daily News reports that a judge ordered the Deeper Than Rap star to go deep into his pockets and pay out $300,000 to DJ Vlad for damages obtained during a fight in 2008.

Vlad Lyubovny, a former mixtape DJ turned proprietor of the hip-hop website vladtv.com—a site labeling itself as “the TMZ of hip-hop”—sued the Miami rapper after he was ruffed up by Ross’ crew at the 2008 Ozone Awards. Ross was apparently angry that Lyubovny reported about his past as a corrections officer. After the confrontation, Vlad suffered a broken eye socket.

Yesterday (April 15), a Manhattan federal jury awarded Vlad $50,000 in compensatory damages and $250,000 in punitive damages.

“As an individual that covers breaking news in the hip hop world…I am grateful that the jury punished Rick Ross for setting me up, when all I was doing was covering the news and making commentary,” Vlad said after the verdict was announced.

Ross has yet to comment on the suit. —Elan Mancini

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  • http://thestampede.bandcamp.com Detroit P


    • EReal

      I’d be surprised if this guy even has 300 grand. Real talk.

  • Anonymous

    i wondered what the 50cent dick riders are to say now..”haha the c.o have to pay a fine, he’s wack”
    Oh i forget, 50cent dick riders think its actually cool to be shot nine times and stab by black child then to deliver a beating.


    • 520


      • RWord


        • FUCK ME

          LIL WAYNE

  • RWord

    i wondered what the 50cent dick riders are to say now..”haha the c.o have to pay a fine, he’s wack”
    Oh i forget, 50cent dick riders think its actually cool to be shot nine times and stab by black child then to deliver a beating.


  • RWord

    here is a quote from the incident:

    “The pair, along with some of Ross’ crew, met up and attacked Vlad, causing him to suffer seven stitches under one of his eyes, three facial fractures, a corneal abrasion and other damage.


  • iListen

    Hey, everyone have to be accountable for their actions, even a “don”


    Ross was apparently angry that Lyubovny reported about his past as a corrections officer.



  • latino heat

    does this mean he has to change the name of his album now? since obviously Teflon Don no longer applies to him. (not that the Don part ever really applied to him anyway)

  • vlads a fag

    that bitch vlad is the first to report any confrontation between rappers and laugh about it,makes money off it,this time literally.bitch loves glorifing it but when it happens to him he crys and sues,whats wrong vlad,i thought u wanted in.

  • Vansur

    OK DUKE, heres the facts… you get shot n stabd chances are.. YOUR INVOLVED IN DRUGS, if you get sued for assault of 300,000 for someone exposing the kinks in your TEFLON, aka him being a PO, thats HOE GAMES, how the fuck do you guys respect someone like that? seroiusly your the new breed of snitches that dont know jack shit about the game, soo if you feel the need to argue with me, dont, becuase your wrong and thats it, real aint PO NUFF SAID

    • RWord

      Vansur stop dick riding and acting all HOmotional.

      First off, there are millions of people who get shot and stab that are not involve in drugs, they are call VICTIMS dummy!

      50cent is a victim.


  • http://alksdjf.com MARCY

    DAMN. i remember the mixtape dj Vlad. His mixes were pretty dope, he was an actual MIX tape dj. Not some dude that puts together a compilation and calls it a mixtape. Now I know where he went. Vlad the butcher, rap phenomenon, he was hot when green lantern was big, why is it the crappy dj’s are the ones who make it, khalid, drama, all they do is yell over exclusives


    Tha Bawsssee Lossssss!


    Shit is funny especially when fan boys and haters get their facts mixed up. First off Rick Ross is a lame and deserves what he got, he shouldnt be lyin and tryin to portray himself as some drug lord when he is far from it. Granted yeah dude prolly deserved an ass whoopin too for exposin him, but If Ross wasnt a fraud then shit would have never happened in the first place.

    Second yeah I like 50 but here lately I couldnt really care less, I respect his hustle and used to enjoy his music but it has sucked the last couple years.But get your facts straight
    he got jumped by Murder inc. stabbed and recieved three stitches wow, they lost their chain and six dudes jumped him and all he got out of it was three measely stitches. LOL and he got off with their chain and Im sure threw some punches and they got a few scrapes Im sure.Murder inc lost their chain not once twice, and had to pay to get it back. thats some funny shit.
    That altercation was a joke he laughed that shit off, like it was a playground fight.Or worse a girl fight it was like he got jumped by some sissys.

    • RWord

      NAPTOWNNUISANCE is a 50cent dick rider. Since when it considered gangsta to get shot nine times, stab and get in a “playground fight” but do nothing to others?!?!

      Dawg, you clearly lost on whats real and what fake. in your book, victims are gangsters. No wonder you are defending 50cent getting woop by Murder Inc and trying to down play it. LOL!!!



        You have got to be the biggest fuckin idiot on here, your supportin the fakest person in the rap game, and from what i have seen an read he threw punches and snatched their chain, so whats sissy about that?Dude just spit rick rosses shit coved dick out of your mouth.

        I guess you missed the article in xxl a few years back where they said when 50 was beefin with fat joe, when he was at the mtv movie awards they cut it short during g-units performance because while 50 was on stage he called joe out in the crowd and told him to step on stage and box him in front of everybody.
        get your facts straight dude, aint no body ridin dick over here your the one defendin the lame.I dodne stated how i felt about 50 as a person, you obviously missed that. I COULD CARE LESS, IM JUST STATIN FACTS SOMETHIN YOU ARE NOT.

  • daydeezy

    I guess that will make his eye socket feel better…lol


    Say what you want about 50 hate if you like, yeah his music aint been all that lately and his marketing for it suspect ( you know havin to start shit for record sales), but when it all comes down to him and his past, at least many people who know him say he is real, and it aint fabricated.he did bust guns he did sell dope and he is a scrapper.Rick Ross and Ja Rule on the other hand are not they are puppets sellin you an image of somethin they are not.

    • RWord

      50cent is the biggest puppets! whats real about him, he claimed he got shot nine times, police reports says only three. he is the victim (shot, stab, punched, jumped) yet claim he does all these shooting and killing on his records?!?!?! LOL!

      If you think JaRule and Ross is fake, factually, 50cent is no realer.



        Oh yeah and again get your facts straight, Im not the one who said he was a victem moron.Put your dunce cap back on and get in the corner.

        • RWord

          facts? where are you facts. were you present when 50cent got woop?

          stop being homotional.

          50cent loss to Ross…no one is checking for 50cent music. his career in music is done. After Ross 50cent beef, Ross STILL droped an #1 album with no drop in sell numbers while 50cent on the other hands sales drop…LOL!


  • Anonymous

    Ross referenced the ruling as a proof of his John Gotti-inspired nickname.

    “The Teflon Don strikes again!” Ross told MTV News. “I’ve been fighting a $4 million dollar lawsuit for the past 2 years. My defense was a success. I have to salute my attorney Xavier Donaldson. “

    Even though he will pay out a 6 figure judgment, Ross is relieved the sum is far lower than the original $4 million case filing.

    “Whenever an artist or anybody is put in a position such as a lawsuit where so much evidence is presented [with] tapes etcetera etcetera, and giving the plaintiff less than 10 percent of what they requested, I consider my defense a success. God bless America,” he explained.

    DJ Vlad was satisfied with the judgment, stating he was simply reporting and continuing the discussion on the Smoking Gun website’s original expose that revealed Ross once worked as a correctional officer.

    “As an individual that covers breaking news in the Hip-Hop world, I am grateful that the jury punished Rick Ross for setting me up,” Vlad disclosed in a statement. “All I was doing was covering the news and making commentary.”

    Rick Ross latest album Teflon Don is expected to be released this summer.

  • brand-new

    @ RWord i don’t give a shit about 50 cent or ja rule, but you’re defending a man who locks the key on niggas. a man who is the complete opposite of what he represents. he talks about a life that he never lived…and you’re defending him? rick ross lacked the courage to even defend himself when the story first broke. he hid in shame and lied about it untill it was finally album promotion time. the man is a coward and has a career built upon lies and extreme fabrication. support artists with real ideas and talent, no ones that borrow and expliot them.

    • RWord

      what are you talking about clown? 50cent talks about a life he DOESNT LIVED dummy. WHO HAS 50cent shot? Who has he killed? I know you shot him though, we who stab him though, who beat him up. But where is all these people 50cent claim he will or going to harm?!?…LOL!

      But i keep forgetting, 50cent dick riders like yourself dont know when the mouths are full.


  • Divine

    Co-sign completely with Brand-New

    • RWord

      LOL!…Divine is co-signing 50cent dick riding…LOL!


  • Kashif

    RWord is obviously a fat ass fag… BOSS!!!

    • RWord

      Stop being homotional..”oh someone is dissing 50cent, oh i have to say somthing to defend him”


      you clowns amuse me….BOSS!!!


    I could care less what he says on records, because every rapper says they do shit they aint done thats the entertainment part of the music, Eminem aint no serial killer but you dont hear him sayin he is off record,point is 50 is from the streets people who dont even like him that know him attest to it,watch the episode of beef about him doin he homeboy wrong,they used to ride wit him and say is was a real cat from the streets but money got the best of him and he turned his back on his boys, but as far as street credibility he has it and lived it, and you can see from pics the dude has more than three bullet wounds dumb ass, ever watch the documentary where he shows them off? prolly not.

  • Face Phoenix

    For heaven’s sake, why do ppl still think that most of what comes out of rappers mouths is real? This is industry based on making money and selling a image. Even Dr. Dre, so many years ago said it this is all entertainment. No one admits to a felony on record unless you are just stupid. The first rule any criminal who is in it for the long run follows is silence and never incriminate yourself. Ppl act like Rick Ross being a C.O. was a complete shock it shouldn’t be. I will go out on the limb and say 95% of rappers are making up these tales they write. Music is not the non-fiction isle of a book store. There is no Non-fiction Rap Section this is all entertainment not a CNN or Fox Report [Not to say Fox News has become "True Fiction"]. I don’t know when in the last 15 years the line was blurred between Reality and Fiction but it’s getting ridiculous. All the real gangsters are DEAD or in Jail. Even this report is just more publicity for his next album. You can’t buy better promotion now days in the Entertainment Biz than spending sometime in court. This will be the best $300,000 Def Jam or Ross pays just to keep his name in ppl’s mouth. People give it a rest he’s a rapper you don’t like him don’t buy his music – it’s just that simple. 90% Rappers today aren’t Real. It’s just like wrestling stop acting like you just found out. Everybody is playing roles. The Gangsta Rapper, The Conscious Rapper, The Cool Rapper, The Sexy Rapper they are nothing but labels. Get over it.

  • Darth H8ter

    Should have had Vlad arrested and let his fellow officers “tune him up”.

  • Hussle’s Way

    Fuck Officer Ricky for being being a COP TuRNED GANGSTER LOL

    Fuck Vlad for snitching and suing a nigga

    LOL @ a nigga doing STREET DVDs SUING a mothaf#ckin COP LOL!!! JUST FUNNY

  • http://xxlmag.com herbatov

    fck all u 50 haters u mad coz he rich n u still at ya moms crib

  • http://www.nustylze.com Urban Clothing

    Damn that’s gotta hurt.

  • caino

    Dont understand how the comments turned into Ricky vs 50 but oh well!!

    All rapper lie, its what they do!! thye tell tall stories and if you believe them, then well you deserve what you get! lol

    this shouldnt help Officer Ricky ‘street cred’ as it wasnt him that put a shoe on Vlad it was his entourage!

    • RWord

      lol!…street credit? so let me understand you 50cent dick riders…. A man woops on someone and that doesnt help his “street cred” but a man who got shot nine times, stab, beat up by Ja and his crew becomes the hardest dude out?!?!?


  • RWord

    To all you 50cent dick riders if Ross music was so fake and wack, why would Diddy become his co-manager? Why is Game back with Dr Dre and 50Cent is not?

    Ross makes better music. 50cent doesnt. That simple.


    • BIGNAT

      uh oh rawse going have to go light on the crab meats mwhahhahahaha. rawse has better beats but not better music i still am rocking songs off bisd. if rawse would drop a dtr instrumental version of his album it would sell more than his real album.



  • Anonymous

    im the gratest

  • Anonymous

    all u niggas can suck my dick

  • killer

    yall niggas is so homotional………yall niggas need 2 stop worrying bout killin each other and start worying bout jumpin off yall rappers dicks fffuuuuuuuckkkkkkkyyyyyyaaaaallllllllll!!!!!!