Parents Upset Over T.I. Appearance at Georgia Middle School

T.I. ruffled some feathers after speaking t\at a recent appearance at a school in Georgia.

According to Georgia Action 2 News, Tip spoke to students at Woodland Middle School in Henry County, GA on March 5, causing many parents to voice their dissaproval.

Apparently the concerned parties were upset that the principal would allow the Atlanta rap giant to address their children, despite his criminal history—which involves convictions on gun and drug charges.

One father in particular emailed the principal, Dr. Terry Oatts, about not notifying parents in advance that T.I. was coming. “In the future, if T.I. or any other convicted felon needs to perform community service, ask for parental permission to allow our children to be exposed to these questionable individuals,” he wrote.

Myers claimed that Oatts responded by writing this: “I thought about asking a guy who snorted cocaine and got arrested for DUI when he was 30 to come and speak to our kids, but President George W. Bush was not available.”

When contacted a representative for Henry Country Schools confirmed that parents were not notified that the Grammy-award winning rapper would be coming to Woodland. —Elan Mancini

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  • EmCDL

    Wooooow really? Not only is dude doing his community service, but he telling the kids what NOT to do, NOT to go the route that he took, and these folks taking offense to that??? SMH….

    I like the way Oatts responded to that email though LOL

  • Worley

    Two thumbs up for Oatts’ response. Classic.

  • daydeezy

    Very Good Come Back…LMAO A bet His son/daughter was Happy, and that was the Goal not for the parents. I think He is Really Mad because he was not invited and wanted to give him a demo or take a picture and post it on facebook…

  • cloverg

    Fuck t.i. fake ass Lil Flip is a real rapper kids should look up to he always has positive records that inspire and motivate like i can do that and make mama proud are classic inspirational hits that even beat out tha nas track i know i can lil flip is a real role model/legend

    • jbird

      I 2nd that Cloverland G. Flip does make good, positive records that make sense in an industry troubled by violence. Kid Cudi reminds me of the Flip I remember. Real inspirational and down-to-earth music. It’s not on ‘I’m on the world’ type of ish. Flip is a better ‘person’ than TI. Of course I don’t them both, but he makes his public face a lot better than TI.

  • really?

    lol a cloverg. Like a pimp (his biggest hit) was real positive huh?

    • dfeazell

      wtf you think like a pimp was a song that delivers a positive message are you on something


    Damn, that response was ridic!

  • K1ng Eljay



    People still say props? lol

  • nicholasdelorejo

    How many rappers do you hear about donating their time, resources, and advice to helping the youth to steer clear from the negative traps that rap commonly promotes in the music? Not even the great black hope Jay-z does this and he even gets a presidential cosign. At least TI understands how dangerous his music can be to leading children the wrong way. Any other rapper would pull the whole “It’s the parents responsibility to raise kids,” claim no responsibility, and keep it moving. TI is doing what so people demand rappers to do. Not even the so called respectable black entertainers like Usher or Micheal Jordan would visit some unknown public elementary school and talk to the children.

    Also the principal is a dumbass groupie. The principal is a represenative of the entire school. Not that he was wrong in his statement but dude needs to hold himself more professionally than simply throwing a jab at Bush. He could’ve easily said that he felt that TI’s advice to the children was appropriate and he was unaware of their woul be a protest to such a visit. But instead dude gave a response that would suggest that he was a TI stan and he wouldn’t given a fuck if TI came through with bitches and guns. You got people who could’ve earn a doctorate like him and they would have had more class than this dude.

    • nicholasdelorejo

      Excuse me: “couldn’t have earn a doctorate degree”

      • Kid Pistol

        Excuse me: “Couldn’t have earned a doctorate degree.” lol

        And, the Principal did not throw any jabs at all, he was stating that, despite someone’s history, they can develop into a huge icon or inspirational figure, aka President of the United States or T.I.

        • awesome arsenal

          but you forget to mention that Bush had a rich and powerful family so regular rules haven’t/don’t apply to him. we all know regular folks don’t have that luxury. the rubuttal was apples and oranges

        • Kid Pistol

          And T.I. Doesn’t count? Dudes are tripping.

  • El Tico Loco

    Guess paying your debt to society is not good enough. SMMFH

  • nicole

    hahahha love the comeback. that’ll teach em.

  • rwcnicoya

    peep game,to my understanding T.I.P is 1 of the realest rapper’s in the game,who’s swagga is deep!!i know i wouldn’t mind if my kid could listen to what he had to say.,Especially at school.,That’s real.,1 luv to T.I.P.,Stay strong Playa.!!

    • Jstylez

      He must be your role model huh…thinking a rap sheet makes you real or something huh….still think coming from the streets is like a diploma or something…get the fuck out of here…

  • rwcnicoya

    Peep game from a Bay Area Playa.,T.I.P is 1 of tha realest rapper’s in tha game.,i wouldn’t mind if my kid had a chance to listen to what T.I.P had to say.,His Swagga is stupid.,in a good way,striaght ^.,1 Luv T.I.P.

  • htown

    I think the response was really dumb and still unlightening, especially as a principle of a school. Where he thought he was being smart alec he was not, I agree with the parent. He has the right to know who his child is being subjected to and he also has the choice to allow his child to attend or not attend. People always complain that we as parents are not involved but now he is being criticized for doing just that, parenting. The principles comment would have been justified if the parent has prev allowed the child to attend an assembly where Bush was the speaker but to as far as we know that is not the case.
    Though he may be trying to “give back” his lyrics do not reflect that and if this young girl never heard a TI lyric, after the assembly she could possibly become a fan and will now be subjected to the things he dicuss (street life) that she may have never been exposed to. All the parent is saying that he has the right to kno, I wouldn’t want my child taking advice from TI either. This opinion in no way changes the way I feel about him as an artist. I like TI’s songs but I do not allow my children to listen to his music.

    • El Tico Loco

      I usually don’t do the grammar police but damn!! principle? You probably never been to the PRINCIPAL’s office or got a letter from the PRINCIPAL?

  • El Tico Loco

    Here’s my take if he’s doing it from the heart go ahead I salute you for that. If he’s doing it as part of his community service, fuck that get your orange vest and pick up some trash on the side of the road like everybody else.

    • Numb Beer Won

      Ha! real talk

  • Shawty J

    LMAO at the principal’s response.

  • Jstylez

    I can see how some parents would not like tip drill coming to there school….but i dont think its that big of a deal…he’s about 4 ft about the size of some of the kids ….

  • $yk

    El Tico Loco says:

    Here’s my take if he’s doing it from the heart go ahead I salute you for that. If he’s doing it as part of his community service, fuck that get your orange vest and pick up some trash on the side of the road like everybody else.

    ^ word

  • caino

    C/S El Tico Loco

    if it was my kid l would want to know if a convicted felon was coming to speak to my child, famous rapper/snitch or not !

    The principal just came off looking stupid , he should be above that shit, and if BUSH was coming to speak to my child , again l would want to know about it!

  • yeayeayea

    tell you one thing, i wouldn’t want my kids taking advice from george w. bush

  • Worldizmine

    T.I. & LIL Flip Legends?
    Some of you must be in middle school!
    Poor kids these days!Just seeing who they look up to is so sad!

  • obaki

    He should had responded Barack Obama instead of Bush. But he’s too busy ruining the country right now. It’s said that so many people in our country bought into his lies.