Lupe Fiasco Mentor Denied Appeal in Drug Case

Charles “Chilly” Patton, Lupe Fiasco’s incarcerated mentor and business partner, will not be leaving jail any time soon.

According to the Associated Press, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal by Patton earlier today (April 5). As previously reported Patton was sentenced in 2007 to 44 years behind bars for drug conspiracy.

The charges stem from a 2003 arrest where he was found with 13 pounds of heroin. At the time of the bust, he also was in possession of a loaded gun.

Patton’s lawyers tried to appeal the ruling, arguing that during his trial jurors weren’t questioned by his judge on whether they had any prejudice against firearms.

The Illinois Appellate Court didn’t allow an appeal to be granted, saying that the judge did not have to ask about potential firearm bias. —Elan Mancini

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  • Teddy

    damn dude thats rough same shit with the clipse let this be a warning to all you aspiring king pins who front the cash on talented mcs as your ticket out the d-game, hip hop police are probably checking into rappers and whos paying for their shit n where the money is coming from

  • Federal Ranga

    See, I was wondering who that Chilly nigga was and now I know, but DAMN why would Lupe associate himself with somebody like that? There’s something we ain’t hearing, yo.


    • Frankwhite

      I know Chilly personally and he aint just some round about nigga. You got to know him, before you put your mouth on him.

  • Jae Digga

    He’s fucked

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    nigga ain’t neva comin home gawd. Lupe had the right idea to switch his persona up to throw off suspicion. Please believe he use to be on that street shit he jus’ smartened up.

  • B.C.

    Yo, Lupe stay in them streets…Why you think his record label is called 1st & 15th?

    • these posts are racist

      You tell us, why is it called 1st and 15th? What is the symbolism/meaning?

  • tazo431

    cause the crackheads, junkies, etc… get their checks on the 1st n 15th of the month

    • these posts are racist

      what checks are you referring to?

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  • these posts are stupid

    welfare checks stupido!

  • caino

    man, 13 pounds of heron! the dude aint going anywhere!

  • Teddy

    yeh lupe used to be alot more street with his music like pop pop now seems like his tryin to hard not to jus do him n be super light sabor positive

  • The real chris

    fuck a Lupe this dude aint never know street nig,u mtf lupe fans stop amping this dude up.

    • Chris S

      just curious, what do you base that on?

    • that1dudeT

      lupe used to be off some gangsta shit forreal. peep his older unreleased music…accept the troubles, gangsta up in here, hustlers and customer…all on some gang shit, but he never put them out cause of what Chilly got into.

      thas why dude switched up his entire music style(blessin in disguise)

  • mack

    I always wonder why do ppl who “seem” to not care about an artist take the time to diss….shit boggles me really does…

  • The real chris

    @ mack i say fuck u to but the reason why i personaly took the time out to dis kudi well hell just put it like this he’s just that wack.i might would like kudi alot better if he didnt apologise for jumping off stage, fearing the conquences