Ludacris Leads Rap Acts on The Billboard 200

It’s been a dwindling week for hip-hop on The Billboard 200. Out of the four acts that made it onto the top 40, all but one, Ludacris, lost ground.

Luda’s Battle of the Sexes held on to its No. 11 spot from last week. His seventh studio album sold 26,200 this week and 310,000 to date according to Nielsen Soundscan.

‘Cris beat out the chart topping Black Eyed Peas, who slipped down a couple notches to the No. 13 position this week. The E.N.D. sold 24,600 units this week, which is impressive considering this is week number 44 for the album on the charts and their overall sales have topped 2.4 million.

Next up is Lil Wayne’s Rebirth, coming in at No. 25 with 14,900 units sold this week and 504,500 overall.

Wu Massacre plummeted from it’s No. 12 debut to No. 37 in it’s second week. The Method Man, Ghostface and Raekwon effort moved 10,900 units this week and 49,000 to date. —Brooklyne Gipson

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  • SKS

    Who is still buying that Black Eyed Peas album?…oh, nevermind, i know.

  • @circleent504

    B.E.P.’s are getting it in!! WOW…i remember the pre-Furgie days. They was going in as well too…just more on an underground scale!

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  • Sha

    Luda deserves this one. His work ethic is sick. And if you listen to his lyrics, he definitely is holding down the south. The livest since Andre 3000 and T.I. He has always been underrated. And this is the reason he continues to destroy the comp. Hats off.

  • $yndicate.MAN

    Luda underrated? try overrated. don get me wrong hes by far one of my fav rappers of all time, but hes not making muzik like he used to. what happened to the crazy sing along anthems like ‘move bitch’ ‘act a fool’ ‘roll out’. he gon have to pull a rabbit out of his ass before i allow my grandma to buy another one of his albums. she gangsta like dat

  • Frank Low

    I think Brotha Hung Lynch has the best all around album at the moment!!!

  • The real chris

    no dobt Luda is one of the best to ever come
    out the south and no luda aint as good as he use to but he still dope and hell he still better than the most of the corny rappers in the south,but yet corny rappers like gucci get the credit.

  • The real chris

    no dobt Luda is one of the best to ever come
    out the south and no luda aint as good as he use to but he still dope and hell he still better than the most of the corny rappers in the south,but yet corny rappers like gucci gets luda the credit

  • Yay Area

    No more numbers on E-40′s albums equals a got damn shame! Hottest album(s) out right now!

  • The real chris

    please disregared my incorrect spelling but corny/wack rappers like gucci do get ludas credit,gucci is horrorble but the main thing is luda deserves alot of credit cause without him ti and 3 stacks there i’snt any southern rap.

  • E-Hustle

    Nothing is selling for the following reasons. The internet, itunes (ability to download individual songs), music labels fucking over the artist (not just rappers) and the fact music is at an all time low in originality, creativity, and quality.
    All the material put out is garbage.

    My last album I copped out the store (bestbuy) was Decembers Relapse Refill re-release. My last official itunes album copped was The Hendrix Experience greatest hits album.
    My next album purchase will be Eminem’s Recovery in June. That is how much shit sucks balls right now.
    And this is coming from a nigga that buys all his shit official and loves new good music. But nothing good is out. Shit is depressing these days.
    Got a nigga listening to old shit these days.

  • caino

    My last purcharse of an actual album was OBCLII
    and the last l got tunes from ITunes is Slaughterhouse.

    Next physical album l’m gonna buy is Soulja Boy 3rd album……….l jest, l jest!!

    probably be Lupe Fiasco and Lasers or The Game album. (My wife always gets me the Game albums for some reason, l dont know why!!)

  • rachet

    looka here all u cats be like gucci cant rap or aint lyrical but in his shit he never say he lyrical or can rap he strictly rap for the evrey day trap nigga i mean hes goin commercial like erey body else does shit i mean his shit is for niggaz to ride to trunk music beats hard as fuck no real lyrical content and to say wit out 3 stacks ti or luda there would be no south but most folk say dat cuz the niggaz dats sayin that aint from down south and 3 stacks ti and luda cater to a up north audeince it like that wit fat joe he cater to a down south audience a lil now he aint hot in da north no more but erey body was feelin nigga when he jumped on new york wit ja and lean back and make it rain cuz it was up north club shit all im sayin is up north niggaz wont feeling ti when he dropped damn im serious wit beani man 3 stacks when he dropped 2 dope boyz in a cadillac so the morale to the story is u gotta cater to a up north audeince to be consdierd lyrical

  • rachet

    o and whats killing the rap game is bloggers who want to much from the god damn artist yall beg for motherfuckas to be more original or more lyrcal but hip hop is origanilty in its self it takes alot to write a 16 put it out on a cd then perform it in front of thousands of motherfuckas i mean sum folk used to be scared to read in front of the class in school but we as listners of the art form of hip hop need to realize it aint so much of originality and lyrical content any more niggaz bout they money they give a fuck if any one of yall niggaz buy there albums cuz the sales market is garbage but with one hot ass song that get radio spins downloads and a buzz dats show money and show money is bommin cuz even if u wack u gettin atleast 3,000 damn a show so is it even worth it to put out a cd worth lisitning to when niggaz like u and me are gonna download it first any way even when its hot and u buy it den u tell another nigga how hot it is they gonna burn it or they gonna buy it and tell sum one else who will u see what im sayin lyrical content has been dummbed down from the mass of downloading and free music sources u feel me y make lyrical music when folk just gonna download da whole cd or the hottest songs on it when i can just make a cd wit 3 or 4 keep my buzz and still do old songs from a past album plus the 3 new shits so in all honesty the hip hop fan killed hip hop

  • P81

    lol at the above post. im not even gonna touch on the nonsense that’s riddled through out…But I will say this:

    that was the longest run on sentence i’ve ever seen…take a deep breath lil dude.

  • E-Hustle

    LMAO@P81! I know man, nephews post looked like a bunch of words mashed into each other, no paragraphs or anything. Not that a nigga is required to do that, you just need to write so we can understand WTF you are saying. I didn’t even bother, I just scrolled down and saw your comment and that is exactly what I was thinking.
    Anyways, this site is a ghost town. Poor fell the fuck off!

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