Jeru the Damaja Speaks on Guru’s Death at Brooklyn Show

Last night (April 29) some of the most critically acclaimed acts from New York’s 1990′s rap scene gathered at Warsaw in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to take fans back to the Big Apple’s glory days. The showcase, put on by The Heavy Sound, featured a bill that included Ghostface, Brand Nubian, Group Home, and Jeru the Damaja. Less than two weeks after Guru’s passing, much of the night, not surprisingly, was dedicated to the fallen MC.

Ghostface, who was said to be the headliner of the show, performed just one song before bowing off stage so that Brand Nubian could bless the mic. The trio of New York MCs played a set with a handful of their classics, and weren’t shy about voicing their feelings towards Guru’s associate, at one point saying “Fuck Solar,” to which there was plenty of crowd approval.

Earlier in the evening, Guru’s Gang Starr Foundation brethren Jeru and Group Home hit the stage for their own sets, and respected the legacy of their fallen friend in their own ways. Jeru had the crowd participate in a moment of noise for Baldhead Slick, saying that’s what his comrade would have wanted. Both Jeru and Group Home said Guru would live on through them.

“Guru is responsible for saving my life,” Jeru shared with “If it wasn’t for him I’d probably still be in the street. I get thousands of dollars a night to travel the world and have fun and do something I love, and I’ve been doing it for years. The Gang Starr legacy is gonna live on because I’m here, Premier is here, [Group Home's] Dap is here. And every time I get on the stage, whether somebody know it or they don’t know it, Guru is up in there. Always.” —Adam Fleischer

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  • ozamn

    i saw ghostface in the uk and he got boo’d off the sta\ge because him and his crew started selling t-shirts after a couple of tracks.

  • a-live

    Yo I was at the venue Warsaw which is where the concert is was held. I don’t know what to say other than I was very disappointed with the turn out. There were only about 200 heads in a place that fits 1000. Not only that, it took these guy about 3 hours to start the show and the DJ was playing the corniest hip-hop ever. I don’t know if it was dead because of the Talib Kweli & Lloyd Banks concert going on at Nokia at the same time, lack of promotion, or is it that the state of Hip-Hop is so fucked up that people just did’nt recognize a magical line up. Ghost, Group Home, Jeru, Brand Nu, Beat Nuts (No Show). I mean the ingredients were there but the shit aint taste good. And in defense of my man Ghostface he was’nt gonna get on and give a whole show to an empty house. And even then, he played the sideline while Brand Nubian took the stage, tore it down and he just bobbed his head with a smirk like the rest of us. True hip-hop moment.

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  • bctw

    I would have liked to be there but I found out about it way after I already had tickets for the N*E*R*D/Jay Elec show at Webster Hall. This event was obviously underpromoted or maybe not even promoted at all, a hastily thrown together event which I’m sure lost the promoter plenty of dough. RIP GURU.


    Wish I could have been there! LONG LIVE GURU!

  • q461

    sounds like a dope show…Grouphome had a dope record, mainly because of Primo’s beats, some of the best shit he’s ever done. Them two niggaz were pretty simple tho, lyrics-wise. no hate though.

    Real talk..the game needs cats like Jeru…

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