Game to Face Off With Drake in June, Details Revealed on R.E.D. Album

After several push backs, it was announced today (April 13) that Game will be dropping his long-awaited fourth studio LP, The R.E.D. Album, on June 15—the same date as Young Money rising star Drake’s debut, Thank Me Later.

The West Coast rapper was originally scheduled to release the disc in March, following a DJ Drama mixtape but plans have since changed.

As previously reported Game and Dr. Dre reunited for the project, with the superproducer offering his skills both behind the boards and on the mic. “Dre is a hip-hop legend and one of the reasons I’m making music,” Game said in a statement. “To be working so closely with him again…man, I don’t even have words to describe it.”

Pharrell Williams, who is credited as a co-executive producer on the project, is also excited about working with D-R-E. “I cannot believe I am actually producing songs on the same album as Dr. Dre,” he said. “Humbling, man…
I owe Game for that one. His album is gonna be a problem.”

Pharrell produced the first two lead-off tracks from the album; the street-oriented “It Must Be Me” and the more radio friendly “Ain’t No Doubt About It,” featuring Justin Timberlake.

Game’s SoundScan competitor Drake was also recently pushed back. The new XXL cover boy was initially scheduled to hit stores in May. —Elan Mancini

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  • daydeezy

    Yes sirrr lets go west coast, i will cop that…with Cash no download…

    • James Duccets

      WTF. The game is the #1 most homosexual rapper to ever touch a mic. The biggest fraud since milly vanilli. This is not a good look for the westcoast.

      • The Decatur Dictator (ATL FOOL)

        and you’re not a homo? NEEGROO Paleeze. You sound Homo by judgeing what another man is doing. Go back in your trailer and get off your neighbors Wifi connection.

      • The Decatur Dictator (ATL FOOL)

        and you’re not a homo? NEEGROO Paleeze. You sound Homo by judging what another man is doing. Go back in your trailer and get off your neighbors Wifi connection.

        • Duccets

          a guy from Atlanta talkin about someone else knowing about homos…..huh

        • The Decatur Dictator (Damn Duccets Bag!)

          Sorry “Ducc Bag” or whatever, but if you ever get a chance to roll to the “A”, what you will find is exponential number of women here for the brothers. Thus, I’m here. Whatever the “switches” do is there thing, but YOU commented on the homo thing so own it. You seem to know he is and who’s not very well I see. Can’t beat experience huh?


      Game is a complete BITCH !!! I stepped to him at Slausen studios and he said he’s gonna name the the record “Blu Album” he is totally scared shitless of me!

    • adam

      ehhh download
      defenatly cop drakes thow cash

  • Jesus Martinez

    Really anticipating Dre and Game together again. I havent’ really liked his recent material, LAX was a big dissapointment too. I ain’t really feelin Pharell/Game collabos either, he always gotta drop a lame-can’t-sing hook or some shit.

    • Anonymous

      Get Ready!!!!!!…For another disappointment. Co-sign Duc, this fool is lame as can be!


    Game is monster.. 3 dope albums in ROW

  • Kid Pistol

    Game is dope. HOWEVER, Drake will undoubtedly rape the sales contest.

  • Mike

    Here’s something funny….what if NEITHER albums move serious units and/or hold down the #1 spot?

    • ladykilla

      u got so many niggas on drake’s dick & so many bitches jusin love wit tha dude ..ya already kno tha nigga gon sell..

  • http://Alex

    Good music sells itself.. drake will probably outsell game at first depending on the singles ect. but if game puts out a good album up to par with documentary (that album appealed to a large demographic had really good music)it will outsell drakes album in the long run. But who knows drake might put out a good album as well … i expect both to sell well and game career will be revived from working with these producers/features. I expect the radio to be filled with detox/r.e.d/drake songs this summer.

    • Anonymous

      I expect the radio to be filled with detox/r.e.d/drake songs this summer.

      sounds too good.

  • Kenny D

    To be honest, I think Game outsells Drake. Why? Cuz Drake is a ringtone rapper, in which no one is gonna buy his whole album, they’ll just download his 4 songs. As for Game, he has a group of loyal followers who sometimes will even buy more than one copy of his albums to support him. Drake may be a lot more popular, but Game is gonna outsell him.

    • og

      Kenny, where do u get these stats to say drake is a rongtone rapper. Go kll ur self.

      Drakes So Far Gone 7 song Mixtape has sold more than Games LAX. And it was released for free download 7 months before he started selling it. Plus only fucking loser douche bags stans like you by game albums. 50 ended games career a couple years back…actually he ended his own career by being a bipolar bitch.
      He’s look at about 50-70k in the first week, while drake is looking at 300k or more.

      fuck you fag and go die!!!!!!

      • tripz

        Damn, don’t think i’ve ever seen a more faggier comment.

        Hope both do well.

    • TakingBackSunday

      true i luv the game man and i dont even listen to rap, only rappers i like are the oldschool music and The Game, Lupe’s alrite but im more of a rock dude but wenever game drops i always buy five copies 1 for the car, 1 to put on my computer and 3 for me

  • Kid Pistol

    Ringtone rapper? Your shit’s faulty.

    etc etc, those are ringtone rappers.

    • jtm

      drake is a ringtone rapper stop smoking crack.

      • Kid Pistol

        Go suck on some dickle.

  • $yk

    Ain’t no way Game is gonna outsell Mr. overhype. TML will get press like it’s Jesus spitting bars and Game will be lucky to get on Jimmy Kimmel.

    The winner is Universal.

  • allhiphop>xxlmag

    games album will be better quality wise but drakes gonna sell more
    remember when slipknot sold more than lax?

  • tommy gunz

    slipknot>>>>>>>>>>>game or drake

    • jtm

      yeah slipknot is way better than drake.

  • Anonymous

    I’m downloading this weak ass shit

  • Jake

    im excited! drake will prolly kill him on sales tho

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  • Prince

    RED ALBUM AND TEFLON DON WILL BE THE BEST “HIP-HOP” ALBUMS OF 2010…in my opinion Drake 1st single aint poppin he will not sell like everyone is predicting he has a ? fanbase where as Chuck T has been a stable in the game since 2004 and wit the good Doc and Skateboard P back in the booth wit em i think we will see GAME reach another level its all a matter of who wants to promote their artist more Interscope or Universal.

    • Brahsef

      Lets be real…for mainstream releases Ye’s new cd will be crushin on fools…sales and quality wise.

  • Suge Knight

    The west side is the best side.

  • G-Unit Crip

    Fuck Drakes faggot ass and fuck
    the gayme 50 destroyed that lame
    bipolar faggot.
    G-unit for life

  • Will

    A majority of CD buyers are parents and women

    They gonna see Game’s tatted ass and say, “Oh no, Billy/Beth, we can’t buy that album with the hoodlum on it, how about you try the album with that guy, you know, the one on the Teen Nick show?”

    Niggas don’t buy CD’s anymore, so any time a street dude goes against a mainstream cat, mainstream wins every time

  • CBS

    Drakes gonna out sell Game because he is on some Nikelodeon shit so the kiddies will scoop it up.

  • C BO

    Game will come with another solid album. I think he will out sell Drake

  • macdatruest

    how come now when two albums come out on the same day, it’s a face off now? Who says, the labels? Why does it matter who sells the most, what does it mean? I already see where the fake ass hip hop media is gonna go with this: Im guessing if Game outsells gangsta rap is yatta yatta and if Drake outsells safe guy rap is yatta yatta… I fuckin hate corporate rap now.

    i cant wait until the game gets fucked up to the point where “they” dont want any parts to do with it and give it back to “us” then maybe we can have another Outkast or The Roots emerge through creativity and hunger. Nowadays the average rapper is made rich by his label to be encouraged to sign his soul away, so you can expect every new rapper to come out talking like they made it already. Fuck record label sales what the fuck is Game still in a neighborhood street gang? and is drake still just a bag of metaphors with eyebrows and a dry canadian backstory about being whisked away by fame suddenly? All that shit gay as fuck…

  • stephen

    Drake is not very good but people will listen to anything jay z and kanye tell them to

  • raazi36

    Game time Nigga, Westside !

  • $yndicte.MAN

    @ macdatuest. real talk man, couldnt agree more. remember that whole kanye and 50 show down of albums!? niggas played out. on screen it was beef and genuine competition, but off screen them lames were laughing their way to the bank. #fact: droppin albums on the same day is a very good way to push units for both artists. a win win situation if you will. @ pharell saying games album is gonna be a problem, i reckon it will

    • 3263

      I agree wit you and mac. when that 50/kanye shit went down the only winner was Universal Records. Drake will outsell Game. Unless Game has another hit like “How We Do”. 70% of Drake’s audience is the Twilight movie audience the teenagers and shit. Me personally I hope they both do well. I wouldn’t be surprised if Drake does Carter 3 or more his first week. Drake’s 1st wk: A Milli+…Game’s 1st wk: 400-500K

  • Dime Magent

    You do realize Bieb the Gawd is way bigger than drake and not plat? Does drake pay you guys to post or something?

    Cuz y’all naive as fuck.

    BTW, whoever sells more, Game’s Must be me bumps way HARDER than any of Drake’s tracks. Plus game time got more ACTUAL groupies than Drake. Who’s groupies consist of the same age range as Biebs the Gawd demographic. So that whole ladies argument is wack. U mean drake appeals to tween girls. LOL.

  • Dime Magnet

    But if Baby wants Drake to go plat in one week. I’m sure he can make that happen. But then its not really real. O well, you can really buy anything in this world.

    HATER SIDE of ME: Drake is not a good singer or rapper. Its only after he blew up I realized how sheeple people are.

  • gaddic

    Don’t know don’t care
    Game’s album is gonna be way better than drake’s
    That’s all that matters !!!

  • El Tico Loco

    I’m having a real hard time giving a fuck about either one. Lemme see umm … Nope not caring at all. But I am waiting on the 420 releases Little Brother, Redman, and Devin.

  • hiphopsavage44

    Drake is tooooo corny for me , dude is not hip hop . he is hip pop period . wont be buying his album or even downloading it . sorry

  • SMFH!!! here we go again…..

    her we go again…..I guarantee u rite now….that after Game n Dre reunited…Game will say Dre’s name a billion times on his album….I remember listening to an interview where he was asked what the concept of the album was….Game was hesitant like fuck n said “I’m just rapping man”….well if he said that u know he gonna drop names like he always does….he gonna start braggin about how he workin wit Dre again n shit…n yep he gonna mention 50′s name again *duh*….seriously I don’t understand why Game fans say Game is better than 50 when Game just raps da same shit over and over again…and mentioning 50′s name every single track….it just bores da fuk out of u….if Game wanna get at 50 so badly…jus tell 50 to get it poppin n take it to the streets….cuz this is played out beef…real beef was like Biggie n Pac…50 n Ja…this is played out…I’ve said this shit over a billion times….I jus wanna let u know…don’t expect any surprises on Game’s album…

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  • $yndicate.Man

    Yeah Game been dick riding on 50′s ass for a bit. apparently he’s still signed to Gunit but as an independent artist…whats the story on that one. whether you feel Drake or not you got to acknowledge the fact that he’s pushinmajor moves, his time has come. whether or not he makes it so far depends on his ability as a rapper/entertainer to captivate the masses or lame as niggas buying his album under the impretion that he is HIPHOP. Niggas get your game straight, hip hop can never be/ has never been one dude. it is a collective effort by a group of talented individuals. whoever made that claim should be beaten, stabbed and murdered in front of his grandmother

  • Kenny D

    Hey og and all the other dumbass hip-pop shit dickrhydahs! Here’s some facts about ur Canadien Lil Wayne wannabe. So Far Gone sold 74,000 its first week and right now is at 400,000. LAX sold 238,000 and is platinum worldwide, with 860,000 copies in the US. You wanna call me out, make sure you got some shit to back it up faggot. Drake is a talented artist who chose to be like Lil Wayne instead of being a lyrical genius, which makes him a ringtone artist in my books.

  • Bullet

    The game coo n drake coo but ma cuzz tupac the bestest eva!

  • church

    only white people buy cd’s

  • Powerslave

    Man, Game be staight hustlin workin 2 jobs! Rappin and givin ppl da Pedigree on WWE.
    Keep on the grind homie

  • herbatov

    how come its ok for gayme n ti to do a song wit justin but when snoop n fif did u said that aint gangsta man u bunch of bitches suck a dick n die slowly.fuck gayme bitch ass id love to pimp slap him,word

  • Q! tha Great!

    I’ll support Game and Drake in June. Game has lost alot of luster in the past few years.Most of it due to his own actions. He will have to come with something truely classic and unexpected. not the overly zealous, gun blazing gangsta,name dropping style through the whole album. Drake has the ear of the yonug kids now and that is gonna be extremely hard to compete with. plus it’ll be summer time too, gotta have that summer anthem or call it quits. I see Drake doing about 400K, Game doing 200K

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