Fresh off the marathon track “400 Bars,” Game shared details with of his upcoming LP The R.E.D. Album and mixtape project, The Red Room.

As previously reported, Game has been in the studio heavy with legendary producer Dr. Dre and Pharrell Williams. Game playfully shared with that even though Williams has a more laid back recording style than Dre, he’s helped him create “over a thousand songs” to be used either on the album or mixtape.

Although the West Coast MC jokes excitedly about the project he’s somber in sharing that it’s almost ready to go and is full of features, including 2010 XXL Freshman Nipsey Hu$$le.

“Nipsey’s all over the mixtape,” Game said of the DJ Skee-assisted mixtape. “Along with Canary, this [female] artist I’ve been working with and developing. Mad Max, Lil Wayne, Lil Boosie, Snoop, a gang of people on there.”

As far as a release date, Game says these things take time. “We’ve just been waiting for the right time to drop the mixtape. You never know I might go into the studio and add some tracks tonight. But when I feel like it’s ready we gon' put it out… It’ll be real soon though.”

The official release date for The R.E.D. album, however, has been confirmed. His fourth studio effort is scheduled to drop on June 15, the same day as Drake’s highly anticipated debut Thank Me Later. The Doctor’s Advocate is not worried about the competition though. “Drake hasn’t sold one record yet!” he says before mellowing out. “Naw, but seriously, ain’t nobody going in the store and picking up Game album and leaving Drake and no one is picking up Drake and leaving Game. That’s how it is and it’s all love.”

Game also confirmed previous reports that the album will be released on Aftermath. “It’s Aftermath, Black Wall Street, Star Trak it’s so many emblems on the back of that album it looks like a T-shirt,” he said.

For now be on the look out for Red Room. —Brooklyne Gipson