Fuse to Air Lost 50 Cent Interview

Last year Fuse aired an interview that 50 Cent did with journalist Toure. The 30-minute special wasn’t long enough to include all of the content the G-Unit General had to offer so next week the station will be airing some never before seen footage from the taping.

50 Cent – On the Record with Fuse: The Lost Tapes will include Fif commenting on his time spent in jail, the harsh criticism he has received and the future of his career, among other topics.

The show will air on Fuse this Tuesday (April 27) at 8 p.m. EST. Watch a preview for the program below. —Elan Mancini

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  • DownSouth

    50 is da man. It’s amazing how he came from what he came from to being what he is now.


    • juarez cartel middle man

      who gives a fuck..its funny how 50 can flop and completely make a fool out of himself by trying to bet his career on record sales..which he lost..getting dissed by jay-z..and getting ignored by everyone in the rap game..xxl still manages to put him on the cover….????….he hasnt had a number 1 hit since 04..so why the fuck would anybody be interested in watching a video about a has been??…xxl must have some die hard g-unit fans or 50 cent actually pays xxl for the attention..downsouth,”amazing”? lol..can swallow that niggas dick any deeper?

      • OGxKU$H

        hey buddy your just riding the band wagon dick arent yah? hatin on 50 becuase everyone else does, its okay to be jealous of his life because he makes money and you spend your welfare check on crack every month ok. do you get it?

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  • RWord

    who cares…oh i forgot, dicck riding XXL.com

    man, sometimes i can tell the difference between thisis50.com and xllmag.com


  • Anonymous

    50 and all the coverage of him is getting a little old, I used to be a fan of his but lets be real, he hasnt done anything great musically since The Massacre. Yeah a few hits and decent mixtapes here and there but thats it.50 will no longer be relevant unless he drops is attitude and sales marketing strategy of takin shots at others for the sake of sales an drops another hit album thats all there is to it.

    yeah Rick Ross is still a lame

    • the Change

      I’m agreeing with Anonymous, Rick Ross is still lame, like most of the southerner rapper that come out now, such as Wacka, Gucci, Jeezy, and to many to want to mention cause some cats will Catch Feelings, Don’t be mad that’s a females trait lol. I’m all about a lyricist and MC (Master of Ceremonies), not club music about getting money, yeah we already money is the universal lubricant, but Damn do you know anything else, guess not. Damn! he went Hard.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjsQWSeQ43E Trinity


  • daydeezy

    “they need to stay lost”

  • http://www.orkut.com Rosália

    fuck em all up there better than 50 and not have anything xxl continue putting 50 on the cover because he’s the man, the best rapper with the best and most incredible life story fuck jada, jay-z and the garden gnome from ja rule. .
    50 cent forever

  • gkid12345

    The whole F G-unit stuff is old people. Lets be real though, the top artist lil wayne just dropped an album and is almost at the same amount sold as 50 cent. I don’t want to hear the rock and roll excuse because Drake sold the same amount and he has had dozens of singles in the past year. Respect this man and give him his just dues

  • Fireforreal

    I’ve never been a big 50 cent fan. I liked his music from 1999-2003 but after that it got worst and worst,but you can’t deny he always has intresting interviews no matter what. He has a nack for business and bullshit. the only one to master that is diddy. But that was back when he was puff daddy lol

  • tommy gunz

    say what u will but 50 still gives the best interviews

  • dre

    bitches stop hatin on da south fuck boys

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  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjsQWSeQ43E VICTORIA

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  • 4real Cletus!

    Damn, I get soooo tired of you east coast biased, hate’n mofo’s. I’m westside my whole life & love hiphop no matter where it’s from. Jeezy is real with it, Rick Ross got content wit dope beats.

    I agree that Wacka is wacky, & Gucci is qouchie, plus 50 is some timey, but he’s a great businessman & I can’t hate on that.

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