Eminem Schedules “Recovery” For June 22

Ends up Eminem won’t be relapsing again. A press release announced that instead of calling his new album Relapse 2 as planned, the Detroit lyricist has changed the title of his long awaited LP to Recovery.

In a statement Em justified the name change by saying that the music on the project sounds dissimilar to his original concept. “I had originally planned for Relapse 2 to come out last year,” he said. “But as I kept recording and working with new producers, the idea of a sequel to Relapse started to make less and less sense to me, and I wanted to make a completely new album. The music on Recovery came out very different from Relapse, and I think it deserves its own title.”

Shady has went into the studio with a variety of producers for the new disc including DJ Khalil, Just Blaze, Jim Jonsin and Boi-1da—who produced Drake’s hit collaboration “Forever” with Em, Kanye West and Lil Wayne last year.

In February Slim’s DJ, The Alchemist, talked to XXLMag.com about the Grammy-award-winning MC’s chemisty with Just Blaze and DJ Khalil. “Khalil—who I think is like the best producer right now to me—he had been sending records to Em for a while,” Al said in a previous interview. “Em knew he was dope but they haven’t found the right one. And I think they found a couple joints now… the joints they have are crazy.”

As far as Marshall Mathers’ work with Blaze: “They really vibed and made some music, beyond like Just just sending him beats,” ALC said.

Recovery is set to hit stores on June 22, the same day as Diddy’s Last Train to Paris. —Jesse Gissen

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  • http://myspace.com/kidpistol Kid Pistol

    I really like this direction Em is going. Die-hard fans of his old formula will be afraid of this change, but this will be dope to check out. I can’t wait to hear this. I hope he really uses some of his own production as well. His self-produced tracks have always been some of my favs.


    • beaver

      yea em’s self produced are great..
      my favvs..

      nice title..
      i gotta hear em and blaze trackk.
      gnna be dope..

    • matty21

      yea i hear that, good shit….its sweet in history too, like lookin back, its gonna be “relapse” n “recovery”… its really life related n just goin in a better direction, different vibe…he obviously felt that in the music too n just changed da direction, u can see that, n its what he said in this… thats like a complete opposite title, music obviously gonna be different… good shittt, good vibe to evrything

  • redblue

    Fuck yeah,cant wait for it=) Suck on that haters

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/?p=76433 jay

    cooll.. as long as hes not talking about gettin fuckin in the ass or rapin wemon, relapse was a classic in its own right but i cant vibe to shit like that i want shit i can bump in the car.. u cant rly bump anythin on relapse in ur car or club .. i want that real the way i am, stan n other shit he has to be on this one.. lets go

    • Will E. Will

      LOL I was gonna say the same thing. I can’t stand relapse honestly. If recovery is going in a complete different direction, hopefully that means he will be back to spittin hard, and real instead of characters and talkin about butt rape. I heard Royce is in the talks with Shady records, so hopefully he can straighten Em out so he can come out with that street shit and not that “Triumph the puppet dog” garbage.

    • bullets

      the only thing classic about that lp is the fact that em started rapping again that shit was mc hammer wack


    Klonopins, Zani’s, Valium’s, Bloodbaths, and graphic rape lyrics are great. But…the road to recovery sounds promising.

  • Anonymous


  • c-walk

    Holy Shit! Eminem and Chamillionaire releasing albums on the same date?! I CAN’T WAIT!

  • Face Phoenix

    I hope the direction of this album is more Marshall Mathers LP than The Slim Shady LP. The darker and more serious the tone the better because that last album was a letdown.


    He already said it went in a different direction than relapse totally.If I remember right I read somethin awhile back where he said this cd will be more of the Eminem we all love the more serious shit.By the way I would bump

    Stay wide awake
    3AM (even though its serieal killer, he still kills it)
    Mr. Mathers
    Must be the ganja
    Deja Vu and Old Times Sake all day in the car because those are the best songs on the cd, the rest are garbage.And Im a big fan.

    • http://jhvkjhvkjv kgflvkhjv

      You forgot about Underground. Great song.

  • allhiphop>xxlmag

    this albums gonna be interesting
    ems expanding who he works with production wise
    wonder how that jim jonsin tracks gonna sound? his beats are really pop and simple but em usually has beats that are fire

    • jtm

      yeah i don’t understand why he decided to get jim jonsin and boi ida on this album. they both wack but can’t not wait to hear him on the dj khali and just blaze beats.

  • my world

    yall pussy ass white boys got scared when he said aint no relapse 2 lol he still gne suck played out ass cracker free lil wayne

    • jtm

      how old are you 9? man your spelling and grammar are terrible and also fuck lil gayne ain’t nobody thinking about him anymore.

  • Heartbeat of 905

    ^^^^^^^^ Hater and dumbphuck based on what he said.

    Just Blaze and Em sound like a lethal combo to me. Especially with Just’s samples oooooooweeeeee thats gonna be some sick shit. Khalil also has some ill beats so thats gonna sound dope. Hopefully ALC gets to put a few beats cuz his chop and loop style is tooo ill. Listen to Dialated Peoples to hear his shit.

    Production wise this is gonna be dope, hopefully the lyrics stay on point to.

    I got free health care bitches.

  • brand-new

    it’s good to see that eminem isn’t gonna be one of the few dozen rappers to come out with a sequel album. that’s a trend thats getting played out.

  • q461

    This shit is gonna be dope just like all his other records. Can’t wait to hear him over some different production….Same day as Diddy’s shit lol… no disrespect to Puff but the white boy’s got this one…

  • fuck em

    relapse recovery dosent matter he has nothing to say anymore not a hater but i doubt he do a mil and wayne is still on evrybodys mine so chill with that

    • D-Lloyd


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    Hahahaahah as long as there are haters Em will always be there to shut them up, dude has been pegged as one of the best to ever touch a mic, and still people find hate in their hearts.If you really wanna quit hearin what he has to say and really think he is done then stop talkin, stop hatin.Because it fuels him.As long as somethin is bad to be said about him he will always have amusing things to say back to keep the hate goin.What? you aint learned yet after all these years.HAha he does his job very well obviously.Your butt must hurt since Em killed Lil Waynes over rated ass not once but twice on both of the tracks he was on.

    • mav

      that drop the world verse wasnt even that hot waynes two verse were definitely better than em shit he did get em on forever though

  • fardeas

    iam a 30 year old white irish lad(from ireland) and i love rap,and boys when you get to my age you will realise its all bullshit.ive done a wee bit of time over here and its no joke,and i know dat prisons in da states are 10 times worse.no rapper like rick ross or 50 will tell u what its like to jerk off into a napkin thinkin about your girl or win at pool and get the head kicked off u,these are facts.all these fools preach shit that they dont do.85% of it is bullshit and the other 15% wish better for you.

  • iShahrukh

    Million the First Week.Mark my words.

  • Teddy

    thats it everyone retire

  • caino

    l didnt vibe with Relapse , just wasnt my type of music, l miss the Marshall Mathers LP Em, and l hope its a more mature sound he is bringing and not some put on high pitched voice!

    l will listen to new album then decide to buy or not !

  • romil

    Yea sounds like Em does best when he steps from the doctor a bit. Everythang aint gotta be crazy and psycho the world has changed alot since the Marshal Mathers LP,and SLim Shady we all need RECOVERY! lol

  • Bunkshit

    shadys relapse was a let down and im feelin recovery will be to his rap style has definately matured but i only vibe to his old shit. Keep screamin Fuck the free world em!

  • Mauritz

    The major problem with the discography of Eminem is the productions. He is one of the most skilled MCs all-time, who has constantly worked with past-his-prime Dre (the most overrated producer of hiphop history). Imagine if Eminem had worked with the producers of, say, Jay-Z instead? Would there be any doubt about who had the best career? I am really looking forward to this, Khalil and Just Blaze are some of the best producers around.

  • mav

    this one might actually be good just blaze brings out the best in a lotta cats i hope he raps like he did on the eminem show that was his most normal album that till i collapse cleanin out my closet sing for the moment superman soldier shit the whole album was fire

  • Fireforreal

    yeah I agree. His first 3 were all dope but Encore and relapse I was like ehh ? but because it’s eminem it’s always a big deal no matter what. I wish he would stay off the boards and just rap. Let other producers like just blaze and Premo do half and Dre do the other half. Em can spit his best when he’s on other people’s beats.

  • megulito

    my world is gay that racist shit is wak we all brothers on this earth period now i gotta say relapse was wak to me maybe 2 tracks but thats it i miss the old em he fell the fuck off in my opinion

  • http://www.realcavsfans.com Powerslave

    It’s 3 AM in the mornin
    Put my key in the door and
    Rapper lyin all over the floor and
    I don’t remember how they got there but I guess I must have killed em
    Killed em

  • bullets

    glad to see Em changing directions becayse that relapse shit was fucking horrible

  • Chris

    This dude rocks man i’m from india and i love his shit after 2pac and biggie he’s the only strongest nigga in industry….. God bless him

  • Anonymous

    Who the hell is he now i don’t like his shit man…. He’s garbage only nigga’s that i listen to are 2pac eminem nas and dmx… Rest all are bullshit …….by the way can anyone tell me when is dmx launching his new album

  • Anonymous

    Who the hell is he now i don’t like his shit man…. He’s garbage only nigga’s that i listen to are 2pac eminem nas and dmx… Rest all are bullshit …….by the way can anyone tell me when is dmx launching his new album t

  • Anonymous

    Sorry last 2 comments are not for Eminem they are for GUCCI-MANE sorry i comment it in the wrong blog

  • Anonymous

    I’m waiting for JUNE when june will come

  • Chutia

    New rap i had written
    your sister is so sexy, that i want to fuck her in a taxi, then i will come to your home, and i’ll fuck your mom, don’t get upset don’t get mad, i’m bringing my dog name jad, he will fuck u and ur motherfuckin dad,

  • Chutia

    This rap is for all mother fucker who hates EMINEM

  • Chutia

    Fuck all mother fuckin eminem’s haters with umbrella and Eucalyptus tree

  • Stan of india

    Bohemia (New Rapper) he’s amazing he got talent that can’t be beaten according to me Great ten Rappers
    1. Eminem
    2. DMX
    3. 2PAC & Notorious Big
    4. NAS & BIG PUN & BIG L & AZ
    5. ICE CUBE & KOOL G
    6. XZIBIT & 50CENT
    8. ICE-T & SNOOP DOGG & Scarface
    9. REDMAN & Kurupt
    10. This spot is for two rappers (A) BOHEMIA (B) D-DON

    • wtf

      if thats an order of best rappers . damn how yuh have big and pac 3rd after em and big L after em also i dnt think yuh know anything bout RAP stan of INdiaa

  • Vikram

    I’m having all the albums of Eminem and my homies too it’s little hard to buy eminem album in india because the cost is high in here it cost Rs. 800 for one album and i’m only getting 500 rupees as a pocket money so it’s little expensive for me but then also i’m able buy his album by saving the pocketmoney i can also download his songs from internet for free but it will not be fair to eminem it will show that we don’t give respect to him and his music… now i came to know that his next album is coming in june so i’m gonna start saving my money for his next album…. So that i should be the first one in my colony to buy eminem’s new album recovery…

    • George

      I salute you man you really know the meaning of rap music

  • Khan

    King of kings

  • Singh

    This album will breaks his all previous records i can assure you that

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