Drake Premieres New Song, Album Date Moved to June

Fans will have to thank Drake three weeks later than expected. The Young Money rapper’s highly anticipated debut album Thank Me Later will now be hitting shelves on June 15 as opposed to May 25, according to MTV.

Drake revealed the news last night before he kicked off his Away From Home tour at Pennsylvania’s Slippery Rock University. While the LP will not be available for two more month, fans at the show got to hear one of the new songs Drizzy’s been working on. The Toronto-bred MC premiered the laid back, introspective cut “Fireworks.” He starts the song off by saying, “Money just changed everything/ I wonder how life without it would go.” [Watch below]

“Fireworks” is just the latest song to come out from TML. Drake released the album’s official single “Over” in the beginning of March and his collaboration with The-Dream “Shut it Down” followed a short time after.

Along with Dream, Thank Me Later, is expected to feature appearances by Jay-Z and Kanye West, among others.

In related news Drake and fellow Young Money member Nicki Minaj will be appearing in the May issue of XXL. The magazine hits stands nationwide on April 20. —Elan Mancini

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  • Deadly MIME

    OMG’s all the way. Look at the titles for these songs “Over” “Fireworks”. Money just changed everything/ I wonder how life without it would go.” Drake=FAIL

  • comeon!

    Same exact flow every song

  • crash

    dont think Drake will ever blow up. rappers cant start by talking bout how they have all this money. because if they’re talkin about money now, they will always talk about money.


    • C_EASE

      drake already blown up foo

  • http://myspace.com/kidpistol Kid Pistol

    @crash. “dont think Drake will ever blow up…..etc etc etc”

    While Drake is NOT my favorite by any means, I hate you for this comment. He already HAS BLOWN UP. Multiple magazine covers, a mixtape that put him on the scene and made him the hottest prospect for labels of the year, aside from an unspoken amount of buzz, whether its good or bad, around him on the net and physically in stores and such. I’m sorry, I had to say something.

    And “Over” wasn’t like HOTTTT, but it was not SO bad to the point of over-exaggeration as everybody is making it.

    • bullets

      I agree to an extent but i do think that they are a bit inflated with the hopes that people will actually fill up that space and buy there records. Drake’s ep sold but as much as his mixtapes and nicki minaj is living on features right now but non of them are established two bad songs and there shows will be empty not like a waye or jayz who could drop experimental lp’s and still sell a mil you know !

  • Gift

    cosign w/kid pistol

    drake has already blown the fuck up as well as nicki minaj. The way that they’ve blown up is very unconvetional though, because they don’t have an album out to really show, aside from mixtape shit. album may not be good, album may fuckin blow our minds, but either way, they have both already blown up. Now it’s how long will they stay around, or who will fall first, but again, they have both blown up.

  • E-Hustle

    This niggaz 1st mistake was signing with Young Money/Cash Money/Universal and joining all those corny ass wannabe rappers.
    Wayne is the only talented one on that label.
    He should have stuck to his guns and went in alone independent, or atleast market himself and have a major do his distribution like Jay Z just did.
    I think he sold himself out by signing with dem bums. Not a good look IMO.
    And I will agree, he has already blown up, however until you move those units in stores and on itunes as albums sold you aint done shit for real.
    I think he waited too long to drop. He is played out now. His same old boring flow. His subject title is the same shit (a bunch of nothing but bitches & money)every song.
    Once thought to have meaningful songs on his debut album it just looks like alot of nothing.
    I think this nigga gave into the label and sticking with radio friendly songs.
    All I care about is the Eminem colabo. I’ll officially download that shit on itunes and that’s all he is making off me.

  • E-Hustle

    OH BTW, that album got pushed back because his 1st single Over isn’t Over with the radio or fans. That joint is weak. very forgettable.
    Just speaking the real. Nigga is an average rapper at best. He just has a machine behind him shoving his ass down our throughts,… no homo.
    Holla at me when Relapse2 is announced with a release date.

  • http://myspace.com/kidpistol Kid Pistol

    Co-sign, felt that.

  • brand-new

    @crash…i’m not trying to defend drake or nothing, because you kinda right, but jay-z was talkin that big money shit on his first album and he’s still being felt (no homo)

  • Dime Magnet

    Yeah well Jay-Z is better than Drake.

    Stop comparing Drake to people better than him. Your rational logic is wack. Jay-Z lasts cuz he dropped heat after heat after heat. Drake is a one hit wonder.

    He should be fucking happy about that, that spoiled brat.

    • http://K1ngEljay.com K1ng Eljay

      “Best I Ever Had”… “Over”….

      Your logic is shot. It’s at least two songs in the bag right now. And if you say the “So Far Gone” mixtape isn’t dope, then I don’t know what to say…

      Jay-Z’s better, but even Jay-Z acknowledged on TRACK that Drake was up next. I guess we just gotta see what he do with it.

  • E-Hustle

    @Dime Magnet,

    The comparison to Jay has nothing to do with talent, it’s about how Drake came out and was using his Independance as a promo tool and did not stick with it.
    As nice as that Forever track is (minus the singing hook)I can’t help but hear this dude say “You got a deal/I did it without one” and “It might not mean nothing to yall/but understand nothing was done for me”.
    Those are two of this biggest B.S. lines that nigga ever spit.
    Universal was pushing his music on the radio and he was already signed, yet still faked like he was still a Free Agent and was going to go independant.
    What I am saying is he should have really did that and got a distribution deal with a major like Jay or just distribute to itunes/zune or even have E1 distribute since they are a techical independent label.

    In no way his this dude on Jay’s level. You took that the wrong way nephew.
    It’s niggaz like Drake why my ipod touch stays hooked up in the whip. So radio doesnt keep hammering niggaz rotation 24/7. commerical radio sucks balls anyways and Surius/XM sucks for being a paid subscription service,..granted there are no commercials, but who really listens to the radio out of the whip?

  • Dime Magnet

    No doubt.

    thanks for the breakdown. I feel the same way you do.

    I mean Good luck to Drake. but this shit is beyond fabricated and makes me a lil sick. Good things these dimes be around. I know u know what i’m talkin bout. lol.

  • E-Hustle

    Oops, I just noticed you was talking to the other dude. lol!
    Drake subject title is still basic Money & Bitches,.. and I mean bitches as far as catering to the bitches like a fake ass LL.
    I swore this dude was going to come out with real subject titles (none emo shit) like his upbringing, family, toronto, and shit like that. Niggaz is living tight out here, we don’t want to keep hearing about niggaz making it rain. you don’t see Eminem talking about money and he is one of the richest rappers ever.
    I could name others, but I just chose to name the illest of them all.
    I’m happy Sade gave him the cold shoulders because this dude is feeling himself way too much now.
    He thinks Em give a fuck about him, Em just wants to Ether him again for practice on his own shit.

    • jtm

      co sign on everything you say e hustle. if this was 15 or 20 years ago people would be taking drake as a joke.it would be like zack morris from saved by the bell trying to be a rapper now can you picture zack morris doing a record with wu tang or bone thugs n harmony? drake is nothing but a gimmick.

  • Dime Magnet

    Drake will be that Rick Roll guy one day.

    Like you just been Rick Rolled.

    And Best I ever had will come on.

    Yup, that’s the future of hip hop since drake is poised to be king.


    I love this world.

  • E-Hustle

    LOL! Yo jtm, if Officer Ricky can lie, then get exposed, then confess to being as C.O. and then have an album debut at #1 with 150k sold and still get features from the so called hard niggaz down south (Young Cheezy, Luda, to name a few) then anyone else can do it.
    I am not saying Drake is some phoney nigga even though he did have that TV show and no is hard. But he isn’t making youtube vidoes with Guns and saying he is going to body someone so I will give him a pass for now. I am just saying this dude fucked his shit up signing with wayne.
    He could have be his own man, now he alined with those lames which includes the current hip-hop punching bag of the week Jae Millz. btw, when is that nigga gonna drop an album again? ROFLMAO!

  • RAW

    I agree that Drake’s actual impact on the game will be seen and felt by all after his album drops and we all get those numbers. Until then, he’s STILL doing his thing. Dudes can hate on Drake all they want, but at the end of the day, dude is STILL buzzing, whether it’s a lot or a little and he’s been buzzing for a long time now. He’s been buzzing for so long now that some may feel like it’s gone. It’s not.

    Not sure who posted it, but I read a post commenting on the fact that Drake’s a fake because he lied about being independent when he wasn’t, etc. What’s he supposed to do? Sacrifice millions of dollars so he can sell a couple more albums? He did enough on his own to catapult him to where he is today…you’ve got to admit that he’s doing exactly what he set out to do in the first place. Anyway, what I’m trying to get at is the fact that he is a member of YM led by a dude who is inferior in talent. Let’s just be honest, Weezy’s trash. But what did Weezy do to put himself on the map?…That “best rapper alive” shit gave Wayne the buzz he needed and he rode it and still is. Dude brainwashed MILLIONS of people into thinking he was DOPE and HE’S NOT! A little buzz and a couple bangers later, and a star is born.

    Drake did what he had to do to generate the necessary buzz need to propel him into the limelight just as Weezy did a couple years ago.

  • Dime Magnet

    Yo talk this shit after he drops a plat album.

    Till then, your one of the scientific drake fans.


  • brand-new

    @dime magnet like i said above in the response to another commet, i’m not trying to defend drake, and i’m not trying to compare lyrical abilities either, i’m just saying jay-z was talkin big money shit on his debut album as well. jay-z and drake are 2 totally different artists and in no way are they parallel with each other…sorry for the confusion.

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

    The Toronto-bred MC premiered the laid back, introspective cut “Fireworks.”

    ^ LOL

  • RAW

    Dime Magnet…

    I’m definitely a Drake fan and I’m not ridin him in any way, shape, or form. One thing you must realize is that it’s all scientific for any new artist until their albums actually drop (like I said in the first sentence of my post). I’m just analyzing the facts and laying them out there for you to see.

  • RAW

    Dime Magnet…

    I’m definitely a Drake fan and I’m not ridin him in any way, shape, or form. One thing you must realize is that it’s all scientific for any new artist until their albums actually drop (like I said in the first sentence of my post). I’m just analyzing the facts and laying them out there for you to see

  • E-Hustle

    @WWE RAW,
    Yo man, your talking about me as far as them lying saying he was independant when he was actually signed to Universal. That is how his music was all over the radio. A major pushed his album on radio. He could have done it alone, but not at the overnight way it did due to Universal.
    I am not mad at his signing to a major, I am speaking on how he used Independence as a way to market himself when he was actually signed ala lying he was independant when he was signed to Universal.
    Then they did this fake ass shit where for awhile he was perp’in like he was not sure if he was going to sign to a major when it was revealed he already signed to Universal, then they came out not long after saying he officially signed to them and Waynes label.

    And the nigga already had money from his TV show and his family so sacrificing a few albums being independent would not have hurt him.
    If he stayed independent and sold less albums than a major he would be more respected and authentic.
    If he never promoted himself to be independent this convo would not be taking place.
    I wish the nigga the best, I just want that Eminem track, that’s all. I thinks a blog and I am entertaining it. I rarely post anymore but this one caught me.
    He has this XXL mag coming out and he has to share it with Niki? That’s weak. That dude looks like he is just under Waynes wings like the rest of his flunkies.
    And I will disagree with you on him being better than Wayne. I am not a Wayne fan but that dude is more talented on the mic that Drake. He has hundreds of flows compared to Drake 1 flow, his word play is crazy. I just aint feelin him kissing other niggaz. Shit is gay and homo. But I can’t deny his talents.

  • brand-new

    co-sign E-Hustle

  • RAW

    Jay E-Hustle…
    *WWF…I’m not on that new shit…not the same

    I understand your point a lot more clearly now. I agree that his authenticity has been compromised, but is that what the game is even about anymore? When was it ever really about the music? Kids grow up listening to music that interests them, and the case of hip-hop, it seems like a pretty lucrative business. The kids want the chains, the bitches, etc, so they just try to reach that goal. The game’s completely diluted now, and you know what, shit was bound to happen.

    Over time, there have been a decreasing number of rappers who actually give a fuck about music. Making good music before making good money. Now, I don’t think that there’s any new artist out there that can even make good music AND make good money due to all the BS in the game right now. I’ve always doubted Drake’s abilities as an emcee, but when you compare dude to what’s out there, he’s on some Jacob The Jeweller shit.

    As far as Wayne goes, I really don’t feel like he’s a good emcee. The dude knows what a banger sounds like, and can make a joint like that in a matter of minutes. He’s just so inconsistent with the quality of his work. I feel like Drake has been extremely consistent from day one which is the only reason why I think he’s better than Wayne.

  • Jay

    I don’t think it’s that Drake lacks the ability to flow differently. It’s that this formula is what’s selling. People keep responding positively to this shit, so artist don’t feel the need to do something different. Drake doing some deep shit, or at least breaking away from just money would be great. With the buzz that he has, he can easily take a different direction without a giant backlash. He’s just limiting hiself comin onto every song with the same topic. If drake could do something like One Mic, than maybe we wouldn’t be so disappointed when he does songs like this, which is pretty much the same lyrically as Over.

  • E-Hustle

    @ WWF RAW,
    Wayne only got inconsistent when Jay Z got on him on that T.I. “Watch What You Say To Me” track and made him stop using that Best Rapper Alive moniker. Then he just seems to give half ass efforts since then IMO.
    Jay is just an arrogant bastard because he knew Wayne was brainwashing the average commercial radio fan into believing that shit.
    I’ll tell you the last hard verse I heard from Wayne was that Lui Kang Mortal Kombat line on Shawty Lo remix song. That shit was hard.

    Anways, Drake’s recent material is watered down radio shit. That Over song is silly. He is not talking about shit and is using half ass lines. He did that beat no justice. He was off like shit. He did not flow to the beat. Not that many people could for that matter. Something is not right with the production on that track. I don’t know why he chose that song, but I know he regrets it now that it is not blowing up like they gassed him up to think it would.
    He just got the wrong niggaz in his ears.
    But LMAO@he on some Jacob The Jeweller shit. HAHAHA!

    And to comment on one more thing you said. About its’ about the money and getting the bitches.. look, that is all good for the regular nigga, but he had it way better than us so he shouldn’t had dumbed down what his original intentions were for this album and his independance. Sorry to be a broken record fellas, but what I am saying is dude could have revolutionized the rap game as in being a new nigga with a huge buzz and going against the grain and go independant and say fuck the majors who are fucking over the rapper anyways.

    But now he just another nigga who signed to a major and will get dropped after his 2nd or 3rd album flops.

    But what the fuck do I know, I am just a hip-hop fan that looks at it more than making quick money & fucking bitches… which you can still get if you got game.

  • dalinkwent

    Can we stop all this arguing BS and just except when some1 is hott right now??? yeah drake blew up. he got talent he can rap and sing,good move weezy. not just any1 get signed for a milly… maybe thats what wayne was rappin bout in that song…. he was tellin drake how much his signing bonus would be…

  • E-Hustle


    Yo slim, this is a blog, where you post responses to and have debates and express your opinion on the topic. Welcome to the internet junior.

  • RAW

    Jay Elec-Hustle…

    Well said (regarding your previous post). HAHAHA at the next

  • q461

    whatever fuck the hate. Drake is dope plain and simple. He can rhyme and sing. He’s already got alot of momentum. Dude’s gonna be a problem.

  • El Tico Loco

    Yeah he’s a fabricated problem. He seems to use the Toronto bred shit outta convenience (re: make a video/song to rep ya city … I actually he would get his card pulled over there), besides the TV show were he get his (rap) start at? At least I know about the Hot Boys and Jaz and we got to see the transformation and we even got to see 50 and Eminem evolve and the rappers I mentioned have associates that run deeper than this rap shit; what he got? His grandma and a bunch industry cosigns (nigga where’s YOUR people?)Last time an industry dude got in the game and pulled a wool over the sheep and oversaturated the radio was Vanilla Ice, funny how (ice) facade was exposed at his peak. I’m sure Drake took notes to not fall in the same traps the whiteboy did, but ya’ll keep drinkin that Koolaid. He can rhyme yes but there’s definitely no soul in it even Slug got that.

  • Yep

    ^^^ Second what Q said. 98% of rap fans nowadays are haters …

    Folks hate on Lupe …
    Folks hate on Kanye …
    Folks hate on Jay-Z …
    Folks hate on Wayne …
    Folks hate on Gucci …
    Folks hated on Andre because they thought the dude was wierd …
    Folks must obviously hate Little Brother because they didn’t buy their albums …
    The list goes on and on …

    And yep … folks are hating on Drake.

    Folks are entitled to their opinions but folks know this dude is tight … period. Some are honestly just hating because he’s getting so much airplay.

    All I know is do your research on Drake and look up his stuff from ’05-’06. He’s been doing it for a while AND been tight for a while. I’m looking forward to the album.

  • Anonymous

    drake is that dude

  • Dat Nigga

    The hook from that song is from the original forever that he had with wayne and kid kid, he actually was independent at that time i guess they just kept the hook cause it was cool how it was. The “everybody got a deal I did it without one” line was actually true because he blew up off of so far gone and he wasn’t signed when he dropped that, wayne just heard that shit and jumped on board… I think drake gone be the next star in hip hop because like it or not the days of the “thug” are gone, look at niggas who started off as thugs or hustlas snoop started off as a crip nigga rappin bout gang shit in L.A. now he the family man, Jay started off rappin bout hustlin and movin weight, now he the business man. Times are changin and if he stays on the shit he on now, like it or not in a few years drake is gonna be one of the top dudes in rap

  • Capt. Obvious

    lmao @ the dude who said he was the zack morris of the rap game! lol

  • Anonymous


  • nas fan

    if ppl dont like the artist, just dont listen 2 the music. but 2 many fans are brainwashed in2 thinkin what is good music. i only like a few artists that came out after 2000. every1 else is trash.

  • fools

    SMH at the fool who said Drake made the biggest mistake by signing to cash money/young money records.

    CM/YM running the game now, just look at their financials.

    Wayne not hot? Apparently you are in the minority. Only a couple of artists left that can sell plat in less than a month, Wayne is one of ‘em.

    Drake not hot? Not real? Not cool? Not so on and so forth? Have you seen his many shows, every one in the crowd knows his shit from beginning to end. Search youtube circa 2007, 2008. Back when he was still under the radar. He’s got rabid fans and those same people catapulted him to his current label.

    Music is a medium, you can sing/rap whatever subject you want to.

    • http://myspace.com/kidpistol Kid Pistol

      @ “fools”

      I both co-sign and completely disagree on some things you said.

      Young Money is wack. Numbers don’t lie, but people bought that garbage only to hear some more of Waynes cuts (Bedrock? Someone please shoot me)and Drake. If you think the rest of that crew is gon last, that’s horrrrrriiiibble.

      And, hell YEAH, “Wayne NOT hot”!!!. Numbers, sure. But numbers don’t make Flo-Rida (ringtone records) hot ;). That’s like saying Nas is wack cuz his last records didn’t do Shady numbers.

      I agree with Drake being legit, and music being a medium.

      Wayne’s garbage, at least right now with Rebirth under his belt.

  • Joe

    Damn niggas in they feelings over drake! hahaha

    Judgin by the comments and length of them, he won.

    Good or bad, your checkin for him.

    The song btw.. you know, the reason for the thread…is hot. The CDQ will be sick

  • Huh?


    “Folks hate on Gucci …”

    LOL folks hate on Gucci for good reason my man. Dude is straight up trash. Does he even speak English?

  • Dime Magnet

    No plat album yet.

    I know the majority don’t care and will dl his shit like the onther 1000 songs they dl.

    But NO PLAT ALBUM thus not deserving of the buzz he’s getting.

    It ain’t about skill, if it was he wouldn’t be there. Its about him getting PLATINUM hype and no PLATINUM RECORD.


    I’m from the dot. His buzz only existed cuz he’s tight with FLOW 93.5. He had like 10 shows in the city and like 30 ppl showed up to them. He has NO HISTORY in ripping show independently NONE. But if XXL says he does, he must be right. No wonder the illuminati got ya’ll eatin out there hands.

    Makes me wanna join’em


  • Dime Magnet

    Anyway Drake’s a star.

    The machine clearly works.

    No arguing that.

  • Da Don

    dat nigga, word you just took the words right outta my mind homie, couldn’t have said it better times have changed im down wit drizzy but not wit this whole jerk movement styll, at the end of the day all you dudes can hate but face it drakes gunna be here for a hot minute
    like he said in going in for life he’s gon be here for years to come hate’em or love’em- get wit it or get lost thugs grown up yutes

  • Da Don

    Dime- Magment, b i agree you heavy drake is ight im from ottawa styll and this mans is doing it, true he has no background always making that bread far back from degrassi money, but at the end of the day he’s with the …….. cant be sayin that shit on the net but i feel 100

  • Dime Magnet

    Its dime magnet einstein.

    and i dun care if that shit exists and he’s with them.

    They are not gonna be a success at everything they do. Go head drop your millions on him. and have nothing but his fame to show in return.

    I don’t get why these guys do the things they do considering there supposed to be the brightest.

  • http://tsolutions1@gmail.com NefariousSun

    What yall dont understand is everybody got there place in this game. Some people are not as lyrical as others. When I want my thought provoking shit I dont turn to Gucci. I look for Pac Nas, Common, Black Thought or Jay Electronica and thats beautiful. But guess what? When Im hustlin I wanna hear the likes of JayZ, Biggie, KoolG, Jeezy,Gucci or OJ. If I wanna hear some pimp shyt I listen to Chad Butler.

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    yall can hate on Drake but u can’t deny the dude has talent. He may not have the street credit. may not be on some deep shit. may not be from ur hood. How many rappers are that consistent? Can sing? Can pen a song for Mary J? The boy is on fire.

    • bullets

      drake has talent yes but fuk street cred and fuk writing for mary j her songs lyrically were never that deep until the hooks so thats irrelevant Drake is food for the radio my g thats all back in the days you would hand a nigga like drake the song to lay the hook after the real rappers layed there versus..He’s ridiculously repetitive rarely changes his flow and i have his old mixtapes i like some of his songs he aint wack but the machine has alot to do with his success theres a difference between a song being so good that it makes you famous and you being so famous people migh as well check out your songs and the machine makes you famous!

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  • Pingback: XXLmag.com - » Game to Face Off With Drake in June, Details Revealed on R.E.D. Album

  • Pingback: XXLmag.com - » Game to Face Off With Drake in June, Details Revealed on R.E.D. Album

  • vish

    Damn its a bunch of hating bitches on this joint. I read every last copmment and all these nigga thats talking trash should really invest in a career. You lame niggas mad about how your life turning out so you gotta try to bring a hard working nigga down with you. He is not the best thing since sliced bread. But dude is and pretty good lyricist. He could work to switch his delivery up though. I believe that his album will do very well I doubt a mill in the first week but well none the less. Even if it does bad you all should realize that wayne wont drop him so wether you like Drake or not he is around to stay at least for 2-3 albums minnimum. I must say that I like the fact that he realizes that alot of people expect him to fail prob why hes taken so long to be ready to drop his album. He is putting extra time and care into his music and his fans will appreaciate that fact. So many rappers these days get so hung up on not writting lyrics down but rather “freestyling” whole albums and when we get their shit its lackluster.

  • vish

    oh yea and another thing. He got 2 gramy nominations they dont just give those things to everyone. Also hes sold more than half a million copies of a mixtape that was released earlier in the same year. who else do you know that has done that? That re released mixtape sold more than 50 Cents latest album Before I Self-Destruct which sold around the same amount as rookie Wale’s debut album.

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  • http://ecobaglover13.bravejournal.com Kirby Konieczka

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