Diddy Takes Over Managing Duties for Rick Ross & Nicki Minaj

Can’t stop, won’t stop. Diddy’s famous motto couldn’t ring more true, as Billboard reported earlier today (April 15) that the 40-year-old Bad Boy mogul has added another title to his resume: co-manager of both Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj.

An anonymous source close to Mr. Sean Combs confirmed the development with the music industry magazine, saying that Diddy and his own personal manager James Cruz will now be handling Nicki’s career. When contacted by XXLMag.com Cruz had no comment.

XXL’s latest cover star recently fired her old manager, Debra Antney of Mizay Entertainment. Antney, who also reps Gucci Mane as well as her son Waka Flocka Flame, confirmed the Queens rapper severing ties with her in a statement.

“I received a letter, which was [a] suspension,” she said. “The next letter that came in was a cease and desist in doing all business with Nicki Minaj from Nicki’s attorney,” she explained. “I love Nicki. I wish her the most success. It’s not about the music, she’s like one of my children… I wish her no harm, only much success”

Billboard reports that Minaj originally tried to sign with Lady Gaga’s manager Troy Carter, but when the pop star threatened to leave Carter if he took her as a client, he backed off.

As far as Ross and Diddy’s newfound relationship, the two have appeared on several tracks together in the last few months, including the remixes to Diddy’s songs, “Angels,” and “Hello Good Morning” with T.I. as well as the remix to Waka’s hit “O Let’s Do It.” They have also joined each other on numerous occasions including Puff’s party on the anniversary of The Notorious B.I.G.’s death in Brooklyn last month.

Stay tuned to XXLMag.com as this story develops.—Elan Mancini

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  • nicholasdelorejo

    I guess Diddy found his new Lil kim and Biggie.

  • http://xxlmag.com HI HATER


  • http://xxlmag.com HI HATER


  • P. Harris

    I smell rape coming…

    • anon




  • Darth H8ter

    Wow, I still can’t believe Hip hop is embracing a former cop who pretends to be Scarface * 1,000. At least he will find someone to write for Minaj. She went from Wack a$$ Wacka Flocka to Diddy

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  • q461

    jeez Diddy hasn’t put out anybody in years….new edition went nowhere on bad boy same with 8ball and mjg…Whats up with Red Cafe??…and why would Diddy want Nikki and Ross? This doesnt sound positive for anyone involved….but who knows?

    • Silky Johnson

      Red Cafe has already blown up, at least in the New York area. Can’t go 20 mins without hearing a Red Caf joint on Hot 9 or something. Not to mention he tends to spit over sick beats which gets him play in the clubs too.

      He might not have Drake buzz, but dude is eatin.

  • Fireforreal

    Remember you can’t escape the rape. What has diddy done for music in the last 6 years aside from his own music and let’s see………Danity kane lol,Yung joc lol,Day26 lol,b5 lol,Gorilla zoe lol lol lol(he’s super wack)Boyz n the hood and other artist’s on his lable he didn’t give a fuck about. We all know he’s a cold business man but he hasn’t put out good quality music in years. Now he wants to manage Rick Ross who he says is the next biggie and Nikki minage who already has her following without him. Why would they do this then pay an arm and a leg to get out of there deal when shit goes sour. Bad Bad move. He has money but he shows over and over he’s all about self. Years ago he managed Lil kim and she said he raped her and was more about self for his career as an artist. He tried to get LL back in the day but LL said it wasn’t a good look for him. The only way this can work is if Diddy says fuck sean jon,Unforgivable cologne,ciroc,making the band and everything else and puts full attention on his artist’s. Oh yeah he also screwed over New edition and 8ball & mjg. 2 legendary groups !

    • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

      “He tried to get LL back in the day but LL said it wasn’t a good look for him”

      ^ He WAS LL’s mgr. Through the ‘Bigger And Deffer’ project.

      • Fireforreal

        No he wasn’t. when that album came out diddy was about 17 years old and wasn’t even an intern at uptown yet. At the time LL was managed by his father who he had a fucked up relationship with back then. It’s in LL’s book. Diddy tried to holla around the time of the flava in ya ear remix.

  • Face Phoenix

    When is the last time ANYBODY’S career flourished under the watch of one Sean John Combs? I would rather do it myself [which is a bad idea on it's own.] than ask for anything except advice from Diddy. Diddy is a shrewd business man but he is always looking for Diddy and Diddy only. Maybe I’m wrong [hopefully] but I doubt it.



  • SlickerThanRick

    Diddy…the self-promoting backing dancer AR junior who lucked into bagging Biggie.Andre Harrell must be fitting in his $80 suit as we speak.Diddy aint about nobody but himself.He hasn’t successfully launched anybody since Mase sold a few units.Shit- i could have made biggie smalls blow up.

    He should try looking after the numerous people he’s tried to off-load on us since biggie passed: G-DEP/Mark Curry/Loon … and no doubt the group saved all over Bols harddrive: Dream.

  • caino

    Diddy must of promised them sumthing !!! l mean we all know that Diddy aint really helped anyones career except BIG !!

    l dont think this will end well!

  • raazi36

    Diddys’ irrelevent these days, some ma’fuckers will do whatever to keep their name out there, take that, take that, take that

  • Jhon da Analyst

    We’ll be rapin you rapin you rapin you rapin you!!!

  • Jhon da Analyst

    She better talk to Jadakiss…..

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  • New3rakidd

    smh… diddy must need new ghost writers! Lol!

  • bb

    “anyone who wants to stay an artist and doesnt want the executive artist all in the video,singing dancing,come to death row”

  • M. Baby!

    Y’all hating on Diddy come on now…even though he hasn’t been that relevant in the rap game, don’t sleep. You heard how American Gangster sounded, and Hov gave Diddy an associate producer title because he heard the difference when Diddy stepped in. I think this could be big for Ross, Diddy, & Nicki. I hope they don’t sign any crazy contracts with him though, he’s known for getting artist. But to have Diddy manage you means he wants nothing but the best which means their albums should be nice….we’ll see.

  • tronthadon

    I neva heard of Diddy the manager..as long as they not under his label they should be straight his name along opens alot of doors for them

  • Silky Johnson

    Tbh I think y’all are unfairly hating on Diddy. He put a lot of artists in a position to blow up, but at the end of the day it’s up to the artist to make it over that hill.
    Look back…

    Yung Joc was ALL over the radio with It’s Goin Down, if he put together a halfway decent album he woulda moved some units.

    Kim’s been successful
    Black Rob had the radio going crazy with Whoa…
    Red Cafe stays in heavy rotation all over NYC.

    Look at Nicki + Drake, they’re blowing up cuz they stay grinding and putting out music that people like. Wayne’s co-sign helps…but they most likely would’ve blown up without him, it might’ve just taken a little longer.

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

    Puff the Mgr/producer>>>>>>>>>Puff the rapper

  • The real chris

    Hell if diddy do try to cheat them atleast officer ricky can arrest him for cheating an officer/rapper and a slut who wants to be lil kim.

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  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

    So was the ‘Oh Let’s Do It’ RMX payment for getting Nicki?

    Y’all gotta see how this movement is not coincidental…

  • http://www.myspace.com/slotchmusic ms_spittuh

    GOOD! Then maybe we won’t hear or see this whore anymore. Anything to deprogram and reprogram the black youth I’m up for it. Get rid of this bitch then maybe all these little black girls will open their blind eyes…bye bitch :)

  • mp3

    don’t stop wont stop wont quit never could never would thats some mac dre shit
    (slightly altered)-i know

  • bullets

    Puffy is the devil everybody that ever signed to bad boy career is fucked up lets run down the list:Lil kim-over,112-over,faith-coke head,black rob-in jail,mark curry-who?,Mase-confused,carl thomas-huh?,gdep-fiend “i served him!”,Total-nowhere to be found,Biggie-dead!,Craig mac-chillin wit boodah blab!,the band1 and 2 and 3 and Danity Kane-trash,those four little brothers forgot there names-nowhere to be found,8 ball and mjg-legends till they fucked with puffy,that white girl group-huh? And to further prove my point the only nigas that had careers after fucking with puff was the nigas that left em The lox and Jeezy……Where’s young joc ? Anyone?

  • EFFeX

    Am I the only one that read this article? Diddy didn’t SIGN them to Bad Boy, he’s managing them.

    • bullets

      lol oh shit! your right my baad im just saying


    He tried to manage Kelis at one point, that shit didnt last too long…as a matter of fact neither did her career…lol

  • http://www.nustylze.com Urban Clothing

    Go head Diddy, double that chip amount.

  • http://www.emcdl.com EmCDL

    “Billboard reports that Minaj originally tried to sign with Lady Gaga’s manager Troy Carter, but when the pop star threatened to leave Carter if he took her as a client, he backed off.”

    Dayum! LOL

    Nikki and Rawse signing with Diddy: BAD MOVE. I wonder what he said to them to get them to be managed by him?

  • http://myspace.com/ancientworksmusic Pocket Science

    what happened to Cassie? she wasn’t bad at all…I like Ryan L. writing & Production skills!
    wonder if Jonell Monae is on the chopping block?
    it’s seems true, Puffy has a full plate…anybody want a slice of cheese cake?

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