Devin the Dude Speaks on Dr. Dre’s Impact on his Career [With XXcLusive Video]

You can add Devin the Dude’s name to the long list of rappers who owe their careers to Dr. Dre. The Houston rapper recently stopped by the XXL offices to talk about the impact of appearing on the good doctor’s 2001 album.

According to the rap vet, Dre called him during a transitional period in his life, where he was questioning his decision to make MCing his sole source of income. “It helped me out a lot, ’cause I was at a time where I was unsure with what I wanted to do,” he shared with “Even though I had group projects with the Odd Squad and the Facemob, and then I had a solo project, The Dude, that was already out. [While] I got good recognition on it…I wasn’t financially stable enough to just leave everything alone and just pursue that career.” [Watch below]

When Devin received a call from the West Coast producer in 1999 to be on the one night stand anthem “Fuck You,” it gave the Dude a sense of purpose. “When Dre came along and asked me to be a part of [2001] it really uplifted me, man, and let me know I was here for some type of reason. He told me he used to listen to our music with the Odd Squad back in the day when him and Snoop was on the first Chronic tour and that just put so much fuel in me, man…I was like, ‘Oh, okay, cool, man. I’ma just try to go at it full throttle.’”

Off the heals of his collaboration with Dre, Devin was able to land guest spots on tracks by De La Soul and UGK, among others, and of course release five more solo albums. His latest disc, Suite #420, is set to hit stores on April 20 through E1 Music. —Elan Mancini with reporting by Anslem Samuel

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  • daydeezy

    lol im just thinking of that line Lil Wayne said ” shit get ugly/ Devin Dude” nawww but on the real devin has paid his dues and he gets much respect from me, reading he did have his mind right because he had to make a choice if this rap would pay the bills right now or later.and he had a solo album and was on collabos, thats what alot of dudes problem is right now even though they can rap and has made album features, they are still undecided and broke and he new it was not paying the bills. So my point is You have to know what you want to do and whats the best way to make it happen even though its not happening the way you want it to, dont get stuck in a rut. For the smart people, “dont put all your apples in one basket”

  • @circleent504

    I fucks with The Dude! He raps/sings about everyday shit people got through!!

    FOLLOW US @circleent504

  • kedordu

    waiting to inhale …

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  • L-GENIUS 1

    AY!.. DEVIN IS THE FUCKIN DUDE!!!… IF you dont know you should GET Hip to him! He GOt HITS.. maybe not main Stream hits… But for the Hood, For the Smokers he’s the Best, for that Real Life shit!… DEVIN is The DUDE!!!

  • Face Phoenix

    As much as I like to rag on Dr. Dre, I can’t deny the man has a extreme knack for finding talent nationwide. Devin and Dre are a perfect example of real recognizing real.

  • jtm

    yeah devin is that dude. fuck officer ricky, lil gayne, drake, soulija boy, 50 cent etc.

  • q461

    Much respect to the homey Devin the Dude…


    I have liked Devin since I first heard him on Scarfaces my homies back in the day on Fuckfaces.Though I have never picked up any of his cds, kinda wish I had, regardless I have liked him on all the guest appearances I have heard him on. Glad Dre helped put him on, the game needs more great lyricists.

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  • Kaimekaiz aka Mr.618BloX

    Devin SOOooo UnderrateD!
    Dude iz talented/creative/funny as a muG.
    Wut it do,HTown!



  • Just sumGuy

    Devin is yo favorite rappers favorite rapper!! he most DEF paid his dues in the game. Cats like the Dude should have more bread than Soulja Boy….real talk