Cypress Hill Rise Up to Billboard’s Top 20, Devin the Dude & Little Brother Debut on the Charts

Four new hip-hop releases debuted on The Billboard 200 album charts today (April 28), but none were able to knock the Black Eyed Peas or Ludacris out of their leading positions.

Even though landing two spots down from last week to No. 16, BEP still managed to be the No. 1 hip-hop act on the charts. According to the Nielsen SoundScan the Peas’ E.N.D. album sold 21,400 discs this week, making their 46-week total stand at 2,456,300.

Directly below and company is their former tour mate Ludacris at No. 17. Luda’s Battle of the Sexes LP picked up an additional 21,100 in sales this cycle, bringing his overall numbers to 355,600.

Rap veterans Cypress Hill scored the No. 19 seat with their new disc Rise Up. Fans of the Stoned Raiders bagged up 18,300 copies of the CD in the group’s first week on stands.

Sliding five spots to No. 37 is Lil Wayne. The incarcerated rapper’s latest disc, Rebirth, added 12,000 units to its 12-week tally, which now stands at 529,700.

Debuting at No. 87 is Houston favorite Devin the Dude’s new album Suite #420. The E1 release moved 6,100 units in week one. Also debuting this week is Little Brother’s final project as a group, Leftback. The disc made it to No. 134, after selling 4,400 copies.

Dogg Pound MC Kurupt failed to make it to The Billboard 200 with his new LP, Street Lights. The indie release sold about 3,000 units in its first week.

Next week look for B.o.B.’s debut The Adventures of Bobby Ray to make its way to the top of the charts. —Elan Mancini

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  • Sha

    Yep. It’s a wrap. The record industry is in serious trouble with these numbers. I predict that within the next 4 or 5 years there will be a new way to hustle records. And it won’t be discovered or manipulated by the record execs. The old way of selling records is done. The revolution is here. And oh yeah….. It definitely isn’t the mix tape. Anticipate technology. Whoever does, will make huge dough. Game on fellas.

    • $yk

      Sha you should click the name, I have an interesting blog up about the same thing you’re talking about…

    • EmCDL

      I’m with you on that Sha, its about that time for a change.


      I’ma check out the info on your site dawg

  • latino heat

    i predicted CH’s sales right on the nose. check my comment on the blog from last Tuesday. i said they would sell 18,000. and i predicted between 3,000 and 5,000 for the other 3 artists. the only one i was wrong about was Devin.

    by the way go get the Devin ad LB albums. both are bangers.

  • TheRefriedMexican


  • jim prince

    you gotta hear this deep ass song. shit is the truth. just click my name and see what the bizness is. this is no joke. click my name for real

  • Dino

    Let’s put it this way. I doubt many rappers are earning royalties on their shit unless its released outside of a major.

  • $yk

    Man a lot of 9-5′ers make more than some of these rapper dudes.

    Unless you’re Hov getting mad spins everywhere, the royalty check is like 150-300 a month, if that. Your hit might have been 2 years ago.

    A realistic show fee is 1500-5000, with MAYBE 4-8 shows booked for the month. Gotta break off ya mgr/entourage/lawyer/acct. Overhead is very expensive, clothing, jewels, food, travel can only be deducted if you are IRS compliant.

    But getting away from all of that, I just don’t see major labels continuing to invest in rap when 90% of the artists don’t sell units.

  • htown

    in class the other day my teacher (old white guy) started shouting about how happy he is that the news and other reports were showing that hip hop was the lowest selling genre out there today and that they were definatley getting rid of hip hop for good….. i’m like dang we going out like that, and them crakers is excited as hell

  • DownSouth

    It seems like in a few years, the al will be dead, and people will just make singles. I know it’s the past, but I sure do miss al’s like Ready to Die and Bobby Digital in Stereo; where you could listen to the al from front to back and it told a story. The appreciation for quality music has definitely went down in this fast food age.


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